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Finals Berlin 2022: Lindemann German Triathlon

Triathlon: Lindemann fell fairly function role

Triathlete Laura Lindemann won the German championship concerning the sprint distance. Someday prior to her 26th birthday celebration, the favored from Potsdam prevailed on Saturday at the finals in Berlin versus Annika Koch as well as Nina Eim. After 750 meters swimming, 20 kilometers on the bike as well as five kilometers running, the previous U-23 world champ was in front of Koch for nine seconds. The 23-year-old from Saarbrücken had only drew attention to herself a week ago with her first World Mug success in Huatulco in Mexico.

Kanurensport: Kretschmer and also Hake obtain gold

Ex-world champion Peter Kretschmer won an additional title at the finals in Berlin on Saturday. In the males’s Canadier one, the Leipziger won the German championship in the parallel sprint against protecting champ Nico Pickert from the Linden-Dahlhauser KC. Bronze went to Tim Hecker, that prevailed versus his Berlin colleague Moritz Adam.

Jule Hake was able to win the last in the women’s kayak one after that. The 22-year-old from KSG Lünen referred to 2nd area in the identical sprint Paulina Paszek from Hanover. In the battle around the bronze medal, Caroline Arft (KG Essen) won versus Potsdamer Katharina Diederichs.

gymnastics: Seitz second on the irregular bars behind Bui

Elisabeth Seitz just missed her 24th title at the German Acrobatics Championships in Berlin. One day after winning the title in the well-rounded, Sarah Voss from Perfume came fourth with 12,666 points.

The Finals Berlin 2022: Answers and concerns

Triathlete Laura Lindemann won the German champion regarding the sprint distance. Ex-world champion Peter Kretschmer won another title at the finals in Berlin on Saturday. In the men’s Canadier one, the Leipziger won the German champion in the parallel sprint against defending champ Nico Pickert from the Linden-Dahlhauser KC.

Union Berlin | Insanity! Europe

You couldn’t believe it at Union Berlin, but it is still a step higher internationally. The Köpenicker in the Europa League will attack next season.

Urs Fischer still ranked for words, the coach of Union Berlin was already interrupted by a loud roar. Completely euphoric, his players stormed the press conference and missed their success coach a juicy beer shower. Driefing, but visibly happy, the 56-year-old found a few terms for the next international adventure: “Madness, incredible, fantastic, extraordinary.”

Fifth place in the table, the move into the Europa League – and all of this in the third season in the Bundesliga. “If someone had told me that when I signed in the 2nd division at the time, I would have declared that crazy,” said Grischa Prömel after the 3-2 (2-0) against VfL Bochum at “Sky”.

But the European Cup fairy tale of the Köpenickers continues and after the qualification for the Conference League last season they went one better this time.

Union Berlin celebrates red-white party

Even Oliver Ruhnert had to rub his eyes. “You have to pinch yourself to believe it,” said Union’s Berlins director: “No expert had it on the screen, and I have to honestly say that I didn’t have that either.”

The crowning glory of an already successful season was then celebrated. In the stadium, the team hopped up and down in front of the bulging forest side, and the law enforcement officers had quickly managed the previous storm of some fans.

The red and white party then continued on the stadium balcony, where the supporters accompanied their European heroes with “Eisern Union” speaking choirs.

The Berliners had already had participation in a European competition before the game, but they had to tremble long duel with 1. FC Köln in the remote duel. Because the Bochum Simon Zoller (55th) and Eduard Löwen (79.) once again caused a lot of tension with their goals.

Prömel leaves Union with melancholy


Previously, Prömel (5th), who played his last game in the Union jersey, and Taiwo Awoniyi (25th, trading) Union had given the lead. The latter scored the redeeming goal (88th) shortly before the end.

Ending the season in fifth place is “incredible for such an association as Union Berlin,” said Prömel, who “hurt an incredibly hurt”, to leave the club towards TSG Hoffenheim.

In Köpenick, meanwhile, even those responsible do not know how they are happening. “The whole club is currently gradually setting up with the fact that all of this is not a dream,” said Ruhnert.

And despite all the joy, Fischer was glad that he can now try to “understand what happened” on vacation.

Union still has a little time to process everything. It will be real at the latest from September 8th when the group phase of the Europa League starts.

Bayern coach Nagelsmann explains the “Joker” in 3-2-4

For Julian Nagelsmann – and probably also for other coaches – there is a very simple key in every football game: “If you have the ball yourself, the opponent can not shoot a goal.” Two weeks ago, at the 4: 1 victory in Berlin, his team had a ball possession of 70 percent, crucial for such a dominant idea was also Nagelsmann’s system conversion.

