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FC Schalke 04: Ascent hero Rodrigo Zalazar plans S04

With his winning goal against FC St. Pauli, Rodrigo Zalazar shot FC Schalke 04 back to the Bundesliga last weekend. Now the promotion hero has spoken about its emotions after returning to the upper house.

“It was the most beautiful day in my career so far. It still feels like in a dream. I can’t describe it at all. If I had to write a script, it would have been the same,” enthused the offensive player in an interview with “Rodrigo1 “About the climb with the narrow.

Rodrigo Zalazar: Das TOR zum Aufstieg | Interview + Originalkommentar | FC Schalke 04

The royal blue had already returned 0-2 in the preliminary game for the Bundesliga return against FC St. Paul last week. After the break, Simon Terodde finally equalized with a double pack before Zalazar had the promotion party started with his goal in the 78th minute.

The 22-year-old now wants to immortalize the special moment in the form of a tattoo forever. “It is planned. After the climb, I made an appointment directly. I will tattooed my jubilation after the winning goal with the arms stretched out on my back. That was the most important moment in my previous career,” announced the former Frankfurt.

For the Spaniard, the move to Gelsenkirchen has turned out to be a real success story. With twelve scorer points, Zalazar was one of the team’s load -bearing pillars.

Rodrigo Zalazar strikes fully at FC Schalke 04

He also felt good from the first few minutes, the midfielder described.

“At Schalke I immediately had a great feeling. I remember well when Rouven Schröder called me. When I hung up, I immediately called my consultant and said: Say off all other clubs, please bring me to Schalke ! “, Zalazar recalled.

With the ascent, however, the chapter should never end. Zalazar also wants to start the Bundesliga with Schalke: “I would like to work on myself and listen to what the big players tell me. I want to listen, to listen to everything and get even better. Of course, the goal gives me confidence for the new season. “

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker

The HSV is fighting for the promotion against Hansa Rostock on the last matchday of the 2nd Bundesliga. You can follow whether the Hamburgers deliver today in the live ticker.

Hansa Rostock vs. Hamburger SV – 2: 3



1: 0 Neidhart (13th), 1: 1 Glatzel (50th), 1: 2 Schonlau (75th), 1: 3 Kaufmann (85.), 2: 3 Fröde (90.+2.)

Listing Hansa Rostock

| Kolke – Rizzuto (40th Swede), Malone, Roßbach, Neidhart (58th Meier) – Fröde, Rhein, Bahn, Ingelsson (76. Munsy) – Verhoek (76. Omladic), Sikan (58th Breier)

Setting up Hamburger SV

| Heuer Fernandes – Vagnoman (65th Alidou), Vuskovic, Schonlau, Muheim – Meffert, Heyer, Reis – Jatta (89th David), Glatzel, Kittel (80. Kaufmann)

Yellow cards


Sikan (41.), Verhoek (65.) / Alidou (80.)

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Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker – 2: 3

90.+4.: No more!

90.+2.: Rostock’s keeper Kolke ran forward. The HSV gets two flanks relatively confidently.

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker – Tor Rostock

90.+2.: Tooooor! Hansa Rostock – Hamburger SV 2: 3. Has this statement been made too early? Rostock comes back into the game with a corner kick. Fröde heads the flank of Omladic into the mesh.

90.: Run the last minutes. The HSV will no longer let this victory take. Three minutes will be re -enacted.

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker – Tor HSV

85.: Tooooor! Hansa Rostock – Hamburger SV 1: 3. What a goal by Mikkel Kaufmann. The new striker goes over to the left, stops, turns around the ball and shoots from the stand from the left position – about 15 meters from the goal – into the right angle. Kolke can only fly, he can no longer parry the shot. The decision in this game?

83.: The game is interrupted. A fence flag burns lightly between the Hansa and HSV fan block. Until this situation is clarified, Brych lets the game pause.

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker – change HSV

80.: another change. Sonny Kittel goes out, Mikkel Sörensen comes.

