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FC Barcelona: Dani Alves wants to extend for six months

Dani Alves wants to stay at FC Barcelona beyond the end of the season. According to information from games and Goal , the 39-year-old Brazilian, whose contract expires in the summer, has informed the Barca manager in the negotiations that he would like to extend for another six months.

This unusual contract term floats the national player (123 missions) because he absolutely wants to take part in the Selecao in the Winter World Cup in Qatar.

Alves switched to Barca last winter and had signed a working paper until the end of this season. The veteran hired around 100,000 euros for a mini content at his long-term club.

A bonus of three million can join if Alves should complete 60 percent of the games. It looks good, because Alves stood in 16 out of 22 games on the lawn, encounters from the Europa League, for which he was not registered, fall out. The right -back is 72.2 percent of the games.

The discussions about a contract extension is about a similar constellation in which Alves should only get a small salary plus a high bonus. After the World Cup finals, according to the plan, both sides would sit down again and discuss a new extension. Since you are satisfied with his appearances at Barca, Alves’ consultants are, according to information from games and Goal , good things that end up with an agreement.


Dani Alves’ Return to FC Barcelona is successful

Alves has completed 13 games in Laliga since his return, only once he was not in the starting XI. In those missions, he gave a goal and three assists.

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* Register now and experience Laliga live on DAZN! Can be canceled at any time.

For the Brazilian national team, he was last nominated again and led Brazil as a captain in the 4-0 against Bolivia at the end of March.

Bethesda: Shifting: Starfield & Redfall only come in 2023

Small blow into the stomach: The highly expected Bethesda games Starfield & Redfall are no longer coming this year. Both releasing dates were postponed because the development teams need more time.

Xbox DELAYS Starfield & Redfall | NEW Xbox Series X Exclusive Game NOT COMING | Xbox News

A simple mail appeared on the Twitter account of Bethesda a good 90 minutes ago: “We made the decision to postpone the publications of Redfall and Starfield to the first half of 2023. The teams from Arkane Austin (Redfall) and Bethesda Games Studios (Starfield) have incredibly large ambitions for your games, and we want to make sure that you get the best, most polished versions of it. We would like to thank everyone for the excitement about speaker and Starfield. This energy makes a lot of it, so much, What inspires us every day and also fueled our own enthusiasm for the things we create. We cannot expect to share the first deeper insight into Redfall and Starfield with you soon. Thank you for your support. “

The enormously important sci-fi role-playing game Starfield was to be released on November 11th for Bethesda. The “Open World Coop Shooter with Biss”-as Betheda Redfall describes-would even have been aware of it in September 2022. Unfortunately, there has been no more concrete date than the first half of 2023 for both games yet.

What do you think? Better properly finished games next year or do you not believe that Bethesda delivered properly after the Fallout 76 debacle? And what will become of Christmas vacation in space that many of you had already looking forward to?

Dungeon TRPG “DEMEO: PC Edition” -From the point where the dice are rolled to the point where the frames are moved, all the great things about the table top RPG are reproduced [Developer interview]

This project is an interview with the developer of the new indie game that you are interested in. This time, we will deliver a mini -interlocked show to developers “ Demeo: PC Edition “, a dungeon TRPG “ Demeo: PC Edition “, which started early access to PC/Mac for PC/Mac.

This work is a PC version of the Dungeon TRPG, which was released in 2021 in 2021. We will form a party of up to four people and challenge the dungeon. It also supports online multiplayer and crossplay with the VR version. It has already been supported in Japanese. Please see the play repo for detailed games.

“Demeo: PC Edition” is being distributed early for 3,090 yen.

— First, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

TOMMY PALM (TOMMY) Hello. This is Tommy Palm, the founder of the Resolution Games CEO. He is also a game designer. He has been involved in the game industry for more than 30 years since he began to program Komodor 64 as his hobby since the 1980s. He has been in charge of more than 30 concept creators and game designers. The VR version of “DEMEO” and the PC version will be the latest work as Resolution Games.

There are a lot of my favorite games, but some of them are “Nethack”, “HEROES OF MIGHT & MAGIC III”, “Final Fantasy Ticks”, “Pikmin”, and “PUBG”.

――Why did this work developed?

TOMMY First, “DEMEO” was released as a VR only title, and early access to PCs was started the other day, but in fact, the development of the development dates back more than 10 years. Many of the development members, including myself, always dreamed of reproducing the old -fashioned table top RPG experience in video games. I actually wanted to get into the game and experience RPG in a more immersive way. This work embodies our dreams, and for VR and PC, I think that it can provide nostalgia firmly.

―― Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

TOMMY There are some other wonderful digital table top games now. However, many of these works lack the most interesting part of interacting with other people, which is a real table top game.

This work was developed first of all the skill level and the social online multiplayer experience that all play style people can enjoy together. He succeeded in digitizing the table top RPG without impairing the splendor of playing while enjoying the conversation using a pen and paper. And now, we have rebuilt it from scratch for PC gamers so that PC gamers can fully enjoy this.

This work “DEMEO: PC Edition” reproduces everything in the top RPG, from rolling the dice to the point where the frame is moved. In particular, I focused on conversations and exchanges in virtual space. Nevertheless, the hurdle to actually play is lowered (the trouble of finding a big table, anxiety to eliminate the frames, and the trouble of preparing the perfect sweets, etc…. You need to prepare it for playing this work).

――What kind of person do you want this work to play?

I want everyone to play Tommy! It also supports crossplay between VR and PC, so more people can enjoy this virtual experience. Whether you are a beginner in this genre or a dungeon master level player, everyone who likes table top RPG, those who like RPG -style board games, and those who like tactical RPGs will enjoy this work. In this work, the time spent together by players creates a story. It changes a lot every time you play, until you play with each other, teamwork, and group adventure. This is due to the play style of each player and the semi -random elements of this work.

――When is an early access planned? What elements will be added in the future?

Transplanting TommyVR works to a PC was a new experience for us. Still, I think the first one was good in DEMEO. Feedback from players is very important, and it is important that the UI and operation methods are in line with the expectations of PC gamers. I think that early access gives you the opportunity to develop with the community and make this work the best. On top of that, the early access of this work is scheduled for about a year.

Regarding the elements to be added in the future, we plan to add more content on all platforms. The development team is working on the update with all his might, so please look forward to the details of the details.

――Please tell us your impressions released as an early access.

TOMMY There have been many very valuable feedback from the community. Like VR players, we will work on development so that PC gamers can provide perfect works.

— Is there any work influenced by this work?

TOMMY Yes, there are many games that have played as a child and have built a passion for this genre. We played a lot of RPGs like “DRAKAR OCH DEMONER” and “Mutant” in spending a childhood in Sweden in the 1980s. On the other hand, when it was in the United States, I was really addicted to “Dungeons & Dragons”.

――What had an impact on the development of the new Coronavirus?

TOMMY Certainly, the new Corona has influenced the way of development. Most of the development was to work remotely. However, in such a case, the splendor of VR is demonstrated. Even if I wasn’t in the same place as the other members, I felt like I was together, and in fact, we were developing this work in this work. For example, he had a weekly development session with Mike Booth (he is one of the creative directors of this work and is also involved in the development of “Left 4 Dead” and “Counter-Strike: Condition Zero”). Lives in California and other members are in Stockholm. Still, it was as if everyone was developing in one place.

――Is it okay to distribute or monetize this work?

Tommy Yes, it’s okay.

– Finally, please give a message to Japanese readers.

TOMMY I am very happy that this work was released for Japan. Thank you for your support. We will deliver a lot of “DEMEO” this year, so please look forward to it!

–thank you.

Like Pogo and Clash of Clans: According to Schreier, two mobile warcraft come

THIS Might Be The Warcraft Mobile Game..
At the latest since Diablo Immortal’s announcement and the subsequent interviews with Blizzard managers, we know that the Californians want to develop mobile games for all their franchises. There are also two things also clear. Diablo Immortal will be released on June 2, 2022, also for the PC . And just under a month earlier, on May 3rd, Blizzard wants to reveal the first details about a mobile game for the Warcraft universe .

does Blizzard announce two mobile games?

But even if Blizzard’s invitation reads as follows: “ We invite you to unveiled a Warcraft game for mobile devices! “: Does it actually stay with a game? Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier is certain that the WoW developers are currently working on at least two mobile games for Warcraft, he revealed on Resetera, where he also confirmed the recent Starfield leak .

According to Schreier, one of the two games should go in the direction of Pokémon Go, while the other mobile game should remind you of the successful Hit Clash of Clans. Already in November 2018 there was indications that Blizzard could work on a kind of Warcraft Go . Even then, it was Jason Schreier who reported that a team of Pogo fans wanted to implement a comparable game, only with significantly more features and plenty of single player content.

