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“FF Origin” is better than I thought. “Closed case” is an impression of the cooking part. “Elden Ring” considers play millimeters. Gaming this week

Now Gaming is a corner to write a loose game every Sunday, each writer played in that week. It is 328th. Pokupo cheerful.

# Heroes that destroy the city without mercy

This week ‘s great monster battle game “Dawn of the Monsters” is a little. To save the earth from the invasion of the monster corps, fight the Ultraman Hero, Huge Mecha, and the two monsters who have returned as a protagonist. The base is a style like a classic belt scroll action, and kicks the monsters that will attack one after another. Combinated combos and finish machines that combine various attacks can be made to pull out the building and make it a weapon. It can also be characterized by the unlocking element of new skills and can customize the character by its combination.

Although this work is displayed in Japanese phosphorus etc., Japanese is not compatible as a game. When confirmed to the seller, it seems to be currently working on Japanese localization and domestic release. This work is also a lot of conversation scenes that develop in Amekomi style, and we would like to expect it, including the release of console version.
by. Taijiro Yamanaka

# Customer-friendly byte horror

Recently I have been playing shorts between the longest copies, but this week I was playing the new work “closing case” of Tilast. This work is a horror game attacked by fear while working as a clerk in the cafe. At the stage Tiraz Coffee, a funny customer will come from one after another instead of the curse. A strange event also happens to stand out, and the main character will be dangerous. An element has a drink cooking part, and the player prepares an order according to the recipe. However, no one is angry even if you spend some time. It seems that a buddhu with a transparency is coming.

In this work, customer service and cooking time is longer. It is true that the cooking simu part remains in memory even more than the horror element, but the cooking simulation is remained in memory by mistake the recipe. On the other hand, compared to the past Tilast’s work, I was also a bit more sophisticated impression, such as redundant part that has no change, or presenting a hint through gameplay. Even if you know, there is also a disgusting fear that will hesitate to go ahead. The total amount of fear was modest, but it was a tiraz-art quality, but at the same time, it was a little bit of growth.
by. Keiichi Yokoyama

# “From taste” is coming from anywhere

This week, I was playing “Elden Ring” for a long time since rather. Anyway I will not get tired. For the first time in the “Kingfield”, the Verdite was first depressed, and “I don’t want to go ahead ahead, but I want to know one step ahead, but I want to know this world” Double I am constantly tasting the feeling that is driven for continuously.

Not limited to this work, “why From Software is protecting this flavor” has been held before. In addition to the “Armored Core” series and “Spligan his Lunavars”, from past work groups that are not limited to them, from the “Dark Soul” series directly to the genealogy of this work, the work of the From Software is “from taste” I think there is a unique flavor that is called.

Are you a story that you don’t speak many, or something strange for level design and balance adjustment? The people you are making are also changing, and sometimes it is also a new challenge, but the taste of safety that feels why. This “fromant taste” is an advocess of the author, or any philosophy that has been inherited with the studio will not be interested. Alternatively, the studio company large depth of depth is a mysterious game production manager AI or a black dragon of light that manipulates all. There is no such thing.
by. seiji Narita

# Modeling is as usual

I’m playing “Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin”. So-called “FF Origin”. When I was looking at the story and promotion, it was a pretty chaotic game image, but it is not more pointed than I thought. It is politely made and you can play comfortably.

It is a so-called Seoul-like system, but there is a teeth, but killing is relatively loose. However, if you get rid of it, it will die properly, but there are also many attack drawers such as job change and Seoul shield. Death penalties are also loose, and if you die many times, it will be stronger, and it is possible to change the difficulty level. There are a lot of dark areas, but there are frequent strikes of Nomura FF-specific characters, so tension and anxiety do not occur. Hakusura elements and skill tours are included, and the impression of comprehensive comprehensive action RPG.

Conversely, around the story, development is given to the development, and there is an impression that the tempo falls due to conversation with the residents, and it is worried. However, I do not know if I do not clear it, so I’m a little more follow-up. It is played in parallel with “Elden Ring”, but thanks to the ○ button, thanks to the ○ button, it is also appreciated that it is not possible to misunderstand the operation. It is a similar genre, but it is the top of this work, so I choose which way to play by mood. I was thinking of the more problematic children.
by. ayuo kawase

play-Podcast #282: Nobody cares!!!

In issue 282, the team of the play podcast is finally complete again. Katha pushes again to Sascha and Chris and reports – who would have thought that only? – of course from their first hours in Elden Ring. Our from-software expert is not yet so far, but already excited. Sascha played in the new extension of Destiny named Witch Queen and is also right. Chris swarms extensively from the freshly published Gran Turismo 7. The PlayStation exclusive racing game of Polyphony Digital has quite enthusiastic our redefire pompousness, so the title also takes the greatest place in the podcast. With so many good games, however, there must be something like that. After all, we are the play podcast and not the purple mood louber. Then Grid Legends are just right. The game of Codemasters is such a disappointment that Chris can get upset again. This also applies to the new Texas Chainsaw-Massacre movie on Netflix, which both Chris and Sascha find really shit. And find apropos shit: Katha is so annoyed by a Chris-Anekdote so that it caused the title of this episode. But do not worry, we all love each other. Even you. So, at least some of you.

Here you will find our Spotify Playlist: Debil & Thirsty (Play Podcast)

The new episode listen directly here!

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_ The topics of issue 282: _
00:00:00 – Intro, Welcome, Sanding
00:03:29 – Movies, Series, GNTM
00:31:38 – Elden Ring
00:45:38 – Destiny 2: Witch Queen
00:58:03 – Grid Legends & Gran Turismo 7
01:24:39 – Community

The next edition of the play podcast will be published on 21 March 2022.

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Your Play Team

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Elden Ring confirms the return of two classic functions

Elden Ring Will Have Proper Security Measures On Release
Today, Hidetaka Miyazaki , Director of _ Elden Ring _, revealed a lot of additional details about this anticipated title as part of a new publication at PlayStation blog. In addition to Talking about your difficulty and the challenges of creating an open world, Japanese Executive revealed that two classical functions of other fromSoftware games will be present in this new delivery.

Particularly, Miyazaki confirmed that both the New Game Plus mode, and the multiple end, will be part of _ Elden Ring: _

“Yes, I can confirm that both New Game Plus and the multiple finals will be intact in Elden Ring.”

Both functions have appeared in virtually all other games of fromSoftware , so it was to be expected that they would also be at Elden Ring , but it is always good to have the official confirmation by its managers.

Elden Ring reaches PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC on February 25, 2022.

Editor’s note: These types of functions are just those that give you a high value of rejugability to the Software Titles. While Elden Ring’s narrative will remain quite minimalist, who really seek to learn more about this world will be able to do it and see how the story is developed with every different final.

Elden Ring: Battle with horses and huge bears presented

Elden Ring - Secret Giant Bear Boss Fight (4K)
In three weeks, it is so far and fans may finally explore the open-world of the action role-playing elden ring developed by FROM Software. After recently published videos to the areas of Castle Mourne and Liurnia of the Lakes as well as a hands-on video with full three hours gameplay, a new video of Game Informer now reveals some more interesting details. In the almost three minute gameplay there are struggles with horses to see. Both players and enemies can attack from riding ankle and make opponents with a special challenge. In addition, the video shows a fight with one of the huge bears located in the world of Elden Ring, as well as an inconspicuous building in which there is a lift, the player promotes far down into the underground of the world. Elden Ring appears on February 25, 2022 for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Playstation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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