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga now in the LIVETICKER – Yellow card Alidou

80.: Alidou rushes into Fröde. But he sees yellow – rightly.

80.: What else can the home side counter? They only have around ten minutes left to push the HSV from the relegation place.

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga now in the LIVETICKER – Change Rostock

76.: Nik Omladic comes for Svante Ingelsson.

76.: Ridge Munsy is substituted for John Verhoek.

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker – Tor HSV

75.: Tooooooor! Hansa Rostock – Hamburger SV 1: 2. The captain heads HSV back to third place. The rice input from the left side ends up on the head of Schonlau, which safely heads out of seven meters. The home defense of the home side had not taken in this situation.

73.: What kind of ideas do the red pants have? Rostock can sometimes be fallen far, defended with two long chains in front of his own penalty area and continues to allow little.

68.: It is still around 25 minutes for Hamburger SV. The red pants have to slowly deal with investing even more for the offensive. Sure, the compulsory susceptibility will increase, but the club must also take the risk.

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker – change HSV

65.: Vagnoman is replaced. Alidou is supposed to shoot the HSV to third place.

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker – yellow card Verhoek

65.: Verhoek sees yellow for repeated foul.

63.: Schonlau drives the attack over the left half field space and moves into the penalty area. There he serves Vagnoman, the clever plays back to Kittel, who actually only has to push into the long corner seven meters before the goal, but does not make it. He hit the ball past the box on the left. There she was – the big chance.

62.: Hansa is more active again. Breier ensures new vertebrae on the left. It is clear that the HSV also has to work hard.

60.: Glatzel leaves a thick option for a hit because it shoots stubbornly from 25 meters on the goal instead of fitting Jatta, which was quite freely in the penalty area.

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga now in the LIVETICKER – Change Rostock

59.: scorer Nico Neidhart goes off the field. For him, Jonathan Meier is now in the game.

58.: Sikan goes off the field. Pascal Breier comes into play.

56.: Werder has now placed 2-0 against Regensburg. Means: The direct climb is no longer an issue – both at HSV and Darmstadt.

53.: huge chance for Rostock in direct counterattack. Ingelsson is perfectly sent to the run by Verhoek, but his Fernandes fail his nerves this year. He just shoots the storming keeper. The Swede can actually do that better.

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker – Tor HSV

50.: Tooooor! Hansa Rostock – Hamburger SV 1: 1. The balance – out of nowhere! Flank Vuskovic on the second post in the direction of Glatzel, who brings the header to the goal by putting on. Kolke can only see how the ball goes over the line with the help of the crossbeam.

48.: Hertha-Co coach Mark Fotheringham sees the game in the Baltic Sea Stadium. He can not have made too many notes about the HSV yet. What makes HSV out of this season, namely its offensive, miss so much.

46.: it goes on.

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga now in the live ticker – kick -off 2nd half

half -time: What are the nerves at Hamburg? This half did not really provide proof that you want to go back to the Bundesliga. The deficit with self -sacrificing fighting rustockers could also be higher, even you didn’t want to make any mistakes offensive, but therefore played too harmless. Tim Walter may react quickly with change to the second round. Because Darmstadt leads 3: 0 against Paderborn – means: Hamburg has to score triple in the Baltic Sea Stadium.

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga now in the live ticker – half -time break

45.+4.: half in Rostock. The Hanseatic ones deserve 1-0 against HSV

45.+2.: Due to the injuries, there is three minutes of stoppage time.

45.+1.: Kittel once fueled and comes into the penalty area via left. His passport in the middle goes past Glatzel, so Rostock can clean up the situation.

44.: Tim Walter discusses with the referee assistant passionately about Sikan’s foul game to Kittel. Meanwhile, Meffert is on the floor because he seems to have injured himself in a duel.

43.: Schonlau with a header that becomes the arch lamp. Kolke still from the corner. A sign of the guests that they are still there.

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker – yellow card Sikan

41.: Sikan steps on the foot and sees yellow for this foul.