In the most recent post, Schreier concludes with the words: “heard Good Things About Both“. He heard good things about both games of his sources. We may find out on May 3rd whether there is something about these rumors. At least if Blizzard should actually announce both games. If not, there is still the option that you want to cancel the second announcement for another appointment, for example because one of the two games in development has not yet progressed. In any case, we will of course keep you up to date.

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Playdate in the test: cranking for mobile gaming

test conclusion

the editors


The playdate convinced in the test in the design, with the interesting control and the fantastic retro charm. The yellow box also makes a lot of quality. However, it must first be shown whether the high purchase price pays off and whether there will be enough entertainment on the go to keep users happy. For the most part, however, this also depends on creative developers and the availability of the mobile console. But the bottom line is that the little box is just fun!


  • Schckes Design

  • Looks high quality
  • Interesting control
  • Long battery life
  • Theoretically infinite number of games


  • Often only play snacks
  • Quite high price
  • Handheld hardly available

Mobile video games have been part of the gaming scene for many years. The first points of contact were available with the gray brick Game Boy from Nintendo 1990, followed by models such as the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 3DS. In 2022 the market is greater than ever, which is mainly due to smartphones and tablets. Virtual consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and the Steam Deck are also very popular thanks to strong technology. In this competition, the retro handheld playdate looks a bit out of place. The practice test from Computer Bild reveals why the device is almost convincing across the board.

the best game consoles

1st place

To offer at Amazon

Test grade




Xbox Series X

Details for the test detail button arrow


  • Runs quietly and does not get too hot
  • Comprehensive multimedia program


  • Controller is low in a comparison
  • Menu navigation partly fricked

to offer

539, 95 €

To offer at Amazon to offer at Idealo for offer on eBay

Not available!

To offer at MediaMarkt

Not available!

To offer at Saturn

place 2

To offer at Amazon

Test grade




PlayStation 5 (PS5) Standard Edition

Details for the test detail button arrow


  • Super fast SSD…
  • Finally quiet fan


  • … with too low capacity
  • Huge device

to offer

729, 99 €

To offer at Amazon to offer at Idealo for offer on eBay

Not available!

To offer at MediaMarkt

Not available!

To offer at Saturn

place 3

To offer at Amazon

Test grade




Xbox Series S

Details for the test detail button arrow


  • Good price-performance ratio
  • Comprehensive multimedia program


  • No 4K playback of games
  • Controller is low in a comparison

to offer

269 €

To offer at Amazon for offer at Idealo for offer on Ebay for offer at MediaMarkt for offer at Saturn

4th place

To offer at Amazon

Test grade




Switch (OLED model)

Details for the test detail button arrow


  • Great OLED display
  • Sensible changes to the design


  • Few innovations for a costly upgrade

to offer

329, 99 €

To offer at Amazon to offer at Idealo for offer on eBay

Not available!

To offer at MediaMarkt

Not available!

To offer at Saturn

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Complete list: The best game consoles

Playdate Review - What were they thinking?!?

Who is behind Playdate?

The playdate originates between two companies: the device has designed the Swedish creative company Teenage Engineering, which was already responsible for projects at Capcom or the Frekvens series of the Swedish furniture store Ikea. The in-ear headphones Nothing Ear (1) also goes to the Sweden account. On the other hand, US companies Panic is responsible for the portable console. Gamers know the name primarily as the editor of two very popular indie games: “Firewatch” and “Untitled Goose Game”.

my little, yellow cube

The handheld itself is quite small with the dimensions of 7.8×7.5 centimeters and a height of sweet 0.9 centimeters. Das ganze Gehäuse besteht aus einem matten und wertigen Kunststoff und wirkt wie aus einem Guss. Allerdings sind die Ränder etwas scharfkantig. Die Rückseite lässt sich auf Wunsch mit einem einfachen Schlitzschraubenzieher abnehmen und gewährt Zugriff auf die technischen Innereien. Das hilft in Zukunft möglicherweise beim Wechsel von Bauteilen, etwa wenn der Akku bei Dauergebrauch irgendwann in die Knie geht. Sogar die Nachrüstung zusätzlicher Technik ist theoretisch denkbar.

You control the playdate via a Control Cross along with A and B button. A familiar picture for gamers. The pressure points are pleasant and react quickly to inputs. The power button is on the top, and there is also a home button for volume, screenshots and the short way to the start screen. The black and white display measures an image diagonal of 6.8 centimeters and shows content with 400×240 pixels. This is minimalistic, but it looks really good! Of course, the box does not arrive against graphics splendor of the Nintendo Switch Oled or the Steam Deck. Sound is available either via a mono speaker on the front, by jack connection for headphones or in the future wirelessly via Bluetooth.

