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Cyberpunk 2D action SANABI -South Korea, but also inspired by Japanese culture [Developer Interview]

This project is an interview with the developer of the new indie game that you are interested in. This time, we will deliver a mini-in-tube to the developer of the Cyberpunk 2D action SANABI , which started early access to WONDER POTION and started early access to PC on June 21.

This work is a cyberpunk 2D action featuring a swing action using a rope. Set in a dystopia, hook hooks on the ceiling and walls, and fight, avoiding enemy attacks while flying around with ropes. It also features a solid story. It has already been supported in Japanese.

SANABI is being distributed early for 1,520 yen (10%off, 1,368 yen, 10%off until July 8).

— First, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

SEUNGHYEON YOU (SEUNGHYEON): Wonder Potion team leader SEUNGHYEON YOU. Currently, we are developing this work, which is a cyberpunk 2D action set in Korea. My favorite game is Valve’s Portal.

――Why did this work developed?

Seunghyeon: When I was a kid, I was playing a lot of shooting games Worms . Among them, I loved the item Ninja Rope. This item doesn’t have that much important role, but I was able to use it in various ways. From here, the idea of creating a 2D action that is the main rope was born, and this work was born.

―― Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

Seunghyeon: There are three main things. Beautiful pixel art, stylish swing action and story that contains various cut scenes.

――What kind of person do you want this work to play?

Seunghyeon: The main target is players who like the genre of 2D action, especially those who like luxurious action games.

――When is an early access planned? What elements will be added in the future?

Seunghyeon: It is scheduled for 4 to 5 months. In the official version, we plan to introduce additional stories, additional stages, and collection elements.

――Please tell us your impressions released as an early access.

Seunghyeon: I’m really surprised to have a wonderful review than expected, even though it is a stage of early access. We will take all the reviews firmly and proceed with the rest of this work. I would like to thank all the players who spent time for this work!

――What had an impact on the development of the new Coronavirus?

Seunghyeon: At the beginning of the pandemic, it was difficult to gather in the office and concentrate on development, but now I am used to this situation and I have finally released this work!

――Is it okay to distribute or monetize this work?

Seunghyeon: Of course! Any form of distribution and reviews are welcome.

-Finally, please give a message to Japanese readers.

Seunghyeon: Hello everyone! This work is a Cyber Punk title on the theme of Korea, but it is also inspired by Japanese culture. Thank you for your support. Please look forward to our future!

–thank you very much.

A game that is not truly quidditch, Broomstick Organization, arrives on Steam Early Access in March

It may not be Quidditch, yet the game will most likely resonate withharry PotterVanitors. The video game shows up on Steam Early Access on March 5.

A brand-new sports game with flying brooms arrives on Steam Early Access in March. No, it’s not quidditch.

Reported for the initial time by Polygone,Ligue des Balaisis a forthcoming video game from Blue Isle as well as Virtual Basement. The premise is a little bit likerocket organization _, yet with mops as opposed to autos. Gamers can individualize their witch or sorcerer and face other gamers in a sports setup.HARRY POTTERFans can identify this property, however maintain your FIREBOLTS, this is not quidditch.


It looks a lot like quidditch, and also will certainly draw in a lot ofharry potterfollowers, the regulations are not as facility. There is no end of the video game which will certainly provide 150 factors to the restricted group.

A new programmer trailer, Virtual Basement, revealed the new launch day on March 5. Virtual Basement is a less known programmer connected withark: survival EvolvedGames, while Blue Isle is behind similar games such ascitadelleandVallée.A sports game might seem odd of these 2 firms, yet the fantastic element recognizes.

Reported for the first time by Polygone,Ligue des Balaisis a forthcoming game from Blue Isle and also Virtual Basement. Virtual Basement is a much less recognized programmer linked withark: survival EvolvedGamings, while Blue Isle is behind comparable games such ascitadelleas well asVallée. It might not be Quidditch, yet the video game will possibly resonate withharry PotterVanitors.

Structure strongly on the magic potential,Ligue des Balais__ will certainly have customizable witch and also sorcerer characters, magic wands to take off opponents or protect themselves, and mystical arenas. Players can additionally customize the appearance of their brooms and also rods and also furnish emotes to use in a suit.

20 minutes Rogue Light ACT 20 MINUTES TILL DAWN -It will realize many Power Fantasy that players imagine [Developer interview]

This project is an interview with the developer of the new indie game that you are interested in. This time, we will deliver a mini-interlocated time for developers for the 20-minute rogue light action 20 MINUTES TILL DAWN , which started early access on June 4 for FLANNE development and PCs on June 4th.

This is an action game that survives for 20 minutes while fighting a love craft monster that appears on the screen one after another. With the enemies that continue to increase over time, you can enjoy a hard action that will be redone immediately if you die. It has already been supported in Japanese. For more information, please see this play repo.

