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Tarkov is not too authentic Tarkov new survival Survival TPS Lost Light is stress -free and easy to play [Special repo]

GAME*SPARK’s freshly picked-up Steam indie games.

Among them, many people want to know the content of this game, and think so. Therefore, it is this project ** freshly squeezed! I would like to deliver the actual content clearly. If you want to see the rich playpo, don’t forget the explosive speed play repo.

This time, Lost Light is attractive, such as Tarkov-like TPS, Tarkov-like TPS, Your own shelter expansion, and elements unique to mobile games.

What is Lost Light?

This work is a free survival TPS ** designed by Netease Games, known for the development of Identity V and Wilderness Action. It is said that more than 4 million players have played from the beta test to the present, and in the new Google Store’s new game ranking, which was distributed ahead, it is the TOP30 multiple times, between mobile users around the world. It gained popularity.

Then, on September 1, 2022, a global release started following Android and iOS. By downloading it on the official website or Steam, you can now enjoy the popular mobile title on a large PC screen.

The content of this work is very similar to ** hardcore FPS ESCAPE from Tarkov (hereinafter, Tarkov). The goal is to get off on a vast battlefield, collect supplies, and survive. The stage of the story is the end-of-life world of the 20s, when the world order was disturbed by pheromone explosion, and people were forced to evacuate to the underground shelter. Meanwhile, the player will be a member of the firefly team, and will go to a closed area where the order has collapsed.

One of the charms of this work is the expansion element of the shelter that is the hideout only for players and the stress-free play cheapness unique to mobile games. Let’s introduce the points of its charm right away!

Story Points Part 1! Tarkov-like TPS that is not too authentic

Speaking of Tarkov, a hardcore FPS with popular game systems and real customization and sounds. However, there is also a difficulty that it is too real-oriented to remember that beginners have a high threshold. One of the characteristics is that a veteran player is a severe battlefield that dies in an instant when dying.

On the other hand, this work is focusing on reducing the stressful factors as much as possible while leaving the goodness of Tarkov. In this work, the map can be displayed in the game at any time without relying on external sites . The direction and the escape point are always displayed on the screen.

The target point and target items are very kind, such as displaying routes and highlights. Furthermore, although it is originally a setting for mobile users, there are few situations where the enemy footsteps, which are important in the same genre, are displayed at the top of the screen ** because they are displayed at the top of the screen.

In addition, the armor value of this work is very high, and because the ** kill time is long, it is almost unlikely that an enemy who does not know where you are. The player waiting for the cancer can be tolerated to some extent, so as soon as you get around, you will have a chance to fight back.

If the enemy is killed, it will not be treated as a death immediately and will be shifted to down state . In this state, you can ask a nearby player to rescue, and if you have a party member, you will be able to resus you. The lobby is divided into solo, duo, and squad, and it is said that it matches the player’s KD with past battle data , and it will not be overrun by a party or suddenly become a veteran player prey.

Story Points Part 2! My own shelter expansion

In this work, each player will be given a shelter that will be your own hideout. You can walk around freely in the shelter , customize weapons, change costumes, and access the market.

Each facility will be able to use more functions by investing required supplies and money. There are also gyms and unopened areas, and further expansion can be expected in future updates.

Story Points Part 3! Elements unique to mobile games

This work may be transplanted from mobile games, and has a function that makes you want to continue playing the game . The daily login bonus is naturally implemented, and one of the nice elements is a login bonus for new players and challenges for beginners.

In addition to the main mission, Daily and weekly missions are implemented , so you can get random remuneration and experience by doing it.

In addition, events and season passes for a limited time have already been distributed , and it is showing excitement. In addition, you can challenge ranking matches and various rankings.


Tarkov is a full-fledged game system and a severe battle, but some people will feel stressed. This work is not authentic and has inferior graphics compared to Tarkov, but it is easy to play as much as possible with stressful elements.

It is also compatible with cross-platforms , and you can form a party with a different platform player and enjoy chatting. Currently, some missions do not support Japanese , but we will continue to update.

In addition, the wipes (data reset), which are regularly implemented in Tarkov, are said to be the last one that was implemented during this global release in this work, and the products and shelters collected in the future in the future. It doesn’t seem to be gone.

This work is free for basic play, and the billing items are only costumes and emoters **, and there is no difference in the force due to the presence or absence of billing. It is a recommended work for users who want to enjoy a survival shutter as a light, so if you are interested, why not try it out?

Dynamic 3: 3 in the Berlin derby

On Friday, the focus was on the leading game in between promoted Rot-Weiß Erfurt as well as Ligaprimus Berliner AK. Had even more of the game beforehand, this hit guaranteed top water at the BAK, which currently took the campaign.

