An abyss without end and under the surface of the sea: Hidden Deep will get you in claustrophobic cave systems, where you always have to be on the hat. Strange creatures are waiting in the dark and every sound could scare them. The Brutal Survival Horror of Cogwheel Software can be played on Steam from today!

Hidden Deep was created by only one developer. He has succeeded in a 2D mystery survival adventure , in which every false step could be your last. It controls a soldier penetrating into the depths of a mysterious cave system under the sea to save a lost research group. While she is getting deeper and deeper into the darkness, but you expect even greater dangers than just steep slopes.

Share Hidden Deep in the Early Access Trailer.

With different devices such as a Undertaken , which you can throw, weapons or scanners are helping you through the sloping cave system, where you are dead immediately, should crash. Only tactics and accuracy can save you; Especially when you meet the monsters in the depths.

Hidden Deep appears on January 24 in Early Access

HIDDEN DEEP is available on the beginning of today and can be purchased from 19 o’clock in the Early Access. is planned in the early access phase, among other things, a coming multiplayer mode , so you do not alone buy the Sneak caves. The story of the game meanwhile offers a length of about 20 hours ; Depending on how well you are on.

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When Hidden Deep goes to the full release, has not yet been known. The game was developed by the Polish one-person studio Cogwheel software and issued by the German Publisher Daedalus Entertainment.

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