20 MINUTES TILL DAWN is being distributed early for 310 yen.

— First, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

FLANNE Hello, this is FLANNE developed this work al1. My favorite games always change, but now I really like the top-down shutter that can customize the spaceship called NOVA DRIFT. In developing this work, it was greatly influenced.

――Why did this work developed?

FLANNE Actually, I have been developing another game called SpiritLink Tactics for about 5 years. I felt a little tired of this development and wanted to take a break, so I started the development of this work. When I made a trial version in two weeks and released it online, surprisingly, many people liked it. I thought that many people liked it was something special, and I took this work over a month and a half.

―― Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

FLANNE This work will realize a lot of power fantasy that the players envision. For example, players can become a ninja, chop enemies with a magical dagger, become a wizard with a submachine gun, manipulate lightning, and burn the enemy.

――What kind of person do you want this work to play?

I wanted to make a game that can be played immediately, enjoyed in a short time, and still a non-casual game. Therefore, if you like hardcore games but are too busy and want to play a little game, this work can be said to be a game for you.

――When is an early access planned? What elements will be added in the future?

FLANNE early access is scheduled for a few months. Except for bug fixes, we plan to add content such as more enemies, bosses, new characters, and new upgrade methods for characters.

――Please tell us your impressions released as an early access.

Get feedback during the development of FLANNE games is a great experience. During the early access period, we will polish this work with all your might and add interesting content.

— Is there any work influenced by this work?

As mentioned on FLANNE, this work is greatly influenced by Vampire Survivors and Nova Drift. As in these works, I thought that there was not enough games that relieve dopamine purely while relieving stress.

――What had an impact on the development of the new Coronavirus?

There was no flanne at all. He was a solo developer and was at home all day, so the new Corona did not affect the development at all.

――Is it okay to distribute or monetize this work?

FLANNE, of course! I would like to see how the distributor plays this work, and I want to know what kind of parts you enjoy. That will lead to future improvements.

-Finally, please give a message to Japanese readers.

Since the trial version of FLANNE this work has been released, there have been a certain number of Japanese fans. We would like to thank all the Japanese who have supported this work during the development. I am glad if you can give everyone a fun experience.

–thank you very much.

Valheim heads to PC Game Passes during the fall – Xbox

VALheim first head to PC’s Game Pass service, followed by Xbox consoles.

Last year, the Valeheim, released in the Early Access distribution of Steam’s Early Access, will head to PC Game Pass and Microsoft Store this coming fall.
Fortunately, there is no need to divide the game group into more camps, as there is a cross-game with Steam players.
In the spring of 2023, valeheim, on the other hand, will be seen on Xbox consoles-even in these direct Game Pass selections.
At that time, consolists can also jump on the same servers as PC players.
So far, the game has not been said to arrive on other platforms.
Below is the announcement trailer seen at Xbox’s newly ended event:

Evil one 4 shocks with a comprehensive gameplay, new class as well as information to delight the fan

Snowstorm has had a special prominence in the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase, first confirming the Overwatch 2 date in Early Access, as well as after thrilling fans from one more of their most renowned sagas with a brand-new Devil IV trailer IV and a Comprehensive gameplay loaded with amazing details.

As already expected a few hrs ago, Diablo IV will certainly premiere on computer, PS5, Xbox Collection X | S, PS4 and also Xone in 2023.

After this discussion trailer Snowstorm has actually paved the way to a considerable gameplay with details of all the heroes, the new fight designs, the layout of his open globe and also the components we can anticipate.

The gigantic Open Globe of Diablo IV will also include globe occasions that will certainly require numerous players to cooperate to end dangerous enemies. To explore this circumstance we can make use of frameworks, as well as there will be lots of new abilities to check our ability in fight.

They have created the best and most ambitious vision of Haven Mark Ybarra The entertainment of a sanctuary in Diablo 4 is tremendous, as well as every centimeter teems with opportunities to live experiences, claims the official news release. Customization of characters in the video game is much deeper and also much more diverse than ever; On top of that, players wishing to explore will go to their disposal More than 140 dungeons as well as lots of second objectives in the fight against Lilith’s forces.

Diablo IV will be launched in 2023 on PC, PlayStation as well as Xbox The Evil one 4 trailer has served to fulfill the fifth hero that will sign up with the battle versus aby thynessing hecks: The Nigromante is back!, and just how can it be or else, it will certainly make it surrounded by an army of the waiting of the dead as well as its legendary blood gólem. The players will certainly have the ability to make use of guide of the dead with the nigromante, with a whole series of brand-new abilities for this course, offering it the option to control the battlefield with a novel modification system of the military of the dead that accompany him With several sorts of troops, consisting of an iron gólem.