It obtained truly hot in the 58th minute: after a great steep pass, Erfurt’s Seidemann was already past the guest goal kind Zwick, pressed in the direction of the vacant goal before Schulz scratched the sphere with a take on with a deal with. Erfurt’s last offensive died, since on the one hand the imagination was missing and also the Berliners also defended wonderfully. After the assembled victory, the BAK is still without acknowledging a goal after four video games and continues to be the frontrunner regardless of the further outcomes of the weekend.

Aksakal hits 3 struggles and also times

In a respectable first half, both groups left their opportunities unused prior to Tekin took the house team in the lead in the 50th minute by direct cost-free kick. Aksakal brought tension right into the city battle once again in minute 65 after a specific flank from Fuchs with the connection goal.

The Hertha-U-23 can also have taken the lead 4 minutes later on, however Aksakal put the round following to the TEBE housing. That revenge, Uzoma brought the violets back into the lead in the 86th minute.

Because of rioting, ## lengthy fifty percent

Friday evening kept the game from another title candidate. In the 24th minute, a corner headed for a long-deserved FCC lead for a long time. Beck nearly had a head in the 45th minute, yet he narrowly missed out on.

On the contrary side, itoi struck the crossbar 3 mins prior to the end, but Jena can get over, a little later the three points were understood. The BFC-Eimmer was not really satisfied with the master of the pre-season village with 3 points from four games.

Had the experience currently began a quarter of a hr later because Jena had problems on arrival, both follower camps offered better hold-ups prior to the begin of the second round. Just specific fans climbed over the fences, but were swiftly pressed back by the authorities, then the referee sent both groups right into the cabin because a great deal of fireworks were burned down in the Berlin block. The 2nd phase of the game had the ability to begin with a great deal of hold-up.

Viktoria and also Greifswald have not yet shown up

With just one experience, Saturday will be a little more quiet. Energie Cottbus, which still has room for renovation with only 4 factors, invites ZFC Meuselwitz at 1 p.m. Both did not win last. Cottbus apart goalless in Lichtenberg. For Meuselwitz there was a 1: 4 description in your home versus Erfurt.

Far, the first three game days for advertised Greifswald FC, relegated Viktoria Berlin and Chemie Leipzig have been anything but optimal. The trio can still be discovered in the lower area of the table. While the newcomers on Sunday and also GFC welcomes Lok Leipzig, Viktoria, the still unbeaten SV Babelsberg 03 – Nerneut, do not wait on any kind of very easy tasks, the drug stores with SV Lichtenberg have a supposedly solvable in front of their breast before their house backdrop.

CFC still without a goal

On Friday, the focus was on the leading game in between promoted Rot-Weiß Erfurt as well as Ligaprimus Berliner AK. Had more of the game ahead of time, this hit guaranteed upper water at the BAK, which currently took the campaign. After the set up success, the BAK is still without yielding a goal after 4 games as well as continues to be the frontrunner regardless of the more outcomes of the weekend break.

The BFC-Eimmer was not really completely satisfied with the master of the pre-season village with 3 points from four video games.

The CFC, on the other hand, won last week after tactical tricky fitness instructor Christian Tiffert, from Dreier-on four chain versus the BFC Eager beaver Um-das top game 1-0. Our challenger plays the very same system as we do. I didn’t intend to experience a hoe. It normally goes out. These are my experiences, discusses the ex-professional, the tactical change as well as adds: The modification can additionally go incorrect. It comes to be very various talked about this game.

The game day is settled by Germania Halberstadt and also the Chemnitz FC. Due to police standards, the game will just start in the Tranquility Arena on Monday. As in the past three video games, Andreas Petersen will certainly not sit on Halberstadt Financial institution as a result of health problem. When the 62-year-old can resume his task is entirely open. We are in consistent call, his health is a leading priority, stated Germania Head of state Erik Hartmann. This reinforces depictive Manuel Rost (33) in spite of the three beats of the opening: We can not encourage him this tight spot. There is no concern that he proceeds to have our trust.


As in the past 3 video games, Andreas Petersen will certainly not take a seat on Halberstadt Financial institution due to illness.

Guardian, to Epic! Destiny Guardians Epic Store join

Destiny Guardians join the Epic Games Store. You can also find the Destiny Guardians’ collaboration in Fortnite and Paul Guys.

On the 24th, Epic Games Korea announced that Destiny Guardians joined the Epic Games Store and began to purchase the Destiny Guardians’ new expansion pack ‘Fall of Light’. In addition, he said that when he downloaded Destiny Guardians from the Epic Games Store until 2 am on the 31st, it will provide ‘Destiny Guardians: 30th Anniversary Pack’ for free.

Destiny Guardians is considered to have established the Root Shooter genre, a strong shooting game that collects items with space opera games set in space. The player becomes a guardian who protects mankind and has an adventure surrounding transcendental ‘travelers’ and ‘darkness’. The new expansion pack, Fall of Light, was first unveiled on the 24th at Destiny Guardians Showcase held by Bungee.