The thing with the crank

The most striking element is the small crank on the right. However, this does not serve – as perhaps assumed – for electricity, but for control. A wide variety of actions can be carried out with the crank in the existing games. At the surf title “Whitewater Wipeout”, users control a surfboard through the wave, on the other hand, the focus of the in-game camera is adjusted in the bird game “Casual Birder”. It becomes very wild with “Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure”, where you turn the time back and forth. The control with the extended arm worked reliably in the test, without delay and was fun, although the possibilities are a bit limited depending on the title. When you’re done playing, you just fold up the crank and hide parts of it in the housing.

What games are there?

At the start, each console offers two games. In the test, these were the “Whitewater Wipeout” and “Casual Birder” mentioned above. And both games show the panic route well: According to the company, there are short and long games that take more, sometimes less time. While you are traveling between two and twenty seconds in the surf game and collect points before flying off the board, as a bird photographer you can walk through the city and nature for a few minutes longer and photograph birds together with biting comments. But what happens next?

The playdate’s game policy is like the device itself: exceptional. After the start there are two new titles every week. There are a total of 24 games in the so -called “Season One”, Panic also promises some surprises. However, the name of the current season suggests that there is still a “Season Two”, “Season Three” and more. Will the games always stay free or cost every new stage? Not clear! In theory, there will be free title in abundance in the future, because the playdate offers developers the opportunity to create and program hand. So far there have been hardly any success to report. But if so, these creations can be offered or sold free of charge on request and then pulling them onto the handheld. 4 gigabytes of internal memory are available for all content. So far there is no official store, Playdate may be able to submit this in the future. But it is also clear that if a large community develops around the console, there is an almost endless river of new games.

nice functions and large battery

Despite the retro charm, the play date relies on current technology and functions. WiFi is ready for new titles and updates, Bluetooth wants to deliver Panic. It is unclear whether a software update is enough or new hardware is necessary. The battery came to almost eight hours in the test. Instead of changing batteries, there is juice via a USB connection. An automatic stand-by mode even switches off the device after a few minutes on request. The Always-on display, which shows the current time when not in use, is also great. This is supposedly not gnawing at the battery: According to the Panic, a full load is enough for 14 days stand-by mode including the clock display.

Playdate: Price, availability and accessories

The playdate is currently only available in the United States, shipping to Germany is theoretically possible, if not quite cheap. The price without shipping is around $ 179, the equivalent of almost 170 euros. The package includes the console, a USB-C cable and the 24 games of the Season One. The biggest problem at the moment: The high demand has already used up all capacities for the current year. New orders are only delivered in 2023. In addition, Panic offers some accessories for the console. A protection cover for transport is a price of $ 29 (around 28 euros), for a currently unknown price there will be a dock with stereo speakers and pen holders.

Playdate Test: Conclusion

The playdate convinced in the test in the design, with the interesting control and the fantastic retro charm.
The yellow box also makes a lot of quality.
However, it must first be shown whether the high purchase price pays off and whether there will be enough entertainment on the go to keep users happy.
For the most part, this also depends on creative developers and the availability of the mobile console.

SF novel “Dune” Original 4X RTS “DUNE: SPICE WARS” early access start

FUNCOM and Shiro Games have launched early access to the real -time strategy “ Dune: Spice Wars ” developed in SHIRO Games and released trailers.

This game is based on the American writer Frank Herbert’s SCI-FI novel “Dune”, and is initially planned to implement multiplayer only in the future.

Dune: Spice Wars - First Gameplay Trailer

Let’s aim to be the champion of Arakis in the desert

The development of the PC version released in 2018 was well received, and the PS4 and Nintendo Switch version were released in 2020 for domestic Development SHIRO GAMES. In this work, as in the original work, the Atrades family (House AtreideS), which is set on the planetary of the desert, a valuable resource that contributes to expansion of life, perception, and the realization of interstellar movement, and Harconnen. The four factions, House Harkonnen, the smugglers, and the Natolate Flemen, are drawn.

Maximum 1 year promised early access starts

This time, early access to develop to complete while gaining the feedback of the player has begun. The period is assumed to be 9 to 12 months. At the beginning of the game, the core content of the game experience was implemented. In the future, full campaigns, multiplayers, and one playable faction will be added. Feedbacks such as opinions and proposals are being accepted by Steam Forums and official Discord. The bug report is prepared here, and the addition of the function to report in the game is also planned in the future.