The second extinction will soon be offered in early access

Systemic Reaction officially confirmed that its following title, second extinction, will certainly be launched in early access following month. Second extinction will start early access for Xbox One and also Video game Pass following month, yet it will certainly additionally be released for Xbox Series X 2021.

Second termination is a three-playing FPS teamwork based on a class on land supported by numerous kinds of dinosaurs and also supplies players a vast arsenal of weapons and also abilities to get rid of Jurassic predators. Expected accessibility will certainly give followers of Xbox and customers Game Pass a way to try the video game prior to its release while helping it to advance and also grow as a video game with the rest of the area, simply like Obsidian Entertainment Currently done with Based.


The understanding that this strategy is ideal for the community nature of our video game was a little late, however we are thrilled to know exactly how it will make the second possible experience possible, stated the designers of Systemic Reaction. Awaited accessibility suggests that the initial plan for a summer season beta variation is now out of the window, it would only interfere with our initiatives to access early access in the loss. We want to provide you compensation, nevertheless, so please make use of the complying with as a way and an apology to look like a difficult to prepare in the field of battle in September: Skin celebrity of Amir and also Skin White Fire assault rifle weapon These are offered on the day we become part of early access together with the initial sponsorship rewards..

Are you mosting likely to attempt early access to 2nd extinction or wait on a full getaway? Allow us recognize in the remarks below!


The number of simultaneous connection users exceeded 70,000! Vampire survival “V Rising” offline mode will be implemented within the next few days

The open world vampire survival “ v Rising “, which started early access on STEAM on May 18, has been revealed that the number of simultaneous connections has exceeded 70,000 as soon as possible.

402.4X1 Continuous Functions and Connected Sets

This data was provided by the unofficial database site Steamdb, with up to 46,593 people on the 18th, which is the early access start date, and up to 7256 users on the 19th. I understand this.

Although this store page mentions offline solo play, it is not implemented at the time of the article release. According to the overseas media PCGamesn, the development is currently giving priority to the implementation of offline mode and explains that “within the next few days.”

“V Rising” is undergoing early access to Steam. The price is 2,050 yen. In addition, “DRACULA’S RELICS PACK”, where various items are obtained as DLC, and “Eldest Bloodlines: Founder’s Pack”, which also comes with soundtracks, is on sale.

Dungeon TRPG “DEMEO: PC Edition” -From the point where the dice are rolled to the point where the frames are moved, all the great things about the table top RPG are reproduced [Developer interview]

This project is an interview with the developer of the new indie game that you are interested in. This time, we will deliver a mini -interlocked show to developers “ Demeo: PC Edition “, a dungeon TRPG “ Demeo: PC Edition “, which started early access to PC/Mac for PC/Mac.

This work is a PC version of the Dungeon TRPG, which was released in 2021 in 2021. We will form a party of up to four people and challenge the dungeon. It also supports online multiplayer and crossplay with the VR version. It has already been supported in Japanese. Please see the play repo for detailed games.

“Demeo: PC Edition” is being distributed early for 3,090 yen.

— First, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

TOMMY PALM (TOMMY) Hello. This is Tommy Palm, the founder of the Resolution Games CEO. He is also a game designer. He has been involved in the game industry for more than 30 years since he began to program Komodor 64 as his hobby since the 1980s. He has been in charge of more than 30 concept creators and game designers. The VR version of “DEMEO” and the PC version will be the latest work as Resolution Games.

There are a lot of my favorite games, but some of them are “Nethack”, “HEROES OF MIGHT & MAGIC III”, “Final Fantasy Ticks”, “Pikmin”, and “PUBG”.

――Why did this work developed?

TOMMY First, “DEMEO” was released as a VR only title, and early access to PCs was started the other day, but in fact, the development of the development dates back more than 10 years. Many of the development members, including myself, always dreamed of reproducing the old -fashioned table top RPG experience in video games. I actually wanted to get into the game and experience RPG in a more immersive way. This work embodies our dreams, and for VR and PC, I think that it can provide nostalgia firmly.

―― Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

TOMMY There are some other wonderful digital table top games now. However, many of these works lack the most interesting part of interacting with other people, which is a real table top game.

This work was developed first of all the skill level and the social online multiplayer experience that all play style people can enjoy together. He succeeded in digitizing the table top RPG without impairing the splendor of playing while enjoying the conversation using a pen and paper. And now, we have rebuilt it from scratch for PC gamers so that PC gamers can fully enjoy this.

This work “DEMEO: PC Edition” reproduces everything in the top RPG, from rolling the dice to the point where the frame is moved. In particular, I focused on conversations and exchanges in virtual space. Nevertheless, the hurdle to actually play is lowered (the trouble of finding a big table, anxiety to eliminate the frames, and the trouble of preparing the perfect sweets, etc…. You need to prepare it for playing this work).