Epic Games celebrates the joining of Destiny Guardians to collaborate with various games. First of all, Fortnite can meet items such as the new maps Jablin-4, Commander Jagala, Aikora Ray, and Exo Strainer Character Costume. Paul Guys also runs the Destiny Guardians collaboration, and the new content will come on September 18.

Meanwhile, Destiny Guardians also release Fortnite’s characters. This is the first time that a character in Fortnite appears in other games.


Park Sung-cheol, CEO of Epic Games Korea, said, I am happy to provide Destiny Guardians through the Epic Games Store. It is scheduled to be held in September and the Collaboration, which shows the Portnite version of the guardian and Jablin-4 map, can be enjoyed today, so please enjoy the Destiny Guardians with Epic.

For more information, please visit the Epic Games Store website.

Raise your hand, its a fashion police! Non -violent FPS FASHION POLICE SQUAD – Man with naked guns and Police Academy are also influenced by old police comedy films [Developer Interviews]

This project is an interview with the developer of the new indie game that you are interested in. This time, we will provide a mini-interlocked show to developers Fashion Police Squad developers released on August 15 for MOPEFUL GAMES development and PCs.

In this work, in order to crack down on the ugly fashion crimes that are occurring in fashionable city trend polis, criminals transform criminals into fashionable use of weapons like belts, sewing machines, jumps, climbing, and swings. Let me do it. At the time of writing, it is not compatible with Japanese.

FASHION POLICE SQUAD is being distributed for 2,050 yen.

— First, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

PATRICKMOPEFUL GAMES lead designer and co-owner PATRICK. He is 35 years old. Before the game development, he worked as a graphic designer and photographer. He realized that he could become a professional game developer, and he immediately chose the path. Game development is just a dream job for me, and I’m enjoying every moment!

This work is the first big title that I release on Steam, and is developed by three co-owners. Other than me, miika is a programmer and Konsta is in charge of environmental artists. My charge is project lead, art director, game designer, pixel artist, animation, UI design, and writing. I am in charge of a lot.

Some of my favorite games are The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild, Persona 5, Overwatch, XCOM 2, and Stardew Valley. I’m enjoying various genres!

When I have time, I go to the gym or do street dance called rock. This is also popular in Japan. My dance experience is also useful for the promotion of this work, and in this video, I also dance according to the soundtrack of the game.

――Why did this work developed?

PATRICK I was studying here for a master’s degree of game design at Ahlto University in Helsinki, Finnish. Among them, we had to plan a game for the game project class. So I came up with this work! When I made a prototype, many people liked it!

The project of this work was formed, formed a team, and developed for four months as a student project. Since then, we have been able to continue developing with spare time, and we can install support from public and complete.

I chose FPS because I was very familiar with this genre. Still, I wanted to do something different, so I came up with the concept of this work.

I wanted to make a game that would forget the worries of the players. It is a game where you can play happily, smile, and laugh. The game has always given me the opportunity to escape from real world concerns. I also wanted to make such a game.

―― Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

PATRICK This work is a non-violent FPS, no blood, and no one kills any1. We wanted to prove that we could make a fun and fun shooter without violence! Instead of killing, players solve fashion crimes. Use a paint ball shotgun or sewing machine to change your clothes to better clothes.

The core system is also interesting. You need to choose a weapon according to a different fashion crime. A suit that does not match the size cannot be fixed with a paint ball. You have to sew it. This changes how to use the head on the battlefield, and it is necessary to use all weapons properly. It’s a completely new feeling!

Many weapons are related to mobile systems and surrounding environments, for example, using a belt of Justice to stun enemies, solve fashion crimes, break boxes, open the door, and like a Spider-Man. You can swing. There are also other things that can be used to reduce clothing by shooting with hot hot water, and you can shoot the floor and slide!

In addition, this work is full of jokes and humor, which is also a point that can be differentiated from other games.

――What kind of person do you want this work to play?

PATRICK All shooters! The difficulty is prepared from easy to berry hard, so people of all levels can be enjoyed. Because it is a game made by FPS gamers, I will not be disappointed. In addition, it is a very stupid game, so even those who like humorous games will enjoy it! People who are casual gamers who want to try FPS are also welcome. Easy mode is very easy, and the theme of this work is bright and fun.

— Is there any work influenced by this work?

PATRICK This work is mainly influenced by old games, and many stories are scattered. It is particularly affected by FPS works, such as DOOM, Duke Nukem 3D, Unreal Tournament, Overwatch.

This work is also influenced by old police comedy films such as Man with naked guns and Police Academy. Le Paul’s Drag Race is one of the most influenced!

――Do you plan to support this work? Is volunteer translation possible?

PATRICK There are no plans to support Japanese at the moment. Currently, there are only 42 Japanese players. If it increases, of course, we will consider it!

Volunteer translation will be difficult. There are many jokes and language play in this work. Nevertheless, we have not completely refused to translate, so we may ask a localized company to deliver it to Japan.