The original and “NorthGard” fans “DUNE: SPICE WARS” are being distributed early for 3,200 yen for PCs for PCs. It has also been reported to increase the price in the formalization after early access.

Uncharted Legacy of Thieves: The essential Saga Action Adventure PS4 and PS5 comes soon on PC!

Naughty Dog announced it, the release of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection was going to be delayed. Freshly disembarked on PS5 at the end of January 2022, the release of the collection nevertheless was waiting on PC. For some time now, leaks have multiplied and, this time, it is on the side of the Epic Games Store that a new information came to us following an error in the platform, since corrected.


Uncharted, at the heart of Sony’s strategy

Definitely, the release of Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on PC will have flowed ink. Already last month, a leak of information recorded on the Steam platform of Valve has spread on the web, allowing us to have a first order of idea as to the release date of this compilation which Group Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy . If the license has been based, since the end of August 2017, on the release of later episodes, the latter may not have said its last word, according to recent information.

In the shadows, the future of the famous PlayStation saga seems to be written serenely. While waiting to have a new component to offer to its players, Sony devotes itself to another of its strategies which consists in to strengthen on the PC market, and this obviously goes through the portage of the last adventure of Nathan Drake as well as that of the duo made up of Chloé Frazer and Nadine Ross. Unfortunately, we still do not know the date of availability of this overcrowded collection, even if the Epic Games Store could have sold the wick today.

From PS5 to PC this summer!

Between Steam and Epic Games Store, it is currently difficult to know which of the two has seen right. In practice, and according to leaks from their platform or site, both agree that Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is expected for this summer on PC . While one seems rather to bet on the month of July, The site of Epic Games indicated, during a certain period of time, before the information is corrected, an output an earlier than that given by steam.

As part of an article published on its website, Epic Games mentioned a handful of titles whose release is scheduled in 2022 by indicating, for the most part, a precise launch date. For a few minutes, Uncharted: The Legacy of Thieves Collection was a part of it, revealing a potential exit on PC set for June 20, 2022 , a few weeks after the marketing of the DVD and the Blu-ray in honor of Film Uncharted in which Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg play which could therefore make sense.

However, in view of the various dates mentioned, It is fashionable to take all this with tweezers while waiting for confirmation of Naughty Dog, even Sony . Nevertheless, between Steam and Epic Games Store, the scale seems to be more leaning for the platform of the editor of Fortnite because of the exclusivity of the title on the latter. All that remains is to expect a confirmation or an infirmation on the part of the main concerned!

* Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection: Who is it for PS5?

__Commate Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection



41.41 €

All offers


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Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection - PS4 vs PS5 Performance Review

21 minutes ago

Jim Rayan killed Sony.
The PS5 falls in sales.
With his western vision without soul and disgusting.
Sony becomes like MS.
I would prefer 1000 times Yoshida

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Valorant: When does Fade leave? Date and time of launch of the new character and how to get it

NEW AGENT FADE - RELEASE DATE, Abilities and MORE LEAKS - Valorant Guide
After a small drought in question to introduce new characters, valorant is prepared for the arrival of fade . The Tactical Shooter of Riot Games receives a new agent that will become the main competitor of Sova for getting information from the battlefield. Riot Games has already resolved all the unknowns with respect to the champion, offering all the details of her interesting skills and the particular single mechanics of follow-up of enemies that will characterize it when she finally joins the game.

Date and time of the launch of Fade

The new Turkish proccendance agent will join Valorant with the Premiere of Act 3 corresponding to episode 4 . The Riot Games cycle change is scheduled for the next patch that will reach the game. There may always be unforeseen, but it seems that developers have it well tied, having announced that it will join the game next April 27. Normally, the patches arrive at the central hours of the afternoon, although there is no exact time.

In summary accounts and unless changing plans, Fade will be released on April 27 between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Spanish peninsular time .

How to get Fade?

The new agent has many innovative features, but there is something in which Riot Games has not changed at all. The method of obtaining Fade will be the same as that of all other agents of the game . Therefore, we have two options to make us with it:

  • Select the contract of it and upload five levels from obtaining experience (free)
  • Buy it in the store at the time of your departure by 1,000 Valorant Points.

