Most recently knocked keoun keywords in the IT industry is also metaverse. Facebook Meta parent company, as a block switch, Naver, SK Telecom started to build the metaverse platform for domestic and foreign IT companies have naerora each have a different orientation. Now, it is worth the metaverse as a sector in its infancy watched with anticipation nagalji evolved to look like.

This sandbox is among the more attention I’m experimenting with the metaverse platform user-driven entirely.

More recently sandbox, Seung – Hee Korea Business Executive Director met the user created content (UGC) in order to create an “important feature metaverse is distinguished from existing digital services, users and producers are eliminating boundaries between the points,” said “We this world and made into blocks and chains can not be replaced based on the token (NFT) “he explained.

More in the sandbox platform, users build up a 3D block (voxel) can create and sell your own items, NFT reconciliation. Another collection of items can make a game, create a party or a concert the same space may open a variety of events.

On the platform users to the new digital professional activities, such as digital item producers, game studios, event planners, and also the consumers to enjoy content created yet.

The role of the platform, users will only serve to provide a marketplace, a virtual space in a land where the tools and content to produce and distribute content to anger NFT.

The sandbox is aimed ultimately implemented decentralized meta bus platform Saga work without. Nagalji how to achieve it looked for more telling Seung – Hee directors.

Q In more simple sandbox I think there may be introduced into the blocks that block’s chain system

“So you might see easy to understand, but to block seuneun to start the game and oriented platform, we had a little different point from the start to the platform.

We provide content-creation tools to users than to create your own content from scratch for free and choose a direction to provide all the bases to create content. The identity of the sandbox is akin to the game platform company than the company. “

Q. The main characteristics of the sandbox can be summarized in three points such that it is, 3D virtual space of the metaverse that point, the password can not be replaced with money tokens (NFT) to block the chain-based use of UCG center it seems. The properties are connected and how, if you’re together that synergies

“Right. These elements are quite organically woven into dual is nothing not fall.

The sandbox has a 2D UCG mobile games business since 2010. Was a service user can make a 2D game up in the gallery evaluate each other and enjoy. As a service-founder thought it should be a platform to continue to work back to a perfect compensation for the creations to the user. I just thought that devised by just that others are pretty good haejugo evaluation, have certain rewards users are becoming actively involved, ecosystems become larger report would have more users come back, make this virtuous circle that.

So it started in 2020 to block the chain based platform. NFT creating the asset screen a three-dimensional pixel is “voxel” form, and was able to be deal between this seat. Also, bring the asset was able to make the game easy to drag and drop. Games can be published in that land area. I’m all assets and land-based chain block, the user will have direct ownership.

User’ll set up a direct function of the price from the item which he had made. Platform operators do not just decide that it’s pretty much that. It may sell expensive making the user very pretty, or it may sell cheap mass-produced geogyeok create very easily. Even making drawings may only arm. There also can buy and sell land, it can arise even introduce people to the good land. Gave the ownership to the user will be springing up in various jobs in the new digital world.

So it is a key element UGC, the occupation-based block chain (production and distribution), none of the metaverse platform should not fall. “

Q. Is interesting that the user makes the production as well as the rules of the market economy directly.

“The key characteristic of Metaverse looks would become ambiguous boundary of the users and producers. Previously users yieotdamyeon people to purchase online content, and now we’re gonna have to also be the producers seat while I think the metaverse space creators “

Q. I think two days will be difficult to make the game yourself, what is scalability. The growth in UGC genre wonder.

“Showed that the greater the pleasure to make a game good practices that look just blocks Suda. As a block switch to create a their own games the user can know that the demand for what to show to others. Youtube is also the fact that the same concept. now I think it is a further step in this metaverse platforms.

To YouTube and on platforms such as the block’s fun to know about users to produce content, confident that they are definitely going to know the pleasures money by it. “

Is Q. I think the key challenge whether more land sandbox success ultimately how active the user to create and attract direct capitalization games attract a lot… I plan to raise this users ecological

“As a matter of chicken and egg ‘come a lot of users will increase in the content, at most content will increase users’ This was a worry. We create the content first decided to come towards the user.

So we created a ‘creator Fund “and” Game Maker fund. If such funds Creator supports the people who make the asset into voxels. For us to provide a tool called Vox edit, you can create a voxel only if you know how to build lego blocks over that. Game Maker allows you to create a fund to support the actual content with these assets. You can create a game and can make things like concert, party, chapter meetings, exhibitions.

There are still underway, the alpha Season 1, people who participate in the fund creators were more than 30,000, the studios participating in the Game Maker fund is more than 55.