If you have a good idea for more Japanese people to play, please let me know anytime! This work will be released on the console in the future. If you want to deliver this work or review it, please contact us by email!

――What had an impact on the development of the new Coronavirus?

At the end of the PATRICK student project, a new Corona has arrived. But fortunately, we were able to continue developing from home! We still have no office, so we continue to work from home. We are a small team, so it still works well!

During the new Corona, the development of this work has been busy with us in a good way. Development is so fun that you can relieve stress and anxiety.

――Is it okay to distribute or monetize this work?

PATRICK Yes, of course! If you can prove the channel, we will give you the key for free, so please contact us by email or Twitter!

-Finally, please give a message to Japanese readers.

PATRICK Thank you for reading this interview! We are a small team for newcomers, but we want to make many creative and fun games in the future. I hope we can prepare the next work development expenses for the sales of this work! At this time, this work has a 94%positive review. I am glad that many players have enjoyed it.

If you like this work, please buy it and tell your friends. very helpful!

–thank you very much.

10 games how of thieves you are looking for something similar

Let’s start this list by admitting one thing: there are not many games as of Rare Thieves. It is a unique experience, and there are some other titles that you can point out and say this is a game similar to be of thieves that you can play when you are boring. However, there are some aspects of their design that other games share, so we are here to highlight them. 10 games that we believe are as of thieves if you are looking for something similar.

Icaro weapons

So, let’s start with what could be said that it is the game closest to being of Thieves, and it is Guns of Icarus for PC (and soon also for PS4). In Guns of Icarus, you are in the clouds instead of the open sea, but the approach remains the PVP combat from boat to boat. Guns of Icarus is a game in which you can graduate after getting tired of Sea of Thieves, since it is much more complex and complicated. It is not surprising, since that is what Guns of Icarus is about: ship fighting.

Players can choose from many different types of ships, all with different sets of weapons, and will have a crew of human-controlled players who have specializations, such as gunner, engineer or pilot. Again, if you really enjoyed the ship fighting from Sea of Thieves (or you only have one PS4, it will arrive again!) And you want a step forward in complexity, Guns of Icarus is a solid option.

World of War Ships

Games how of Thieves

Another game that presents PVP from Barco to Barco, and is also another higher level in terms of complexity and difficulty, is World of Warships. World of Warships, like Guns of Icarus, has to do with the tactical combat from boat to boat. You will have to carefully measure long distance shots, sail your own ship away from enemy attacks and work together with other human teammates to end an enemy team that is so determined to end with you.

If you like the history of the twentieth century, the game presents many real battleships used both in World War I and in World War II, on both sides of each conflict.

However, World of Warships is currently only available for PC. So, if you are on consoles, unfortunately you are not lucky. However, on the positive side, it is free to start. Therefore, you can have an idea of whether the game is for you with very little risk before deciding if you want to invest money in it.


If all that you care is to be a pirate and you want more games in which you can be a pirate and do pirates, then Pirate101 is undoubtedly an option for you. However, discharge of complete responsibility: in terms of gameplay, Pirate101 does not resemble anything of thieves. It is a MMORPG from beginning to end. Missions, combat and classes follow a typical model of that genre. What is missing in the style playability of Sea of Thieves, compensates for it to be able to play RP as a pirate.

You will have access to everything you expect to have a pirate game. You can face and against others on your ship, and on land with weapons, and disguise yourself as the human/animal pirate that you imagine you are. And, of course, since it is a MMO, there are centers where you can relax and be your own pirate. Frr!

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Games how of Thieves

If you like to be a pirate in Sea of Thieves but you would like to have a deeper narrative and more varied objectives to face, then AC IV: Black Flag is an excellent option. Considered by many as one of the culminating points of the Assassin’s Creed series, players control Edward Kenway on their pirate trip to a member of an old order of murderers. Along the way, you will find legendary real-life pirates, such as Blackbeard and Calico Jack.

In Black Flag, you can command a ship, participate in naval fighting and, of course, since it is a game of Assassin’s Creed, mix it in a pirate combat sword to sword.

However, at the end of the day, this is a game of Assassin’s Creed, so if you don’t like them, pirate aesthetics is not enough to convince yourself. However, if you are open to this, it is possible that Black Flag satisfies his desire for more pirate games.


Games how of Thieves

It is possible that Valheim initially does not skip the page as a pirate experience, but although Vikingdom certainly has a different aesthetic to the Caribbean pirates in Sea of Thieves, technically they are still pirates!

In fact, that technicalism is not really the reason we have included Valheim here. On the other hand, it is because the excellent Sandbox gameplay of Valheim and the emerging gameplay, its incredibly authentic world supports, are very similar to be of Thieves. With full multiplayer support, if you choose a populated seed (world of the game) and play with friends, you will be involved in some of those same epic adventures, those in which often the best stories do not necessarily come from what to find in a search in a search, but what he found on the trip there.