――What kind of person do you want this work to play?

I want everyone to play Tommy! It also supports crossplay between VR and PC, so more people can enjoy this virtual experience. Whether you are a beginner in this genre or a dungeon master level player, everyone who likes table top RPG, those who like RPG -style board games, and those who like tactical RPGs will enjoy this work. In this work, the time spent together by players creates a story. It changes a lot every time you play, until you play with each other, teamwork, and group adventure. This is due to the play style of each player and the semi -random elements of this work.

――When is an early access planned? What elements will be added in the future?

Transplanting TommyVR works to a PC was a new experience for us. Still, I think the first one was good in DEMEO. Feedback from players is very important, and it is important that the UI and operation methods are in line with the expectations of PC gamers. I think that early access gives you the opportunity to develop with the community and make this work the best. On top of that, the early access of this work is scheduled for about a year.

Regarding the elements to be added in the future, we plan to add more content on all platforms. The development team is working on the update with all his might, so please look forward to the details of the details.

――Please tell us your impressions released as an early access.

TOMMY There have been many very valuable feedback from the community. Like VR players, we will work on development so that PC gamers can provide perfect works.

— Is there any work influenced by this work?

TOMMY Yes, there are many games that have played as a child and have built a passion for this genre. We played a lot of RPGs like “DRAKAR OCH DEMONER” and “Mutant” in spending a childhood in Sweden in the 1980s. On the other hand, when it was in the United States, I was really addicted to “Dungeons & Dragons”.

――What had an impact on the development of the new Coronavirus?

TOMMY Certainly, the new Corona has influenced the way of development. Most of the development was to work remotely. However, in such a case, the splendor of VR is demonstrated. Even if I wasn’t in the same place as the other members, I felt like I was together, and in fact, we were developing this work in this work. For example, he had a weekly development session with Mike Booth (he is one of the creative directors of this work and is also involved in the development of “Left 4 Dead” and “Counter-Strike: Condition Zero”). Lives in California and other members are in Stockholm. Still, it was as if everyone was developing in one place.

――Is it okay to distribute or monetize this work?

Tommy Yes, it’s okay.

– Finally, please give a message to Japanese readers.

TOMMY I am very happy that this work was released for Japan. Thank you for your support. We will deliver a lot of “DEMEO” this year, so please look forward to it!

–thank you.

SF novel “Dune” Original 4X RTS “DUNE: SPICE WARS” early access start

FUNCOM and Shiro Games have launched early access to the real -time strategy “ Dune: Spice Wars ” developed in SHIRO Games and released trailers.

This game is based on the American writer Frank Herbert’s SCI-FI novel “Dune”, and is initially planned to implement multiplayer only in the future.

Dune: Spice Wars - First Gameplay Trailer

Let’s aim to be the champion of Arakis in the desert

The development of the PC version released in 2018 was well received, and the PS4 and Nintendo Switch version were released in 2020 for domestic Development SHIRO GAMES. In this work, as in the original work, the Atrades family (House AtreideS), which is set on the planetary of the desert, a valuable resource that contributes to expansion of life, perception, and the realization of interstellar movement, and Harconnen. The four factions, House Harkonnen, the smugglers, and the Natolate Flemen, are drawn.

Maximum 1 year promised early access starts

This time, early access to develop to complete while gaining the feedback of the player has begun. The period is assumed to be 9 to 12 months. At the beginning of the game, the core content of the game experience was implemented. In the future, full campaigns, multiplayers, and one playable faction will be added. Feedbacks such as opinions and proposals are being accepted by Steam Forums and official Discord. The bug report is prepared here, and the addition of the function to report in the game is also planned in the future.

The original and “NorthGard” fans “DUNE: SPICE WARS” are being distributed early for 3,200 yen for PCs for PCs. It has also been reported to increase the price in the formalization after early access.

End of early access for King Arthur: Knights Tale

The King Arthur tactical role -playing game: Knight’s Tale will not be enema in early access. Three months after encouraging beginnings, Neocore Games rings the kick -off of the 1.0 exit on Steam.

It is at 7 p.m. very exactly that version 1.0 of the game will be available at a price of 45 euros. Compared to the preview available so far and chronicked by Néces, this official outing includes a complete campaign in 4 chapters, more than 30 playable heroes from 5 different classes, more than 50 missions, more than 50 enemies from 7 factions, a fully improvable Camelot castle, a complete moral graph with its 4 alignments (Christianity, Old Faith, Tyrannia, Justness) or even Corsicated End Game content available once the main story is finished. Modern rereading of Arthurian legend, the game is located in 9 languages, including French. Its release on PS5 and Xbox Series will take place later in the year.



King Arthur: Knight’s Tale – Trailer release date

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