IOC President Thomas Bach: Beijing 2022 athletes demonstrate the Olympic spirit|Winter Olympics
Biathlet Erik Lesser has made harsh criticism at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and its President Thomas Bach at the end of the winter games in China.

“I’m just disappointed that Thomas Bach knows critical demands just wiped away so,” Lesser said the deutschlandfunkt: “That the Olympic Games are unpolitical, that’s utter nonsense.”

Anyone who has followed the games in Beijing, “the last three weeks, who knows exactly that Olympic games are not unpolitical. And that you still get a lie further, I can not understand that at all President with a tidy backbone wished that you are already a few more critical tones towards Chinese government. “

Later, who last had already expressed a little enthusiastic about the event, nevertheless regrets his participation. “Because there is the opportunity to tell me in retrospect,” said the 33-year-old. So he’ll be able to say in 50 years: “People, no matter what came, Beijing was getting worse.”

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Although the competitions had Olympic character, “but the human has completely missed. Everything was made out of the test tube,” Lesser said. “China is definitely very glad that there is Corona, then you can push many things on it. Without Covid maybe a few trips would have been possible to tourist attractions,” but only that was made visible what you really wanted to show.