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga now in the LIVETICKER – Change Rostock

40.: It doesn’t go any further. Swede replaces Rizzuto.

39.: rizzuto seems to have hurt. It can be treated on the sidelines.

36.: Jatta and Glatzel need passes that they still don’t get today. The thinker and the heart in midfield – Sonny Kittel – also appear pale and stubborn. Tim Walter cannot be satisfied with this appearance.

???? LIVE: Hansa Rostock - HSV 2:3 | RELEGATION! JAAA!!! | 34. Spieltag | Match-Reaction | Hamburger SV

33.: that actually has to be 2: 0! Again a long ball forward and Ingelsson has an infinite amount of space, can walk in the penalty area and put it across. Fröde rushes there, but puts his shot out of the gate from the right run. The gaps in the holey HSV defense are greater.

32.: It is currently a little quieter on the lawn. Rostock keeps the red pants away from their own penalty area.

31.: Bakery Jatta has not yet been present on the pitch. Against the defense series around Rossbach and Malone, not only does he find no gaps.

24.: “First league never anymore, never anymore” the Rostock fans sing tuned towards the HSV supporters. The 2-0 from SV Darmstadt, which fell a few minutes ago, has an effect except for the ranks in the Baltic Sea Stadium.

23.: Railway flies flat into the dangerous z1. Two Rostock and Hamburger miss the ball. In the end, Vagnoman clarifies. The red pants wobble considerably at that moment.

21.: Incredibly good atmosphere in the Baltic Sea Stadium. HSV coach Walter tries to build up his boys, but currently does not seem to be able to reach it. Because Rostock attacks attack. Who actually wants to rise here?

20.: Incredibly good atmosphere in the Baltic Sea Stadium. HSV coach Walter tries to build up his boys, but currently does not seem to be able to reach it. Because Rostock attacks attack. Who actually wants to rise here?

19.: Heuer Fernandes parries a tight shot from Ingelsson with one foot and keeps the Hamburgers from the second setback.

18.: The game of the home side is pretty simple: cover the first line and then long balls into the top that have to be started.

15.: The HSV wants the quick answer. Muheim shoots on the housing from the left corner of the penalty area, Glatzel holds his foot in the shot, but the ball rushes past the right post.

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2nd Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker – Tor Rostock

13.: Tooooor! Hansa Rostock – Hamburger SV 1: 0. The tour for the home side after a clean counterattack. Excellent passport into the top for Sikan, who is not a little bit offside and keeps Vuskovic off the body. He runs with the ball to the baseline and flows the leather past Heuer Fernandes into the middle, where Verhoek still misses, but is Neidhart behind it and turns into the empty goal.

10.: Ball loss of FC Hansa in his own half. And it goes quickly over the right side. The flank of Heyer goes towards top scorer Glatzel. Malone jumps in between and clarifies at the expense of a corner, but it does not bring anything.

7.: corner ball for the HSV. The flank comes to the penalty area Schonlau, but which cannot bring the header on the goal. The ball goes around three meters above the box.

5.: Rostock goes properly, even keeper far away. Pressing over the entire square is an announcement by Jens Härtel. Today they definitely seem to want to take something countable.

5.: How do the Hamburgers react? Quite nervous, but willing to score the lead goal. Especially since they also have to, because Darmstadt has already taken the lead.

2.: not even played for 80 seconds and Rostock could have run. A nice flank from Malone goes up on the head of Fröde, which puts the header on the crossbar. This year Fernandes could never have parried this ball. Happiness for the HSV.

1.: The ball rolls.

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga now in the live ticker – kick -off

Before the start: Both fan camps have already agreed for the last game of the season. The mood in the Baltic Sea Stadium is excellent. All spectator places had long been sold out in advance.

Before the start: Referee This explosive duel is Felix Brych. Today he whistles his seventh game in the 2nd Bundesliga within this season.

Before the start: Whether there are three more points for the Hansa cog today, it is more to be doubted. Hamburger SV feels about everything, so that the printing on the part of the guests is, but the final will probably too. After all, Rostock is only about the golden pineapple.