If you like the maritime combat side more, do not be fooled by thinking that Valheim is a matter without exit to the sea. Actually, there are huge water extensions, and you can build all kinds of different Viking style ships to navigate with friends.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

Oh, here is another game with Viking theme! From Black Flag, Assassin’s Creed games have incorporated naval combat in one way or another, such was the popularity of that particular aspect of its design. Valhalla is the last of the series to do so, and does a very good job by recreating the emotion and violence of the looting of English castles and monasteries. Throughout Valhalla, you can navigate the English countryside using the many rivers and tributaries, but there is also open sea navigation in other areas of the game. This is not exactly a pirate simulator, but there are some elements that you will find really pleasant if you love it is of thieves.

Star citizen

Star Citizen, although it is still in development, seeks to emulate much of the adventure game freely and of its own creation that is presented in Sea of Thieves, but on a much more ambitious and great scale. As in games like Elite Dangerous, you will immerse yourself in our Galaxy of the Milky Way set in the 30th century and you can take your own path as a merchant, explorer or fighter.

Star Citizen, when everything is said and done, is scheduled to have first-person shooting elements along with the cooperative and competitive battles of ship to boat. These battles can be played on a large scale and it is allowed that hundreds of players go and leave the main battles. You can avoid that completely and try to simply be a humble/peaceful merchant, or try to take advantage of the exploration of the galaxy and draw new paths so that people move.

The emphasis on allowing players to choose how they want to play makes this a game that Sea de Thieves could want to investigate. Although you are still in Alfa, you can buy your early access. If you prefer not to play an unfinished product, take a look at Elite Dangerous, a game with similar vibrations.

The Zelda Legend: Wind Waker

If all you want is a great game that covers open sea exploration with some RPG elements, then don’t look beyond the classic Gamecube title, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Immerse yourself in the world of Toon Link (then controversial, now loved, partly thanks to Smash) while doing what Link should do: solve dungeons of dungeons and save the princess.

However, different from Wind Waker is the focus on navigating on the high seas. You will have to work with the wind to correctly explore The Great Sea and everything you have to offer, since most places, secrets and treasures of the game are distributed by several islands in The Great Sea.

Again, like many of the games on this list, Wind Waker is not the living image of Sea of Thieves. This is more evident in its colorful cartoon style, which is quite different from the realistic hybrid aspect of very distinctive cartoon of Sea of Thieves. But it is still a great game of all time, which has an appreciation of the sea. And that for some, it could be enough.

The Dark Zone of the Division

Here is a surprise entry for you. When you landed here you probably didn’t expect to find The Division in a list of games as it is of Thieves, right? Well, you are not entirely wrong. A third-person shooting game that takes place in a posterior version of the Pandemia in New York City, where everyone wants to kill you, certainly does not look anything like a pirate game in the first person in which you are disregarding buried treasures and cutting skeletons.

However, there is a part of The Division that is actually muy similar to being of thieves: the dark z1. If you love the open and open world nature of Sea of Thieves, the dark zone in The Division has a lot of that same intensity. As in Sea of Thieves, it is up to you to determine who is a friend and who is an enemy while you are in the dark z1. You could form an alliance with someone to get a new booty, but that person could also decide to turn against you at a given time for no reason if you want, and vice versa. You could be the one who becomes rebellious and forge a reputation of someone worthy of being feared.

While we would certainly not recommend to someone to look for more pirate games to play the division, if you just want that wild west, who can you trust, an open PVP experience, The Division offers that.

King of the seas

If you specifically search for a game of pirates with Caribbean themes with a boat to ship, then King of Seas will be yours. It is an ARPG played from an isometric perspective that sees it navigate a quite nautical open world, undertake missions, customize its ship and exchange goods looted to level up towards the ultimate goal of becoming a legendary pirate. Do not expect the same ultraeconomic design that is seen in it of Thieves, but if you are a fan of pirates, this is really fun to enjoy.

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Games Current Podcast 729: Podcast

For a long time there was discuss adjustments in the podcasts of our author. Once more and also again we have likewise made podcast hints in the Games. Currently it finally begins. Host Matthias has welcomed Chris and Maci to clarify to you thoroughly what will change around our podcast offer in the future. When it starts as well as what these modifications mean for you dear listeners. Of program we additionally have current pc gaming topics with us. If the Chris already pays us a see, we naturally let him over the freeway police simulator. This job of German software program art cost him some nerves and also laughing muscles during the test, merely because it is so abysmally bad. We chat about the new announcements that ThQ Nordic offered as part of its pre-Gamescom program instance. Among various other things, this includes a new version of Alone in the Dark. As always, the entire point is settled with your great area payments.

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00: 25:50 Autobahn authorities simulator 3
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Domestic console game starts.

[mobile game Park Ye-jin reporter] game companies are turning their eyes to console games in a saturated mobile game. It is noteworthy that it will be able to catch the attention of gamers who are accustomed to overseas console masterpieces by moving to large game companies with capital and development.

