Ice-fastener Claudia Pechstein has criticized the ARD in an open letter and explained her interview boycott. The five-time Olympic champion had excluded the public broadcaster from a press-appointment to her return from the games in Beijing.

Pechstein turned in her billing, which she published on her facebook page, namely to the ard managers around sport coordinator Axel Balkausky. “For everyone, also the VDS _ ( Association of German Sports Journalists, N. D. Red. Year-year-year-year-old refusal of _ARD- interviews.

The German flag carrier talked about a “failure” of Balkausky “and that of her colleague Steffen Simon, who as WDR sports chef and sports chub in 2012 was just as responsible for the bumbled seprelt reporting in the responsibility as she, Verten Mr. Balkausky.”

Seppy, who had dealt with the doping editor of the ard in the past several times with the blood levels of Pechstein, also threw them “honorary work”. Due to the blood levels, the ice-fast-headed association ISU had imposed a two-year barrier against the Germans at the beginning of 2009.

In addition, Pechstein listed as she had exchanged with the ard in the years 2012 and 2013. In doing so, they criticized the question methodology as well as the conditions set to them to answer. Accordingly, the sender has been known for years, why she thoroughly boycottes the ARD without being respected on the other side: “If you accept that, Mr. Balkausky, why do not you inform your employees?”

Furthermore, the ARD disregarded the “bid of the journalistic fairness” and statements that had been “fully authorized only” have been shortened or published without the entire context. These are “serious craft mistakes”.

Pechstein finally wrote that as a police headmaster “of career paths have a particularly fine flair for law and justice”: “If a public apology and rectification takes place from them, I am again available for interviews from this time”.

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