With the update 1.18, Minecraft saw its caves evolve. Larger, deeper and especially with ore in mess! Following the expansion of the world towards negative coordinates, Mojang revised the layers of generation . Let’s review the new optimal floors.

Minecraft ores distribution after the new update 1.18

The Ultimate Minecraft 1.18 Mining Guide - Best Way to Mine Diamonds, Gold, Emerald, Copper etc.
If there was only one thing to remember, it would be this picture. Created by the games of the game, it details the layers of appearance and the quantities of the different minerals of Minecraft. The more the shape is stretched to the side, the more the layer will be rich in discoveries.

You will be able to see the mention “Reduced Air Exposure” on the image. This means that in the cellars and mines, you will find less ore of this type. Indeed, the game randomly removes veins if they come into contact with air during the generation. The water is not concerned, hence the profitability of the cellars engulfed with good enchantments.

Unlike older versions of Minecraft, you will need to separate your mining sessions. A first, negative coordinates, for the diamond and a second, above, to recover coal or copper. Overall, the appearance rates are higher.

Mineral distribution 1.17

The second card, right on the image above, represents the classic appearance rates. The horizontal triangles indicates a rise in veins for some layers. You will easily see that layers 10 to 16 are the most optimal.