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Leipzig forged 60 million plan with Bavaria

The rumors around Christopher Nkunku of Football Bundesliga club RB Leipzig brodeled last always hotter. After a so far outstanding season 2021/2022, in which he already achieved 27 competitive gates for his club, he even played in FC Bayern and Paris Saint-Germain in the focus.

His current employer should now have worked out a new plan, as Nkunku can be held at least another year at RB Leipzig.

As the “Leipzig brodeled Image” reveals, the red bulls absolutely want to extend the French for another year, which has been in the club since 2019. The current contract period should be extended from 2024 to 2025.

In return, RB Leipzig wants to make his best goalkeeper fat concessions. For Nkunku particularly attractive: According to the trade magazine, the salary of the 24-year-old should increase to almost seven million euros and thus more than double.

On the other hand, a fixed transfer fee should be written as an exit clause in the contract. This should be at least 60 million euros and give the Leipzigen more planning security for the coming year.

I Rebuild RB LEIPZIG With SLOW Players ONLY! - Fifa 22 Career Mode

Nkunku already valuable as Pogba and Griezmann

The aim of the planned deal is it from clubs to keep the new international player in France at least another season. Nkunku had recently achieved his 4-1 away win of the Leipzig at BVB 16. Saisonor in the Bundesliga.

The rise Nkunkus in recent months surprised the Leipzig insiders himself. According to expert estimates, the offensive man should now have a higher market value than his prominent landmen and world champion Paul Pogba and Paul Griezmann and to Kylian Mbappé of the second-curtest Frenchman at the International Transfer Market.

As it continues to include in the media report, the exit clause in the new Nkunku Treaty would decrease annually by 2025. That too was a concession of the Leipziger, which would be accepted for another year together with the scorer.

The fairy tale of humility is counted

What was not everything tells at the beginning of the pandemic? Of solidarity, community of abandonment. The numbers, which has now published the association of the 36 clubs from Bundesliga and 2. League in Germany, the German Football League DFL, now give rise to the question of credibility. Because German Beletage paid their professionals in the 2020/21 seasonal season 2020/21 on record level. Despite a massive decline in sales by 546 million euros since the last pre-pandemic season 2018/19, personnel expenses played playing in the same period increased by 135.7 million euros. 1.57 billion euros handed over the PROFIs 2020/21. 120.6 million euros more than 2019/20!

More about the topic: Despite pandemic – salary costs of the Bundesliga

That the piece for players and consultants became greater, as long as the cake grew overall, it is comprehensible. But that professionals and brokers could further increase their share of a strongly-tilted cake is absurd. How credible was the narratives of salary, as Corona paralyzed the game operation? With the knowledge of today you have to say: that was obviously a marketing instrument, a beautiful story for the public. Not more. The fairy tale of humility is counted!

Bundesliga Transfer Song - Powered By 442oons

At least for the Bundesliga. In the 2nd league, the game readers fell very well, from 261.8 to 219 million euros. This confirms the trend in pan-European football: the scissors between the super-rich and the “normal” club continues to grow, the competition is increasingly cemented. And the football? Do not have to puzzle about poor image values as long as he propagates PR stitches like the publicity-related content of the alleged salary.

LGTB + representative publish statement to the World Cup in Qatar

A cross-border group of several LGTB + associations has expressed concerns about the World Cup in Qatar. The community will not be taken seriously from the FIFA and the Supreme Committee in Qatar. Already concrete “assurances such as LGBT + fans, players, journalists and employees should be protected in a country that criminalizes their existence,” did not exist.

“World Championship for all”? – rather “little efforts”

“Without fear to get our safety and freedom from persecution” to the World Cup to Katar, simply not possible. There have been “little efforts of the organizers to proactively deal with the concerns”. The slogan, the “this is a world championship for all” you got to hear instead. It was more distracted than talked about human rights in Qatar. “Everything we have seen unfortunately from those responsible are slogans, no security […], avoidance and do not act.” This is simply not good enough. “We have not seen any details about how our trans + members are to be treated with respect for security controls; no guarantees belongs that LGBT + individuals are not arrested because of their existence.”

We have no guarantees that LGBT + individuals are not arrested because of their existence.

The conclusion of the communication published by the Alliance on Friday is therefore clear: “We can not tell our members, LGBT + persons or allies in good faith that this is a world championship for all.”

