A new calaboons and dragons The show began this week with a cast of veteran actors and actors. Pixel Circus presented her new calaboons and dragons campaign la saga delers: Banesbreak This week on Twitch. The new show is starring a group of adventurers torn from time and brought to the past. You can delve into the background of the new series in the video below, while the Actor and Popular Personality of D & D B. Dave Walters talks with Banesbreak DM Vince case on the tradition behind the new series.

Dungeons & Dragons - 01 - The Night Of No Tomorrow
Case is best known for the leading role of it in The Gremio, _ the Web series starred by Felicia Day on a MMORPG guild. Case joins a powerful cast that includes Aabria Iyengar (who has appeared in _exandria Unlimited de Critical Role and dimension 20), Saige Ryan (a player of the official D & D campaign of Wizards of the Coast The Black Society), Kailey Bray (the organizer of the viral hit Damas, dice and all the good) _ Ahren Gray (a player in Renegade Studios’ _The day of the destination of the Power Rangers), Omar Najam (who appears in power of power), and Ash ignis ( A player in Dragones and things). The first episode is currently available to see at the request on the Twitch Channel of Pixel Circus.

Pixel Circus is also raising money to finance the production of the rest of the season. With a goal of $ 16,000 (used to pay the cast, as well as production costs), the program has raised more than $ 8,500 in less than a week. You can check the Crowdfunding campaign here.

Pixel Circus is one of the rising stars both in the spaces of games and a table, with a focus on both diversity and in the celebration content. Banesbreak is the last example of the first level content of the channel and should help boost the channel at even greater heights. You can follow Pixel Circus on Twitch.

New episodes of Banesbreak Air every Tuesday at 6 p.m. PT