According to the game industry on the 15th, large game companies such as Nexon, Netmarble and NCsoft are developing console games in succession.

Craft Tone plans to launch the Calisto Protocol, which is produced at the end of the striking Distance Studio, with AAA-class goals. Calisto Protocol is a survival horror game that contains the job of Jupiter’s satellite Calisto in 2320, and plans to release relevant information at ‘Gamescom’ in Germany in August.

NCsoft is preparing a large multi-scale multi-speed role-playing game (MMORPG) ‘Throne & River (TL)’ and Interactive Movie ‘Project M’. MMORPG, the strength of NCsoft, is trying to attempt a new genre suitable for the platform.

Netmarble is going to pioneer the console with ‘Overflime’, ‘Seven Criminal Origin’ and ‘Taming Monster 2’. Netmarble, which has secured mobile games in most lineups, predicted several kinds of console works. Netmarble’s release on the console platform is the only ‘Seven Knights Times Derer’, which utilizes its intellectual property in 2020.

Nexon also predicted prolific by releasing ‘Cartrider: Drift’, ‘Arc Raders’, ‘First Desendent (Project Magnum)’ and ‘Project HP’ as a console multi-platform.

Pearl Abyss is also scheduled to be the next film ‘Red Desert’ and ‘Devils’ as a console. In particular, the goblin has emerged as a topic as the video was released last year.

◆ ‘Console’, a breakthrough found by slowing the mobile game market. Domestic steep growth

The reason why the game company pays attention to the console is that the slowdown in the mobile game market, which is currently observed, has influenced it.

According to Chung Ho-yun, Korea Investment & Securities Research Institute and Sensor Tower, the domestic mobile market growth rate has grown rapidly to 20-30%since the fan Demick, but has slowed down since the second half of last year. Chung analyzed that it was very similar to the PC game market, which peaked in 2012, peaking in 2012.

As of 2020, console games accounted for 5.8%in the domestic game market, with mobile games at 57.4%, and PC games accounted for 26%. This is why the console market is noted as a breakthrough despite its lower share of other platforms.

Growth is also steep. According to the Korea Content Agency’s ‘2021 Korea Game White Paper’, the domestic console game market has surpassed 1 trillion won in 2020, with a sharp growth rate of 30-60%over the last five years. The domestic console game market sales grew significantly from 373.4 billion won in 2017 to W528.5bn in 2018, 694.6 billion won in 2019, and 1.92 trillion won in 2020.

The number of users can also increase as the barrier to entry for console games is relieved. In particular, console devices such as ‘PlayStation 5’ and ‘Xbox Series X’, which have been shortened due to lack of parts since the fan-decrics, are realized in the future, resulting in a higher penetration rate, and game subscription services that Sony and Microsoft have recently entered the competition between companies. The console market can be further expanded if the service and quality are improved and successfully settled.

However, due to the nature of the console market, it is unknown whether the criteria of gamers who are used to the ‘AAA’ masterpiece will be satisfied. In particular, console gamers have experience in large-scale open world masterpieces such as the Elden Ring and the Breath of the Legend of Zelda. The console game has the task of focusing on gameplay rather than relying on the existing mobile game billing model, as the ‘package’ sales are the basic model.

Tour de France 2022 test

A planning that never ever derails

It is one of these countless annual sports games that never miss the exercise, like a FIFA, a Madden or an MLB The Show for certificate games, yet whose public is most likely much more restricted That the last: Tour de France 2022 is there to satisfy enthusiasts as well as like the others, he tries as he can attract neophytes. Educating mode to redo and also do to familiarize on your own with commands, streamlined gameplay at finest, numerous ease of access alternatives and multiplicity of game modes: Cyanide releases the huge game to bring the most current birthday celebration to life and separate it from its precursors.

The proposal is clear, as well as the game is based on its lots of enrollers and also collaborations with the Scenic tour groups to attract the fan. As typically in permit games, occasionally some will miss out on the call or will certainly have names that look like (cuckoo alaphilix the Gauls-i goes for him we have actually not been sweated hmm…) but the huge mass is Well there to fill aficionados.

It’s summer: we rip off the yellow jacket in between asphalt warriors

As said in the past, the game is not stingy in game modes. And like the various other sporting activities video games pointed out over, there are classics discovered almost everywhere: in addition to simple races as well as training, we can manage a team (Pro Group style), the job of a particular runner (Pro Leader mode) or even participate in online once a week races as well as occasions, since yes it is one of the novelties of this model: challenges to be played in between players from the area with an on-line position.

