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VfB Stuttgart does not use opportunity gate in Bielefeld

The VfB Stuttgart has missed more Big Points in the relegation battle of the football league. Through the 1: 1 (1: 0) in the basement duel at Arminia Bielefeld, the team of coach Pellegrino Matarazzo remained unbeaten for the fourth time in a row, but only one point before the relegation rank 17. Frank Kramer Arminia succeeded after four bankruptcies at least a partial success.

Torjäger Sasa Kalajdzic by trademeter (25th) had taken the VFB in front of 26.011 spectators in the Schücoena, Florian Krüger (60th). Thus, Stuttgart has brought eight points from the past four games, while Arminia has been waiting for a victory since mid-February.

“After two years, the stadium was full again, a superior feeling. We have never put on and have come back. 16th place is a snapshot. What the point is worth the point, we will see at the end,” Stressed Goerscher Kruger. Teammollege Robin Hack supplemented at the “Sky” microphone: “In the whole, we are satisfied with the point. We have to continue working and give gas.”

“We need some alertness, good decisive backup,” Matarazzo had said in advance. In fact, the Arminia began highly motivated and snappy.

Stuttgart’s Defense Constantinos Mavropanos saved with a grasse in the highest need for the corner (6th), then his team was initially cut in one’s own half without it dangerous before the gate.

Bielefeld’s creative player Patrick Wimmer enabled the Swabia the lead: After a corner, the Austrian went to the ball – and he jumped on the outstretched arm. After a short check on the sideline referee Patrick Ittrich showed the penalty point, Kalajdzic turned safely.

VfB Stuttgart - Arminia Bielefeld 0-1 | Highlights | Matchday 11 – Bundesliga 2021/22

With the leadership hit, safety returned to the VFB game. For two high-caliber, the Matarazzo team missed the preliminary decision: Chris Leaves aimed just next to the posts (38.), a minute later, Omar Marmoush ran against the far-reached Armin alone on the goal, but pushed the ball past the long corner.

Compensation falls out of nothing

Even after the break, the VFB was first closer to the second goal than the hosts compensation. A direct acceptance of Tiago Tomas stroked the lath (54th). Almost from that nothing fell 1: 1: Krüger stole in the back of the defense of it and pushed one of Janni Serra extended high flank effortlessly into the gate – the Arminia was allowed to re-cheer after four games without goal.

Tomas once again failed on the other side of Bielefeld-Keeper Stefan Ortega (66.) – and Stuttgart’s opportunity gate continued: Ortega first parished a shot of Pascal Stenzel, then headed a header of Mavropanos to the right post (78.).

DFL intensifies fight against anti-Semitism

Rising anti-Semitism in Europe blamed on lockdowns

The German Football League (DFL), the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and the Central Council of the Jews in Germany cooperate for the first time in the fight against anti-Semitism inside and outside the Football League. Under the title “anti-Semitism and professional football: challenges, opportunities, network” will take place on 30 March 2022 a joint event in Dortmund. At the Toxic Day, representatives of the professional clubs, the Jewish organizations and communities as well as other experts participate. Among other things, Mahmut Özdemir (Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Minister of the Interior and Home), Hans-Joachim Watzke (DFL Supervisory Board Boss), Josef Schuster (President of the Central Council of the Jews in Germany), Maram Star (WJC Vice President) and Felix Klein (Commissioner of the Federal Government for Jewish Life in Germany and the fight against anti-Semitism) on site.

Ukraine War: DFL donates and fights against Russian propaganda

The German Football League (DFL) donates a million euros for the people in the Ukraine shattered by the war and simultaneously tries a blow to the propaganda of Russian Staatsmedien. The DPL Bureau has taken a decision on Thursday.

In the donation, all revenue flows, which are still provided by the contract with the Russian media company Match TV in the current season – and from which the DFL should not benefit “in the current situation”. At the same time, an extraordinary termination of the Treaty is first dispensed with, so that the “anti-war calls and peace blinds from the German stadiums continue to reach the Russian population”.

The prerequisite for this is that Match TV sends on the next matchday and beyond the basic signal provided by the DFL – including Ukraine-related messages of league, players, clubs and fans.

The DFL “will check the broadcast of the Bundesliga transfers carefully in this regard”. If the “TV base signal is repeatedly censored, this would result in extraordinary termination of the DFL”.

In the event that no license payments are more from Russia, the donation is completely worn by the DFL. The sum is provided by aid organizations.

The DFL had convicted the Russian attack on the harshest – and recommended a commemorative minute at the games of the Bundesliga and the 2nd league last weekend. Clubs and players have also performed numerous actions, more are planned for the weekend.

With regard to the coming matchday, the DFL will reflect the Logo of the Bundesliga and the 2nd league as a sign of solidarity in the national colors of Ukraine in the international base signal as well as on its own digital platforms. The national media partners were also sent appropriate graphic elements for use.

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NFL-Kracher confirmed in Germany

German reacts to The Super Bowl
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be part of the first NFL game on German ground at the end of the year. As the National Football League announced on Monday, the Super Bowl winner of 2021 is planned for the debut in the Munich Allianz Arena. The opponent will later be proclaimed with the publication of the entire variety. The Bucs, together with the Carolina Panthers, the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots, had secured the marketing matters for Germany. To at least 2025, a game of Regular Season in Germany is held, alternately in Munich and Frankfurt. “This historic game will play an important role here to put the footprint of the NFL internationally,” said Buccaneers owner Joel Glazer.

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