Nadiem Amiri - Welcome to Genoa - Skills & Goals | 2022

So Genua’s purchased obligation – Amiri is still trained in Leverkusen

The fact that Nadiem Amiri agrees with the CFC Genoa on a first time to the end of the current contract is as well known as the agreement of both clubs over a lending with obligation to pay, if the Italians avoid the descent from the series A in this season. In this case, the two clubs have agreed on a transfer, which lies in the range of nine million euros. On Tuesday, however, the midfielder will not complete the medical check in Genoa, but was still on the training place of Leverkusener in the morning.

However, the prerequisite for the deal remains that Bayer is committed to a successor to Amiri in January. And in the candidate that Bayer has looked, it is Eric Junior Dina EbImbe (21), which is under contract until 2023 at PSG.

Debut on the side of Diaby

The 1.83 meter large and 76 kilograms of heavy central midfielder, which can also play on the (right) wing, should change as amiri for the time being on a loan. In addition, Bayer will secure a purchase option for the French U-21 international, which has been replaced in September 2020 at 2-0 in Georgia in the 26th minute. The game at which Leverkusen’s wing storm Moussa Diaby was in the starting element, Dina Ebimbes was the only appearance in France’s U 21.

15-million purchase option for Bayer

For the deal, however, some prerequisites have to be fulfilled. On the one hand, PSG, which would also like to hold the player, calls for a fixed change of at least 15 million euros. On the other hand, the French want to extend the contract with the player before lending to Leverkusen, so as not to come to a poor negotiation position in the summer, if Bayer does not draw the purchase option. Because then the player would have only one year contract and PSG no longer a strong negotiation position. For an expansion of the contract, the French Dina EbImbe offer a significant salary improvement. A third obstacle could arise about Dina Ebimbes consultants, who has another idea with the actor, from Dina EbImbe itself but everything but is done.

Maximum flexibility in summer

With Dina Ebimbe and Amiri, Bayer 04 would make a lending-rochade, which enables the highest level of flexibility in summer to the highest level of the Bundesliga. If Amiri then switches to Italy, you would have with DINA ebimbe the replacement by the purchase option already safely on the hook.

But after a 25-year-old, after a descent of Genuas, returned to Leverkusen for the coming season, took the factory club with regard to Dina EbImbe all possibilities of a fixed commitment up to a return of the player to Paris.

Partial force at PSG, regular players in Dijon

For the capitals Dina EbImbe came to eight (partial) missions in the Ligue 1 and six minutes in the Champions League at the meaningless last group match against FC Bruges (4: 1). In the past season, however, he came for Dijon to 30 Ligue 1 missions (25 from the beginning) and a hit.