Before the start: For FC Hansa, the coming season will continue in the 2nd Bundesliga. Thanks to an extremely successful March month, the climber secured relegation at an early stage. In general, the team from Mecklenburg -Western Pomerania had achieved the best possible in the games with the eternal basic virtues – struggle, will and commitment – so that so far there are 41 points on the have.

Before the start: It is so much for the guests. With a win, at least you are sure in the relegation to promotion to the Bundesliga. The opponent has also been determined since yesterday: Hertha BSC will meet the third place in the 2nd Bundesliga. Either the HSV, SV Darmstadt or, in the extremely unrealistic case, SV Werder Bremen.

Before the start: Tim Walter chose Muheim. He replaces Suhonen, who had seriously injured in training. As a result, Vagnoman will probably start at the back right and rotate Heyer into midfield.

  • Heuer Fernandes – Vagnoman, Vuskovic, Schonlau, Muheim – Meffert, Heyer, Reis – Jatta, Glatzel, Kittel

Before the start: Jens Härtel leaves some players outside for the final game of the 2021/22 season. For example, Rizzuto, Neidhart, Fröhde and Sikan get a final creep. Coach Jens Härtel announced that he would like to play with the nominally best possible eleven.

  • Kolke – Rizzuto, Malone, Roßbach, Neidhart – Fröde, Rhein, Bahn, Ingelsson – Verhoek, Sikan

Before the start: The Rostockers traditionally receive their guests from Hamburg in the Baltic Sea Stadium. The ball rolls there from 3:30 p.m.

Before the start: Hello and welcome to the game between Hansa Rostock and the HSV.

2. Bundesliga, Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: Official constellations

Rostock: * Kolke – Rizzuto, Malone, Roßbach, Neidhart – Fröde, Rhein, Bahn, Ingelsson – Verhoek, Sikan
HSV: * Heuer Fernandes – Vagnoman, Vuskovic, Schonlau, Muheim – Meffert, Heyer, Reis – Jatta, Glatzel, Kittel

Hansa Rostock vs. HSV: 2. Bundesliga today on TV and Livestream

If you want to see second division football live and in color, this Sunday has only one contact point: sky. on Sky Sport Bundesliga 4 It starts ten minutes before the kick -off, Torsten Kunde will comment on the action for you. There is also a conference circuit of all games (Sky Sport Bundesliga 1), previously the preliminary appearance is running there.

With a subscription you can track the whole thing free of charge via Skygo in the live stream. You are very flexible with the skyticket.

Track the end of the season live: now acquire the skyticket.

Articles and videos on the topic
* Magath: “Good prospects to stay in the league”
* Top sport live on dazn. Register now! Can be canceled at any time.

2. Bundesliga: table before the last match day

Square Association Games Tore Difference Points
1. Schalke 04 33 70: 43 27 62
2. Werder Bremen 33 63: 43 20 60
3. Hamburger SV 33 64: 33 31 57
4. Darmstadt 98 33 68: 46 22 57
5th St. Pauli 33 59: 46 13 54
6. Paderborn 33 56: 41 15 51
7. Nuremberg 33 48: 47 1 51
8. Heidenheim 33 41: 45 -4 49
9. Holstein Kiel 33 45: 51 -6 45
10. Fortuna Düsseldorf 33 45: 40 5 44
11. Karlsruher SC 33 54: 53 1 41
12. Hansa Rostock 33 39: 49 -10 41
13. Jahn Regensburg 33 50: 49 1 40
14. Hannover 96 33 32: 47 -15 39
15. Sandhausen 33 39: 53 -14 38
16. Dynamo Dresden 33 33: 45 -12 32
17. Erzgebirge Aue 33 31: 72 -41 23
18. Ingolstadt 33 28: 62 -34 21

Mainz 05: Jeremiah St. Juste changes to Sporting Lisbon

The Dutch played a total of 65 Bundesliga games for Mainz and was also used four times in the DFB Cup. After three years together, however, the paths of the central defender and the 05er separate. The 25-year-old signs a four-year contract at the Portuguese top club Sporting Lisbon, which is already qualified for the Champions League.

