Kojima believes it will take a little longer until the unique game begins.

While todesstrandung it is by no means badly evaluated and has managed to maintain its share of important industrial prices. You can rightly say that reception of the game was much polarizing than most previous titles of Kojima. For example, if you look back at His Metal Gear Solid Series, it’s almost all universal praise with matching scores. Kojima believes that a large part of it is due to the different nature of the title and that we may feel different in the future.

In a profile of the New York Times Kojima again speaks about the reception of the game, especially over the lower scores of the American press. He says he does not believe that many American media have taken the less action-based gameplay of todesstrandung, which makes them difficult to “swallow it”. Kojima hopes that people will have another attitude in 3 to 5 years when they understand the type of game better. It is also worth noting that despite the distribution of the American and international reception, there is hardly a difference between the two.

“In America, they are used to shooters so they do not swallow it,” said Kojima of the New York Times. “It is in order; Everyone can rate what he wants. In three to five years we will see what people will say. “

Kojima seemed a bit angry in the past to be the nature of the results that the game has achieved, as this reflects similar comments he has given over the reception of the game, though he to be fair, not completely wrong in it lies todesstrandung was a very different game and a guy who has never been done in this level and scale. Whether the bitter grapes of a Creator were generally praised or publications behind the curve, they only have to play themselves. For what it is worth, our rating was pretty positive.

Hideo Kojima Presents: Death Stranding - World Premiere Trailer - E3 2016 Sony Press Conference

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