If we opted for the free form, the best thing we can do is play with friends . The most recommended way is Spike’s fever, although there is not so much difference in respect of experience obtained. It can be a somewhat tedious process, although surely worthwhile.

Sebastian Hoeneß: We want under the top six

Long caught Hoeneß to pronounce that, which has long been clear and always referred to the season finale. Now the TSG coach has clearly named the Hoffenheim seasonal goal before the 30th matchday. “We are among the top six, which would have signed everyone before the season. We want to stay there too,” said the 39-year-old, “that would mean that we play internationally next year. And then we have, depending on what It is in the end, played a very good season. But it is important to get everything out in the last five games and bring the power to the place. “

It would be time, after all, his team has given a significantly better position after three pointless games. And that’s why the psychological situation has changed. Of course, every ranked six would have been thanked in the ranks of last year’s terms of this. And at least this placement on the 30th matchday perceived as a great starting position with high winning opportunities. After this season and the most recent downtrend but the Kraichgauer seem to run more danger, even more to lose and lose. Finally, the TSG was in the meantime ranked three rank and was promising at Champions League course.

Now the clear march route is to scratch, to bite and march.

Sebastian Hoeneß

Therefore, on Sunday in the home game against the bottom of the table from Fürth, no Vertun. “We have the claim to win against Fürth at home and a bit also the duty of the last games for the goals we have,” says Hoeneß, without wanting to devalue the opponent, “for us it is mandatory To get these three points, but this has nothing to do with Fürth. ” Even the tail light “may not be underestimated if you look at your games against Gladbach, Frankfurt or Freiburg,” says Hoeneß and now calls full concentration of his players: “We need to bring the right mood and attitude to the place from the first second on. And then strengths or weaknesses of Fürth may not play a role for us. We now have to go through our thing and – no matter how – bring these three points to put a start point again. Now the clear march route, to scratch, to bite And to march and play the football, which we imagine. “

“Currently we are not good advice to look upwards.”

wholesome moments involving sebastian aho

Only in this way can the stubborn pursuers be kept in the bridle or disclosed again. “Two teams are right now in the neck, but there are still 15 points to awarded, so you can continue to pull the tracker field further, as well,” White Hoeneß. In addition to Union Berlin and Cologne, Frankfurt and Mainz are also in a stroke distance, even Gladbach loses – assuming a home win in the final home game against Hoffenheim – only four meters behind the TSG. “What we can in the hand and what we can currently check is place 6th place is the next Freiburg four points away, there we are dependent on that they are pussy, of course we still play against them”, Hoeneß’s hope through, “but we are currently not well advised to look upwards. I want to stay in the upper third, that’s appealing and exciting. We will have to win to stay there.” And not only this Sunday at 5.30 pm.

Max Payne fans want their iconic face in remakes

Fans have already begun to request specific things for the upcoming remakes of Max Payne. Max Payne is one of the most iconic game franchises thanks to its very distinctive style, influential gameplay and narration. The series began at the beginning of the 2000s and laid the foundations for what would become the third-party shooting games by combining a high quality writing with an exciting game. In the mid-2000s, the creator remedy entertainment was no longer involved in the development of the franchise and Rockstar Games directed the third entry themselves. Although MAX Payne 3 was largely a well-received shooting game and has become a cult classic in the years since its launch, the series has remained inactive for a decade.

Now, only one month before the tenth anniversary of the third game, Remedy and Rockstar Games have announced that the first two games of Max Payne will rehale. Rockstar will finance the project and Remedy will develop it internally for the consoles and PC of the current generation. That said, fans expect the new modernization of the Games yet to keep Max Payne’s iconic face. The writer Sam Lake was used as the hard policeman’s face, but he had a very silly and corny look that has been recorded in the minds of the players since then. Max Payne 3 He walked away from this aspect and made it look a little more like actor James McCaffery, offering a realistic image of the character.

It is a bit difficult to imagine Max Payne keeping Sam Lake‘s face in the 2020 decade with all elegant graphics, but it would not be surprising if Remedy includes some kind of additional configuration that can change it. Since these remakes are intended to be similar to the current AAA releases and it is also likely that they present it to a new audience, it is unlikely that Max Payne’s face of the old school is the default, but it is still to be seen.

Do you want to see the iconic face of Max Payne used in the remakes? Let us know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter @Cade_ONDER. You can see some of the requests for Max Payne’s classic face below.

without boring faces

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Some things must remain the same

they're remaking MAX PAYNE
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Nostalgia with ray trace

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The aspect of constipation


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