Have you ever occurred to you how a mixture would result between halo and portal ? The 1047 Games team has asked the same question and, after getting down to work, they have created Split gate. Not for nothing we consider it one of the best free games of 2021, because their tremendous success initial led to an extension of their beta. And now its creators look forward and already plan the launch of the season 1 , to which they have already put a launch date for their beta.

The update also includes a customizable mapping editor Shooter fans will not have to wait long to know the news around this first season, since from 1047 Games confirm its premiere for the next January 27 . And the news does not end here, since Split gate is proposed to hook up again on the screen with a lot of content to experiment from the aforementioned date: Retouching maps, game modes, new designs and up to a Map Creator Custom we can share with our friends.

The launch of season 1 will bring two unpublished game modes in the shooter: captures the flag , already classic in the genre, and Evolution , where we will face another group of players, and we will receive advantages every Once we lost a round. In addition, the more regulars to Split gate you will see that the map Foregone Destruction will change its design completely to ensure a line that, later, we will perceive in all scenarios of the game.

Added to all this, it is also worth mentioning the inclusion of a new battle pass of 100 levels, new characters, banners, spray and even innovative designs in weapons and objects. As expected, players will be able to access this content of free way as soon as the season is activated.

There is no doubt that this shooter continues to grow both in updates and players , since the CEO of 1047 Games ensured that the premiere of Halo: Infinite boosted user traffic in Split gate. And the thing does not end here, since from the developer they are clear to continue evolving towards all ecosystems and have already confirmed that they have Nintendo Switch and mobile phones at their point of sight.