Unlike one of the jerseys, whatever is not glowing. Examined on PlayStation 5 , the game is certainly fluid yet it is awful, tasteless as well as it is the banquet of the duplicates. All joggers are alike on the starting line along with on the platform, as well as I acknowledge that it is absolutely easier as well as optimized for the game engine to take care of dozens of similar joggers, but also the design has no care Particular otherwise some unusual considerate light effects. The interface is not really sexy and also on the songs and also sound effects on the noise, you need to not expect fantastic phenomenon either. It’s just a couple of bike races, not a program by Jean-Michel Jarre, it’s real. The comments are redundant at the same time in the race, in the target market of the decor (fairly practical with the agonizing individuals who can be found in the center of the road to hey there, the good news is they clear when we go for them) or in the interface of team administration. Absolutely nothing in the game does Next-Gen as well as it completely smells of bis game which just adds a few points to a game that holds the pavement (Ho Ho) without taking dangers.

and it’s the autumn, the peloton nerves

It’s all good all that, yet frankly, if you are not a fan of the Tour de France or perhaps by bicycle, what to withdraw from the game? It is plainly a specific niche game, to be reserved solely for an informed target market: unlike a football or baseball game where you can quickly chain a few short parts, we are dealing here with an auto racing game biking. If we do not have a particular affection for this sport, the observation is simple: we are tired. We also question why we play it. So, we make a fast bear down his race by getting on his mustache and end up the stage. It was passionate? Well no, not way too much. The various other modes are of the same caliber and managing a group or a jogger will not have the exact same intensity as on a committed game like PCMs.

It is plainly a particular niche game, to be booked exclusively for an educated target market: unlike a football or baseball game where you can promptly chain a couple of short components, we are dealing below with an auto racing game cycling.

For the others that are in love with the bicycle, we just have to answer questions: do we already have a previous variation of the game? If so, are the new game modes adequate to warrant the acquisition of the new title?

It is one of these countless annual sports games that never miss out on the workout, like a FIFA, a Madden or an MLB The Show for certificate games, however whose public is most likely more restricted That the latter: Tour de France 2022 is there to please fanatics as well as like the others, he tries as he can attract newcomers. Educating mode to do and redo to familiarize yourself with commands, streamlined gameplay at finest, many access alternatives and multiplicity of game modes: Cyanide launches the big game to bring the newest birthday to life and also differentiate it from its predecessors. As said previously, the game is not thrifty in game modes. Absolutely nothing in the game does Next-Gen and it completely scents of bis game which only adds a couple of things to a game that holds the pavement (Ho Ho) without taking threats.

_ Test made by Bardiel Wyld on PlayStation 5 from a variation supplied by the editor. _.

Gaming Current Podcast 723: irreversible burner, broken work of arts and also Kojimas The Boys

Subjects of the GA Podcast episode 723:.
00: 00: 00 introduction and also greeting + Tiny Tina’s Paradise.
00: 06: 10-hideo kojima meets the young boys- um what is it feasible?
00: 14: 48- The Day Prior to developer Fntastic locates: Overdue workers Sau Cool!.
00: 28:00: 00 buddies in video game type: What games do we play over and also over once again?
00: 45: 55 commemorated video games that we have not ended-and why?
01: 05: 18-community contributions.
01: 14: 10 home recommendations & farewell.

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Today’s episode of the Game Current Podcast exists to you by Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the fantastic Borderland branch! The video game is currently likewise offered from Stream for PC as well as is available at Heavy steam Summer season Sale at a bargain price. You can discover out even more details regarding the game at Podcast/ podcast-tinytina.

Our big subject, on the various other hand, is the long-term motivation of video clip games that are eternal friends in daily life. Some of them are endless, such as Minecraft, FIFA or Stardew Valley, others, on the various other hand, merely have an extremely special appeal that always influences once more and once again. It is additionally concerning typically categorized video games classified as work of arts that have licked us cold.

Today’s episode of the Video game Current Podcast is provided to you by Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, the dazzling Borderland branch! You can currently adhere to the Gamings Podcast on Facebook! Below you obtain all the information concerning the podcast and the games. You can additionally trade ideas with Podcast host Matthias. You can subscribe to the podcast by means of a system or application of your selection conveniently as well as quickly:

In addition, the questionable attitude of the Singapore designer Fntastic in relationship to unsettled employees is gone over. The designers of the long-awaited title The Day Prior to even got through to comment-that adjustments something, and, a lot extra crucial, what do we believe concerning it?

Here you get all the information about the podcast as well as the games. You can likewise exchange concepts with Podcast host Matthias.
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Fishing RPG Fishing Paradise -The fun to deepen friends with 24 friends in total [Developer interview]

This project is an interview with the developer of the new indie game that you are interested in. This time, we will deliver a mini-interlocked show to developers’ fishing RPG Fishing Paradise developers released on June 2 for ODENCAT development and switch/PC/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android.

This work is a fishing RPG where you can spend a relaxing time in the tropical country. Explore fascinating locations and aim for a fishing master while getting along with unique characters. Because the developer is Japanese, of course, it is also compatible with Japanese.

