Blizzard has published a communiqué serving as a roadmap for next major ads of the Warcraft world, which includes World of Warcraft, Hearthstone but also a mobile game that will soon be unveiled.

But honor to World of Warcraft, whose next extension will be unveiled on April 19, a taste of the symbolic stage 10.0 for the MMO released in November 2004. “ We look forward to revealing the fruit of our work and the next Cape To follow in Azeroth. By then, we hope that you appreciate the end of eternity, last content update and final chapter of the Saga Shadowlands “, can we read.

WoW's Next Expansion – April 19

One month earlier, on March 15th, Hearthstone will be in the spotlight with details on the first of three extensions that will come out this year. The Collectible Card Game Team will also provide further information on its projects for 2022, including changes to the fundamental set that occurs each year.

But the other big spring announcement for Blizzard will take place in the course of May, when the studio will unveil the first Warcraft game designed for mobile devices. As we know, it is a platform on which Blizzard Activision intends to decline its most important brands, such as with Immortal Diablo but also a new call of duty mobile produced internally.