Qatar 'unfairly treated and scrutinised', says 2022 World Cup chief exec

The cooperation with other stakeholders and committees is therefore continued. The “design of a fairer society in the future of football” is the goal. Accordingly, the FIFA and the organizer are under Taxation: It takes two parties and a real commitment to change, both from the organizers and the cable bodies “to change something.

_Duine was the notification of the “Football Supporters Europe”, “Three Lions Pride” (England), the “Queer Football Fanclubs” (Europe), “Roze Regahs” (Ado Den Hague), the “Independent Supporters Council North America”, The “Football Supporters Against Homophobia Norway” and “Pride in Football” (UK) _

Deshaun Watson at the Browns introduced: Never attacked a woman

The highly controversial quarterback Deshaun Watson was presented on Friday at Cleveland Browns from the Football Profiliga NFL and rejected all allegations against his person. “I know that these allegations are very, very serious,” said the 26-year-old, “but I have never attacked a woman, I never treated a woman disrespectful.”

The star player has just escaped a criminal persecution for alleged sexual harassment of more than 20 women. The playmaker had missed the complete last day of play in a row of the affair, he still threatens several civil claims.

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Watson, who had been submitted to the Browns in the previous week from the Houston Texans, has always made his innocence. Cleveland had committed its own investigators to get an overview of the legal matters. In his new club, Watson will deserve $ 230 million in the coming five years.

FIFA 22: the new retro kits available in the FUT store

Ea Sports celebrates the history of football with a series of new retro kits inspired by the uniforms worn by some of the largest clubs of all time, accessible on FIFA Ultimate Team 22 and Volta Football.

This return to the past will be an opportunity to relive the gold moments of 12 club partner including Liverpool, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Inter and Milan.

In particular, the centenary kit will be available for Inter, which proposes the uniforms worn by samples such as Zanetti, Crespo and Vieira, in the 16th victory of the Serie A title of the club, which took place right on the occasion of the 100th year of history of the team.

For AC Milan it will be a kit inspired by uniforms worn by icons like Baggio, Maldini and Baresi during the 1995/96 season, when the team won its 15th Serie A title.


All new kits will be available in the futor from March 24th to April 29th.

FIFA 22 is expected for October 1st on PlayStation 5 , Xbox Series X , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue to follow us also through our Social Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

Knauf: “These are the nights for which you play football”

If the Frankfurters go to the Europa League, something is usually offered. So on Thursday evening. Eintracht went against Betis with a 2: 1 lead from the first leg in the game. In the 90th minute, however, the Hesse conceded the late counter hit and had to be in the extension. “We had it well under control, the game must close before,” Keeper Kevin Trapp said after the game at RTL.


In a rather chance-poor game, the Frankfurter missed that but therefore had to adhere. In the extension, Betis was even better in the game, the Eintracht had aluminum happiness. At the end, however, the hosts got the second or third air and threw everything forward again. A free kick from Filip Kostic landed on Martin Hinteregger and Guido Rodriguez in the first minute of the rewriting time of extension to the 1: 1 in the gate of the guests. It was the latest hit of the Europa League story.

What followed was pure ecstasy in the Frankfurt Stadium, which was filled with 25,000 spectators. “This is of course a beautiful story of football to win the game so. Everyone turns through, the whole stadium turns through, everyone wants to race somehow on the square and hug themselves. That’s football, but we play football,” also Trapp To the right words for this emotional moment he had experienced shortly before.

Knauf: “It’s hard to put into words”

Also Youngster Ansgar Knauf, who could have worried with his great chance (hit only the latte) earlier for a little more peace, was out of the moment. “It’s hard to put into words,” the 20-year-old. “That’s just a horny feeling, these are the nights for which you play football. We have done everything up again and made it in the end. We are overjoyed that we are in the quarterfinals.”

The round of the last eight will be drawn on Friday in Nyon (live! -Ticker near Thursday evening). And one thing is already certain: one of this famous notorious European apo evenings will certainly be allowed to experience the Frankfurter this season in its own stadium.

Ukraine War: DFL donates and fights against Russian propaganda

The German Football League (DFL) donates a million euros for the people in the Ukraine shattered by the war and simultaneously tries a blow to the propaganda of Russian Staatsmedien. The DPL Bureau has taken a decision on Thursday.

In the donation, all revenue flows, which are still provided by the contract with the Russian media company Match TV in the current season – and from which the DFL should not benefit “in the current situation”. At the same time, an extraordinary termination of the Treaty is first dispensed with, so that the “anti-war calls and peace blinds from the German stadiums continue to reach the Russian population”.