Because Alphonso Davies has fallen since the beginning of the year for a slight heart muscle inflammation, Nagelsmann must be creative on the left outer car, where the Canadian was set with his speed and offensive power. In Berlin, he first chose a 3-2-4-1 system in which Kingsley Coman and Serge Gnabry occupied the outer railways, but not as a “wing player”, but how Nagelsmann explains on offensive playersmand, as “Joker” or ” Offensive outer defender “.

The Berliners could hardly manage to escape from this extermace and this pressure in their own half. “If you have many offensive players on the square,” says Nagelsmann, “who like to have the ball at the foot and like to shoot goals, it will be hard for the opponent.”

A model for the future? Or do it playfully create stronger teams to free themselves from the counterpressing of the Bayern, quickly switch and exploit the Munich underneath in their half? “If you have many ball losses in this way we played against Hertha, or is not so ball-safe, as we were on this day, can be problematic. Or on the other way, when the opponent is extremely good or very dominant “

Also in the Champions League, where in one and a half weeks of Salzburg is waiting, FC Bayern has little surprisingly “claim, dominant”. However, as the system looks, Nagelsmann leaves open, because: “It’s not such a big difference, whether in 4-2-3-1 the outer storm games”, or just in 3-2-4-1 the “Joker”.

Nagelsmann wants to “customize opponent-specific”

“If you, like Hertha, play against a fiffer chain and turn the ball-far Joker with turn on, you have to do this path back in 4-2-3-1 as a left tooth, that’s exactly the same. The difference is, That the symmetry is ahead another and the players behind the ball are positioned slightly differently. You may not have the outer defender anymore, but a central defender anymore. “

By and large, Nagelsmann insured, it is “the same movements”. “We have so”, so in 3-2-4-1 in Berlin, “a lot of power had, because we have expected them deeply. That was also the case. We had a lot of offensive players and 30 goals, in the end gives us The success right. If that’s enough for the success against every opponent, I do not know. We will always adapt that opponent, as now on Saturday, for example. ” When the opponent is Leipzig.

TSG Hoffenheim – SC Freiburg 1:4: Ex

The SC Freiburg may always dream for a furious tor parade of the first DFB Cup final of the Club HistoryBerlin is only two victories for the Brasher. Led by the ex-Hoffenheim Vincenzo Gift, the SC won the Baden duel in the secondary finals 4: 1 (2: 0) at the Bundesligarival TSG Cofferdam.

Gift in the 10th and 36th minute (by trading) Minute as well as Kevin Shade (55th) and Median Demonic (68th) met for the Freiburg, which for the first time for seven years have returned to the round of the best eight.

The table extended from Cofferdam must build on the league in terms of its European cup hopes. This also changed the Freiburg own goal by Nico Schlotterbeck (53.) Nothing.

In front of 500 approved spectators, the guests dominated the initial phase. The Freiburg, in which Stated Gork Mark Flecked and Defense Chef Schlotterbeck stood according to their extended Corona infections in the starting eleven, the past 1: 5 in the league at Borussia Dortmund had worked well.

The guided tour of the ex-Hoffenheim Gift after preliminary work by Lucas Hole did not fall surprising. The Oppenheimer, whose striker Star Andrew Dramatic sat on the replacement bench, worked concentrated and made numerous mistakes.

In the 23rd minute, the Agile Hole had actually needed to benefit from the blatant TSG weaknesses. But the attacker for a short distance awarded the great chance to the second SC match.

The hosts who had to get along without Florian Drillisch, Erin Bicyclic, Marco John, Pavel Kaderabek, Divide Samassekou, Robert Show and Meat Acidotic, came into the game only after a scarce half an hour.

However, the upward trend was stopped by the hand game from Has Bebop in his own penalty area. Referee Robert Schröder (Hanover) decided on penalty. In contrast to the league game between the two teams almost six weeks ago in Freiburg (1: 2) Gift met this time from the point. The TSG was still well served with the two-goal residue for pause.


At the beginning of the second passage came Dramatic, Cofferdam’s coach Sebastian Honey sat on unconditional offensive with four strikers. The SC was pushed into the defensive. Georgina Butter (48.) and Dramatic (50th) had first opportunities before Schlotterbeck met into his own goal.

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Postwendingly, a pity restored the old distance. Afterwards, the Oppenheimer again increased the beat number and had several times the goal in mind. The goal, however, marked Demonic at a counter-side counter.

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