In Korea, there are thousands of people involved in creator. In addition, the game studios third place and began to participate this year. If we show these content over the alpha season would see ‘I can think I’ll try, I think the user is much more to be. “

Q. Itgetda can also cause the user to make big money in more sandbox

“Wrapper seunupdok has tried to sell private party ticket one ceiling was wanpan in 20 minutes, and 1 billion won about the revenue earned by the time sands price platform fees are priced only 2-3%, and the rest are involved in the production people take.

Many cases can not yet be published. I have a IP Some people lack the time or skills to create an asset or games. There plugging give your work requested of these people and artists to participate in the fund creators, some people who have less than a minute he ‘did not know to be big bucks already do. ” However, to register as an artist, you need to pass the test. Tonggwayul is less than 10%. “

I think that Q. What are the factors that are most hurdles to raise the user’s ecosystems. Whether chain blocks are somewhat unfamiliar to the general user

“It is a hurdle that creates the block chain wallet. But he chose a way that we learn the user, because the idea that the block chains based on the most perfect model for thought.

Except to make the wallet when you create a sandbox account, and the rest is the same as the regular service. Also created an asset to the NFT minting no different than just uploaded. Created asset accounts in’ll get in my wallet.

Now a great number of people who joined creating a wallet. Proceed to the Alpha and the world’s subscribers was approximately 180 million. Digital native because many young users do not seem so difficult for you to make your Wallet.

However, the risk gonna save the seed phrase haenwaya concept is a little more complicated that, and losing this 1. Over time, this technology would look to create a wallet in a more easy way out today. “

Q. Metaverse, of course there are many evaluation block chains based games are not fun. I think if you can not make more Sandbox Game Maker tool only about a simple game, eopna worries about sex games

“Evaluation of the metaverse is nojaem thinks too of course, not body metaverse now is the implementation completed, it will be a very early stage. Not much that one can do in the metaverse. Only racking in Web Web 1.0 model, will. be just inde only everbring it all the time listed, the book text just was Geoga Web 1.0 with a digital Web development by looking and the interaction between users, did not our experience that the various services emerged. metaverse is now 1.0 level because I do not think you can not only have fun.

A little like going out in an attempt to screen the existing metaverse game trying to make a funny way. If you are going to do that direction, there is a project haeboryeo something completely new, like us. We’ll look at these things certainly it will improve little by little it is developed.

We are not the goals you create content that compete with my other games in the old. Already a fun game too much. In addition to the things I believe only in our platform.

For example selreop This can create his avatar as a voxel arms directly to the user, the user may also make games with it. Or the user to create a character with a voxel selreop like fan art can give selreop certified it. And the user can also selreop a fan meeting and may be a party. Sandbox is a space that can happen is these various events.

Our game maker is a tool that allows simple operation, but it is a lot of fun when you look at the game created by the actual user. For example, I thought it was just a maze game. On the platform, the user can make an autonomy that can make it, and it is enormous possible. “

Q. Users have created assets and games, and how do these assets do not have a sandbox?

It is more likely that we are making it all right now. However, however, we ultimately seek that the platform is fully escaped, and the land sold is working.

Until then, we plan to rescue the fees that have been selling the land that sells the land so that the content can continue to be produced and the fee of the user’s transactions will be restrained to the fund. This will eventually be the content that the sandbox is completely extracted. We are in the beginning of our role in making this, and when we become, we will fall and consider it to be completely dehydrated. “

Q. Is it possible to connect with other platforms?

We are already preparing. It seems difficult to link to other platforms now, and the NFT project is already. The yacht club (BayC) of the boring monkeys is also linked, so that the NFT purchased can be loaded into the sandbox.

q) In Korea, the NFT is combined in the game, preventing the service that it is high. Is there any difficulty in the service?

I did not even have to be in our law now. In recent years, glad to look particularly steadily (whether it is deserved). There is also a service in the NFT game.

The game maker tool provided by the sandbox (which may be a purpose) random element is not available. We show that we have NFT, but it is also possible that platforms that have no abnormalities are available.

If the relevant laws are enacted in the future, the sandbox will not have a great difficulty in service in Korea. “

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Q) When the formal service is coming out

“We are preparing to start alpha Season 2 by February. In this way, we are going to continue the season a little. As we increase the size, we will become a formal launch. The exact date is our exact date. I did not specify it.

Existing game services have experienced several cases, and the process of creating the game is available to some extent, but the platforms like us have not been able to take a few things that have nothing to do. I have to keep the alpha season, and the tools are upgrading more and more convenient to users. “