The transfer of the transfer has been agreed, it is likely to be ten million euros. In any case, the transfer corresponds to the “economic ideas” of the 05er, as sports director Christian Heidel said. In the current season, the defender hardly got on the train after his shoulder injury and stood on the lawn in just eight competitive games, but scored a goal.

JEREMIAH ST. JUSTE - Welcome to Sporting CP? - 2022 - Defensive Skills (HD)
St. Juste “came up with the wish to switch to Sporting Lisbon because he wanted to take the step into international business. We wish him all the best for his new sporting task in Lisbon. He has an important one here for three years Role played, even if he was only able to stand on the pitch in a few games this season due to injury, “were the final words of the Mainz sports director.

Bobic announces upheaval at Hertha BSC

Regardless of a possible class discard, manager Fredi Bobic has announced significant changes in the Bundesliga club Hertha BSC for the coming season.

“Of course, no matter what comes – there will be a bigger change. That is clear,” said Bobic at the TV station Sky. The Berliners missed the early relegation in the 1-2 against FSV Mainz 05. If VfB Stuttgart lost at FC Bayern on Sunday, Hertha would still be saved.

As long as nothing is perfect, Bobic does not want to talk about the coaching question. “I have a good relationship with Felix. We are not yet through. If we are through, we will sit down. There is nothing to talk about. We have no facts on the table,” said Bobic. Magath has a contract until the end of the season. Most recently, the “kicker” had reported that the club deals with Sandro Schwarz.

With a view of goalkeeper Marcel Lotka, Bobic confirmed that the Hertha pulled a corresponding clause. “This will now be a legal thing. We want to discuss it in peace when everything is over,” said Bobic. “He also signed a contract in Dortmund.”

The change from Lotka to BVB had originally been announced. Hertha wants to undo the departure. The 20 -year -old Pole was actually only Keeper number five at Hertha and played in the regional league. Due to illness and injuries, Lotka moved into the goal of the professionals at the end of February.

FCK coach Antwerp focuses on performance against Cologne

The 1.FC Kaiserslautern no longer has the direct promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga itself, but can at least secure the relegation place with a point win against Viktoria Cologne. Before the conversation before the game can be directed to the promotion issue in the first place, FCK coach Marco Antwerp breaks a lance for his team, who worked from the table cellar after a strong second half of the season in the previous season.

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 | Challenger Stage Pick'em

“We are playing the most successful third division season since 1. FC Kaiserslautern played in this class,” said Antwerp at the beginning of the press conference. After a mixed start of the season, the game against Waldhof Mannheim on match day 8, when you won a point (0-0) after two red cards, the turning point was. The FCK fans always supported his team – even after the bitter defeat against the U 23 of the BVB, after which the direct promotion zone had to be handed over to the competition from Braunschweig. Therefore, the team wants to return something in the last game of the championship round on Sunday.

Return to the old place of work

Not only for Antwerp, who was a coach of the upcoming opponent for a year and a half, the guest appearance will return to an old place of work. Mike Wunderlich played at Viktoria for ten years before joining the Lauterers in summer. Midfield colleague René Klingenburg also came from Cologne in summer. “I think for Mike and Klinge, the game on Sunday is more emotional than for me,” Antwerp is certain.

There is only one victory for the old colleagues for the regulars. On the one hand, to secure the relegation place in front of the lurking Munich lions, on the other hand, on the other hand, in order to be able to have a chance of having a direct promotion at a possible mistake in Eintracht Braunschweig. But Antwerp only pays attention to the performance of his team: “We concentrate entirely on ourselves, regardless of other results or constellations.” With up to 8,000 fans who traveled with them in the back, the team can be sure of the best support.

