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Games Current Podcast 729: Podcast

For a long time there was discuss adjustments in the podcasts of our author. Once more and also again we have likewise made podcast hints in the Games. Currently it finally begins. Host Matthias has welcomed Chris and Maci to clarify to you thoroughly what will change around our podcast offer in the future. When it starts as well as what these modifications mean for you dear listeners. Of program we additionally have current pc gaming topics with us. If the Chris already pays us a see, we naturally let him over the freeway police simulator. This job of German software program art cost him some nerves and also laughing muscles during the test, merely because it is so abysmally bad. We chat about the new announcements that ThQ Nordic offered as part of its pre-Gamescom program instance. Among various other things, this includes a new version of Alone in the Dark. As always, the entire point is settled with your great area payments.

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Topics of the GA-Podcast episode 729: |*

00: 00: 00-intro and also by yourself part
00: 04: 40 modifications in the podcast
00: 25:50 Autobahn authorities simulator 3
00: 43: 15-ThQ Nordic Display New announcements (Alone at night as well as others).
01: 09: 50 Community payments.

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For a long time there was talk concerning modifications in the podcasts of our author. Host Matthias has actually invited Chris as well as Maci to describe to you in detail what will certainly alter around our podcast offer in the future. You can currently adhere to Podcast on Facebook! If you have any questions concerning the podcast, on the subjects or something else, then we would be satisfied to compose us a remark under this message , a blog post on ourFacebook page . **.

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play-Podcast #282: Nobody cares!!!

In issue 282, the team of the play podcast is finally complete again. Katha pushes again to Sascha and Chris and reports – who would have thought that only? – of course from their first hours in Elden Ring. Our from-software expert is not yet so far, but already excited. Sascha played in the new extension of Destiny named Witch Queen and is also right. Chris swarms extensively from the freshly published Gran Turismo 7. The PlayStation exclusive racing game of Polyphony Digital has quite enthusiastic our redefire pompousness, so the title also takes the greatest place in the podcast. With so many good games, however, there must be something like that. After all, we are the play podcast and not the purple mood louber. Then Grid Legends are just right. The game of Codemasters is such a disappointment that Chris can get upset again. This also applies to the new Texas Chainsaw-Massacre movie on Netflix, which both Chris and Sascha find really shit. And find apropos shit: Katha is so annoyed by a Chris-Anekdote so that it caused the title of this episode. But do not worry, we all love each other. Even you. So, at least some of you.

Here you will find our Spotify Playlist: Debil & Thirsty (Play Podcast)

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_ The topics of issue 282: _
00:00:00 – Intro, Welcome, Sanding
00:03:29 – Movies, Series, GNTM
00:31:38 – Elden Ring
00:45:38 – Destiny 2: Witch Queen
00:58:03 – Grid Legends & Gran Turismo 7
01:24:39 – Community

The next edition of the play podcast will be published on 21 March 2022.

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