The prerequisite for this is that Match TV sends on the next matchday and beyond the basic signal provided by the DFL – including Ukraine-related messages of league, players, clubs and fans.

The DFL “will check the broadcast of the Bundesliga transfers carefully in this regard”. If the “TV base signal is repeatedly censored, this would result in extraordinary termination of the DFL”.

In the event that no license payments are more from Russia, the donation is completely worn by the DFL. The sum is provided by aid organizations.

The DFL had convicted the Russian attack on the harshest – and recommended a commemorative minute at the games of the Bundesliga and the 2nd league last weekend. Clubs and players have also performed numerous actions, more are planned for the weekend.

With regard to the coming matchday, the DFL will reflect the Logo of the Bundesliga and the 2nd league as a sign of solidarity in the national colors of Ukraine in the international base signal as well as on its own digital platforms. The national media partners were also sent appropriate graphic elements for use.

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“Pro clubs has all the things that make up football”

“What the farmer does not know that he does not eat” – Journalist Marc Schwitzky described the standing of the eSport at many football fans in the Marc Schwitzky Esport Talk. Titles like League of Legends generally have a recognition problem, but also the Efootball has surprisingly difficult.

This is mainly because in the “normal” FIFA only one player sits at the controller, like Patrick Baur says: “Football is team sport, but that in FIFA is n1. There is no feeling of football, no togetherness feeling”.

Benefits that does not offer the real football

It is different in mode per club. Because in this every player controls his own avatar, instead of a whole team. The special feature: Every character can be designed according to your mood – long, colorful hair is not a rarity.

The attributes of the virtual Marc Schwitzky can not be completely set to the maximum at the beginning. Here is like in real life: the more practice, the better the skills.

“Click here for tactics, teambuilding, communication, personality development – all the things that make up football,” sums up Baur.

The mode even have advantages that the real football missed: “It’s age-independent, you can bring together various sexes, bring people with Handicaps, bring up location-independent people together.” This is not going on the real football field. “

“No pay-to-win, no CPU control”

Per clubs also often lets criticized topics. “No pay-to-win, no CPU control,” summarizes the managing director of double pass digital GmbH further.

Especially the CPU control is in the center of criticism year after year. Although EA Sports promises an improved KI defense for announcements of a new offshoot, but reality looks different. Often she is a step too late, has a bad or no man’s cover.

Chance for even unsafe clubs

Cleats that even weigh an ESPORTS engagement could be a chance per clubs. All the demands and ideas the farmer has, but are not new. The Pro-Club Mode has been working with exactly these topics for many years.


Some clubs, such as the FC St. Pauli or Hansa Rostock, have taken the idea, even whole leagues already exist over half a decade. So the spark never seems to have jumped over. This is mainly because the mode has existed since 2011, but is not greatly advertised by EA Sports. Pro-Clubs tournaments with great range, many innovations and updates are wrong.

1. FC Cologne: Anthony Modests to Corona

Modeste scores 2 to save Köln | FC Köln - Union Berlin 2-2 | All Goals | MD 11 – Bundesliga 21/22
Torjäger Anthony Modeste has survived his Corona infection and stands for the Football Bundesligist 1. FC Cologne on Saturday (15:30 / SKY) against Eintracht Frankfurt again available. The Frenchman, who had recently failed at RB Leipzig (1: 3) because of the positive test, had “freely tested” and is “an option for the weekend,” said the FC on “SID” request. Modests completed the team training on Wednesday. Also new entry Jeff Chabot took part, which was also failured by Sampdoria Genoa laid inner backing. Modest is one of the key players in the team of coach Steffen Baumgart. 14 The 34 Cologne Saisontore has achieved the striker.

1860 Munich vs. Türkkkücü newly attached

1860 Munich surprises S04 | 1860 München vs. Schalke 04 1-0 | Highlights | DFB-Pokal 2. Round

The German Football Association (DFB) has redirected the two coronabed fancy games of 1860 Munich in the 3rd league. The city duel at TurkGücü Munich takes place on 16 February. Almost two weeks later (March 1), the lot follows against the 1st FC Kaiserslautern for the lions. In addition, two games of Viktoria Berlin were released. The batch originally planned for this Saturday against FSV Zwickau will now be held on 16 March. Exactly two weeks earlier, the captains bring their game to Halleschen FC. Freak is at 19:00 each.

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