Fishing Paradise is being distributed for 1,500 yen (Steam). (Mobile version is free play)

— First, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

My name is DAIGO, President and CEO of DAIGOODENCAT Co., Ltd. There are no employees in the company, so there is no big difference from individual developers. He loved making games for a long time, and he has been a major game company like Square Enix. I have been developing indie games a few years ago since I became independent.

There are no favorite games, but there are many games I like. What I came up with now was Romancing Saga 3. In addition, Genso Suikoden 2, Chrono Trigger… There are many Japanese RPGs! A good game for you may be a memorable game. Of course, I love playing games with friends like Mario Kart, but when I say what my favorite games are, I think it’s RPG.

――Why did this work developed?

I was developing a work called DAIGO’s Kuma-no-Restaurant, but the development of this work has begun as a spin-off because of business speculation and the desire to expand the world view of Kuma no Restaurant.

There is a fishing mini game in Kuma-no-Restaurant, but what if the mini-game was finished into a single game? I like fishing mini games that are common in Japanese RPGs, and it is an idea that it would be interesting to extract it and use RPG. Speaking of fishing RPG, the game content is slightly different from this work, but the Nushi fishing series has been well received in the past. One of the reasons we started developing was that we focused on it and thought that there was a hidden demand.

There was a time when I actually went to Hawaii for about a month and developed this work to feel tropical. I hope you can feel the fun mood at that time.

―― Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

DAIGO This work is basically a game that makes fishing and progresses the story. In addition to simple fishing game play, decorating the base in the interior that can be obtained during the fishing process, filling in fish picture books, powering up fishing rods, and cooking a bear at a bear restaurant. You can shake it.

The biggest attraction is a variety of characters. I am looking forward to getting along with 24 friends in total and raising my friend level. There is a considerable volume of the main story, but there are three side episodes with friends, each with a total of 72, so it was difficult to make it. I was developing in sharing with Hirose, the scenario, and I was in charge of some episodes of characters related to Kuma’s restaurants (such as Kuma’s birthday episodes).

A lot of characters appear from Kuma’s Restaurant, so there are many nice surprises for those who have played. Conversely, if you play this work and play Kuma’s Restaurant, you will feel deeper in the work.

XION’s BGM used in this work is a relaxing BGM that is ideal for work that does not decrease even after listening for a long time. He sometimes works while listening to soundtracks (laughs). Is there any other game where Bossa Nova is the main BGM?

――What kind of person do you want this work to play?

DAIGO I think this work is suitable for those who like daily life such as STARDEW VALLEY and Ranch Story, and those who want to relax and relax without stress. I think that the sense of accomplishment when clearing is great because the volume of the story is large.

Although it is a fishing game, I do not need any knowledge of fishing, so if you like the visuals but do not know about fishing, please play with confidence.

I don’t know if heaven actually exists, but I enjoyed developing while imagining what heaven is. I would be glad if you play the game to give you a positive emotion.

— Is there any work influenced by this work?

Speaking of RPG, which has a mini-game for DAIGO fishing, it is a Breath of Fire series for me, so it is still strong. I especially liked the fishing system of Breath of Fire IV IV. I thought that the fishing system of this work could be so complicated, but it was the current balance with emphasis on being able to play comfortably.

At the time of development, I was playing Stardew Valley, and I got hints from there. I looked at the Internet information to see what kind of fish should appear. In Stardew Valley, I wanted to refer to the gender of the main character, so I wanted to refer to it, but the implementation cost is high, and this work takes a way to draw the hero as a character with unknown gender. I had a strong feeling that I wanted you to enjoy it regardless of gender.

In the Friend System, the biggest attraction of this work, it is greatly influenced by the Fire Emblem and Persona series. As you raise your friend level, you can see a special episode, and when you make it MAX, you can see a particularly powerful episode.

According to Hirose in charge of the scenario, the theme of the entire story is strongly influenced by the character of the game Beal Falace, a certain line of Eve. It is a pity that it cannot be introduced directly because it becomes spoiler.

――What had an impact on the development of the new Coronavirus?

DAIGO Originally, I was interacting with the team on Discord with remote work, so it had no particular effect. However, at the time of the transplant version development, I wanted to go to an everlasting summer island under the corona, so I might have hit it on the game. Why don’t you play this work and enjoy the tropical mood? Oh, I want to go to Hawaii…

――Is it okay to distribute or monetize this work?

DAIGO is okay! There is a distribution guideline on the website, so please see there. There are no restrictions on the scope of the live commentary. I hope you can convey the charm of the work as much as you want. By all means, I would be very happy if the person who saw the distribution would be interested in this work and would like to be able to purchase it if possible.

-Finally, please give a message to the reader.

DAIGO Thank you for reading this article so far. If you are interested in this work a little, there is a free demo version on Steam, and there is also a mobile version that you can play with advertisements, so please take a look.

ODENCAT will continue to make a memorable high-quality dot picture game in the future, so thank you. The next work is Meg and Big. Please check it out because it is already available on Steam!

–thank you very much.

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