The remaining program of the 3rd division

Hertha BSC | Desired candidate for the Magath

Under Felix Magath, Hertha BSC has recently stabilized significantly in the Bundesliga and left the relegation z1. The coaching gold led the Berliners from the penultimate place in the table to 15th place, next Saturday evening (6:30 p.m.) the relegation can be made perfect against 1. FSV Mainz 05. Even in the event of rescue, Magaths’ commitment is unlikely beyond the end of the season. Hertha’s plans will probably go in a different direction.

According to the latest information from the “kicker”, the preferred solution on the head coach armchair should be Sandro Schwarz from July 1st. The former coach of 1. FSV Mainz 05 is currently still employed in Russia at Dinamo Moscow, the Russian capital had not left Ukraine in February even after Putin’s war of attack.

Schwarz led Dinamo to second place in the Premier League and the Russian Cup semi -final – the title win is still possible here.

After the current season, the 43-year-old is to be brought to Berlin at the request of the Hertha bosses in order to lead the club into the long-awaited better Bundesligaing future.

Kovac also traded around Hertha BSC

According to matching media reports, Felix Magath should even be willing to continue his commitment to the old lady beyond summer in the event of relegation.

According to the specialist magazine, this scenario should not be preferred by Bundesligas director Fredi Bobic, who is probably fully relating to Sandro Schwarz.

In addition to black, ex-Bayern coach Niko Kovac is still high on the shortlist of possible head coach at the Hertha managers. According to “Kicker”, Kovac, who has been without a job since the beginning of the year (most recently as Monaco), is still skeptical about his long -term club.

1. FC Nuremberg: Nikola Dovedan, the dropped dog

The 1st FC Nuremberg has followed the recent 3: 1 against the direct competitor SV Darmstadt now a 1: 1 with Bundesliga relegated SV Werder Bremen follow and may continue to dream of the return to the Beletage.

The club can not be shake off in the climbing race. Trainer Robert Klauß was clearly to look at the joy of the Weser when he clapped his players after they had fought an important counter in the ascent atmosphere.

Dovedan: “It’s all possible”

“To the end it becomes an exciting fight. It’s all possible,” Forecast Nurembergs Nikola Dovedan. The Austrian, whose contract is not extended after three years in the summer, had taken the hazardous francs with a faulerfeter in the 24th minute after two minutes.

“I find it really well, as he acts right now,” Klauß praised the toxic attacker, who had also achieved the Nuremberg’s leadership in the week before before Darmstadt. His coach praised Dovedan as a “dragged dog”.

Werden Bremen - 1 Fc Nürnberg 0-1 Elfmetertor Nikola Dovedan

“In the first half we have made good decisions and always found our teammates. After the break we did not succeed so well,” says Nuremberg’s best scorer Dovedan, who has seven goal directors now on the account. “It was hard to provide for relief. We had the opportunity to do the 2-0 in the first and second half. However, in the second half of us came to a little bit. Overall, it is a fair draw.”

“After the compensation we had to suffer again correctly and fight”

“I believe in sum it was already a deserved point,” smashed at the remis too. “We had a good first half, did exactly what we wanted with really good switching moments.” In the second half, the Werder pressure was “extremely high”. “After compensation, we had to suffer again and fight again,” Klauts was.

Enges race race – Nuremberg is there

The club has three points behind the SV Sandhausen three points on Sunday against the SV Sandhausen on the Ascension Relegation Square and St. Pauli. Four counters are on the table-second Bremen, which will have to go to classprimus FC Schalke 04 on the next weekend.

Werder Bremen continues without Toprak

Ömer Toprak wieder verletzt! Vertrag endet, wie geht es jetzt mit dem Werder Bremen-Kapitän weiter?
Werder Bremen must refrain from Toprak in the rise race of the 2nd football Bundesliga. The 32-year-old defensive chief injured before the top game against the 1st FC Nuremberg (Sunday, 13:30 clock / sky) back to the calf.

“It happened in training, without the action of a counterpart. That’s very bitter for us and for him,” said Trainer Ole Werner and confirmed a report of the “Deichstube” from the previous day. Toprak had already missed the games against the 1st FC Heidenheim, Darmstadt 98 and SV Sandhausen because of an injury to the same calf, before he first gave his comeback last weekend in the FC St. Pauli.

