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Elden Ring confirms the return of two classic functions

Elden Ring Will Have Proper Security Measures On Release
Today, Hidetaka Miyazaki , Director of _ Elden Ring _, revealed a lot of additional details about this anticipated title as part of a new publication at PlayStation blog. In addition to Talking about your difficulty and the challenges of creating an open world, Japanese Executive revealed that two classical functions of other fromSoftware games will be present in this new delivery.

Particularly, Miyazaki confirmed that both the New Game Plus mode, and the multiple end, will be part of _ Elden Ring: _

“Yes, I can confirm that both New Game Plus and the multiple finals will be intact in Elden Ring.”

Both functions have appeared in virtually all other games of fromSoftware , so it was to be expected that they would also be at Elden Ring , but it is always good to have the official confirmation by its managers.

Elden Ring reaches PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC on February 25, 2022.

Editor’s note: These types of functions are just those that give you a high value of rejugability to the Software Titles. While Elden Ring’s narrative will remain quite minimalist, who really seek to learn more about this world will be able to do it and see how the story is developed with every different final.

Death Stranding: Directors Cut already has a pc release date

After having debuted at ps5 last year, kojima productions and sony confirmed that the version of pc _ death stranding: director’s cut _ would be debuting in This 2022. At the time an exact date was not given for its premiere, but that has changed today and yes, you will have to pay for the upgrade as it happened in PlayStation .

The news was shared at the official site of the game, where it was confirmed that it will be next March 30 when the game reaches PC. Those who already have the base version of death stranding will have the option to do upgrade for $ 9.99, only keep in mind that you need to have the game installed so that this price is respected. If it’s your first time by buying the Director’s Cut , then you’ll have to pay $ 39.99 for him.

Similarly, the requirements you will need your computer to run this game optimally, and here we leave you:

_ Death Stranding: Director’s Cut _ reaches PC next March 30.

Editor’s Note: It is important to clarify that the additional content of this version is not really as extensive as you may be able to think. In terms of history, Director’s Cut only adds three new missions, which you can complete in less than an hour. But it also adds additional activities and constructions, which could call your attention.

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