How long the Champions League experienced defender will miss this time is still unclear. “We will make a diagnosis next week, then you can say something more accurate to the downtime,” said Werner. “I am an optimistic person. I do not write anything and no one prematurely – oils already not.”

The fairy tale of humility is counted

What was not everything tells at the beginning of the pandemic? Of solidarity, community of abandonment. The numbers, which has now published the association of the 36 clubs from Bundesliga and 2. League in Germany, the German Football League DFL, now give rise to the question of credibility. Because German Beletage paid their professionals in the 2020/21 seasonal season 2020/21 on record level. Despite a massive decline in sales by 546 million euros since the last pre-pandemic season 2018/19, personnel expenses played playing in the same period increased by 135.7 million euros. 1.57 billion euros handed over the PROFIs 2020/21. 120.6 million euros more than 2019/20!

More about the topic: Despite pandemic – salary costs of the Bundesliga

That the piece for players and consultants became greater, as long as the cake grew overall, it is comprehensible. But that professionals and brokers could further increase their share of a strongly-tilted cake is absurd. How credible was the narratives of salary, as Corona paralyzed the game operation? With the knowledge of today you have to say: that was obviously a marketing instrument, a beautiful story for the public. Not more. The fairy tale of humility is counted!

Bundesliga Transfer Song - Powered By 442oons

At least for the Bundesliga. In the 2nd league, the game readers fell very well, from 261.8 to 219 million euros. This confirms the trend in pan-European football: the scissors between the super-rich and the “normal” club continues to grow, the competition is increasingly cemented. And the football? Do not have to puzzle about poor image values as long as he propagates PR stitches like the publicity-related content of the alleged salary.

Leitl practices significant criticism of his professionals

Until two weeks ago, the shamrock seemed to be a good way in this league, even if the league stop remained an almost utopian target. Then followed a strangely bilemary idea of ​​the 1: 2 in Bochum and now this with mistakes and lack of intensity of spectome performance against Leipzig.

Leipzig squad were all on target | Greuther Fürth - RB Leipzig 1-6 | All Goals | Bundesliga 21/22
Much too simply made the francs the opponent the goal shooting: for flanks, according to standards, after counter. “You can definitely lose against Leipzig, but not with 1: 6 at home,” said coach Stefan Leitl, who announced: “That’s why we have to draw the right conclusions for the next few weeks, so that we fight well with our resources significantly better.” In conversation, his team did not resist enough, a clear accusation.

“One or the other in my team should be aware that he may play here in Fürth Bundesliga.

Stefan Leitl

Afterwards, Leitl was even more clearly: “One or the other in my team should be aware that he is allowed to play here in Fürth Bundesliga. We have developed that very hard.” Who does he say concrete? “Not the players who risen with us.” Name the coach did not call the coach, but to feel addressed, for example, left-back jetems, which it is obviously missing on the necessary fitness for the Bundesliga and was celebrated for the half-time work on Sunday.

Even without a realistic chance of the league, the SPVGG has a lot to lose a lot in the remaining eight matchdays: the respect you had recently developed and the good feeling of being able to score points. With services like Leipzig threaten a parallel to the first round, when there was a swatter after the other, 3: 6 against Hoffenheim, 0: 4 in Mönchengladbach, 1: 7 in Leverkusen.

Freiburg guests on Saturday at the Ronhof

These opponents still wait, also Dortmund and the next Saturday of SC Freiburg. “We need maximum energy and willingness and sometimes the quixture of luck to score points in this league,” says Leitl, who are bound by the staff. Against RB Leipzig sat rather than the allowable eight only five field players on the bench. Center-back Maximilian Bauer lost a incisor and had to be replaced.

From their own U23, which fights in the regional league around the league, no one pushes. “I am very disappointed that our home series has come to an end,” said Leitl previously six lots without defeat in the Ronhof. Whether his team can start a new one on Saturday against Sc Freiburg? But almost everything would have to change opposite the Sunday evening.

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