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The aim of the academy is to award projects that are targeted at children and young people as well as effectively utilize football as a way of educational work. Along with the technology and an excitement, which goes far beyond sporting activity, the emphasis is especially on sustainability: At the same time, the honor desires to motivate to proceed by doing this, which is why the sustainability of the tasks is an essential criterion

It is chosen the honor of the learning method rate, for which projects can use until August 31, by a jury of the academy. The award to the successor of the last honor victor, the IVF Leipzig, will certainly occur on October 28 as part of German football culture prices.

As necessary, it is regulated accordingly: The award of the funding of 5000 euros is tied to a continuation of the job, states the tender of the German Academy for Football Society. The award can additionally be made, if the job managers or the task companies guarantee that the experiences and knowledge of the prize-winning task in a follow-up task should be properly made use of.

sustainability as a main requirement.

The fairy tale of humility is counted

What was not everything tells at the beginning of the pandemic? Of solidarity, community of abandonment. The numbers, which has now published the association of the 36 clubs from Bundesliga and 2. League in Germany, the German Football League DFL, now give rise to the question of credibility. Because German Beletage paid their professionals in the 2020/21 seasonal season 2020/21 on record level. Despite a massive decline in sales by 546 million euros since the last pre-pandemic season 2018/19, personnel expenses played playing in the same period increased by 135.7 million euros. 1.57 billion euros handed over the PROFIs 2020/21. 120.6 million euros more than 2019/20!

More about the topic: Despite pandemic – salary costs of the Bundesliga

That the piece for players and consultants became greater, as long as the cake grew overall, it is comprehensible. But that professionals and brokers could further increase their share of a strongly-tilted cake is absurd. How credible was the narratives of salary, as Corona paralyzed the game operation? With the knowledge of today you have to say: that was obviously a marketing instrument, a beautiful story for the public. Not more. The fairy tale of humility is counted!

Bundesliga Transfer Song - Powered By 442oons

At least for the Bundesliga. In the 2nd league, the game readers fell very well, from 261.8 to 219 million euros. This confirms the trend in pan-European football: the scissors between the super-rich and the “normal” club continues to grow, the competition is increasingly cemented. And the football? Do not have to puzzle about poor image values as long as he propagates PR stitches like the publicity-related content of the alleged salary.

DFL intensifies fight against anti-Semitism

Rising anti-Semitism in Europe blamed on lockdowns

The German Football League (DFL), the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and the Central Council of the Jews in Germany cooperate for the first time in the fight against anti-Semitism inside and outside the Football League. Under the title “anti-Semitism and professional football: challenges, opportunities, network” will take place on 30 March 2022 a joint event in Dortmund. At the Toxic Day, representatives of the professional clubs, the Jewish organizations and communities as well as other experts participate. Among other things, Mahmut Özdemir (Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Minister of the Interior and Home), Hans-Joachim Watzke (DFL Supervisory Board Boss), Josef Schuster (President of the Central Council of the Jews in Germany), Maram Star (WJC Vice President) and Felix Klein (Commissioner of the Federal Government for Jewish Life in Germany and the fight against anti-Semitism) on site.

Ukraine War: DFL donates and fights against Russian propaganda

The German Football League (DFL) donates a million euros for the people in the Ukraine shattered by the war and simultaneously tries a blow to the propaganda of Russian Staatsmedien. The DPL Bureau has taken a decision on Thursday.

In the donation, all revenue flows, which are still provided by the contract with the Russian media company Match TV in the current season – and from which the DFL should not benefit “in the current situation”. At the same time, an extraordinary termination of the Treaty is first dispensed with, so that the “anti-war calls and peace blinds from the German stadiums continue to reach the Russian population”.

The prerequisite for this is that Match TV sends on the next matchday and beyond the basic signal provided by the DFL – including Ukraine-related messages of league, players, clubs and fans.

The DFL “will check the broadcast of the Bundesliga transfers carefully in this regard”. If the “TV base signal is repeatedly censored, this would result in extraordinary termination of the DFL”.

In the event that no license payments are more from Russia, the donation is completely worn by the DFL. The sum is provided by aid organizations.

The DFL had convicted the Russian attack on the harshest – and recommended a commemorative minute at the games of the Bundesliga and the 2nd league last weekend. Clubs and players have also performed numerous actions, more are planned for the weekend.

With regard to the coming matchday, the DFL will reflect the Logo of the Bundesliga and the 2nd league as a sign of solidarity in the national colors of Ukraine in the international base signal as well as on its own digital platforms. The national media partners were also sent appropriate graphic elements for use.

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1860 Munich vs. Türkkkücü newly attached

1860 Munich surprises S04 | 1860 München vs. Schalke 04 1-0 | Highlights | DFB-Pokal 2. Round

The German Football Association (DFB) has redirected the two coronabed fancy games of 1860 Munich in the 3rd league. The city duel at TurkGücü Munich takes place on 16 February. Almost two weeks later (March 1), the lot follows against the 1st FC Kaiserslautern for the lions. In addition, two games of Viktoria Berlin were released. The batch originally planned for this Saturday against FSV Zwickau will now be held on 16 March. Exactly two weeks earlier, the captains bring their game to Halleschen FC. Freak is at 19:00 each.

FC Bayern: Oliver Kahn finds playoff

Oliver Kahn from FC Bayern is open to possible master playoffs in the football Bundesliga open-minded.

“I find it exciting to think about new models like playoffs for the Bundesliga,” said the boss of the German football record champion from Munich the “Kicker”.

“A mode in the Bundesliga with semi-finals and finals would mean tension for the fans. So it makes sense to play a thought. We at FC Bayern are always open for new ideas,” said the 52-year-old.

The new DFL boss Donata Hops had brought playoffs into conversation. “The league would of course be more attractive if they had more competition at the top,” the 45-year-old had said in an interview of the “image on Sunday” with a view of the potentially tenth title of FC Bayern Munich in series. “When playoffs help us, then we talk about playoffs. But we must not forget that Bayern have made a super job in recent years.”

Young Shevchenko shocks Bayern Munich / Dinamo Kiev 3-3 Bayern Munich 1999

Majority rejects playoffs

After a “kicker” survey within the Bundesliga, playoffs are rejected by a majority. Among them are also club representatives such as Rudi Völler of Bayer Leverkusen, Markus Krösche of Eintracht Frankfurt or Dirk Zingler von Union Berlin, was in the report.

The DFL answered a “kicker” request like this: “There is known in the league in various places different ideas with a view of the game mode, but currently far from a decision and only quite a implementation.”

Such a profound decision must precede an intensive and structured dialogue with the clubs and the relevant league committees under consideration of all arguments. This discussion process with an open exit will carefully prepare the DFL and lead together with the clubs in the coming months.

After incidents against FC Schalke 04: Fine for Dynamo Dresden

Dynamo Dresden fans vs 5 Schalke stewards fight hooligans riots
Second division Dynamo Dresden has to pay 60,000 euros because of an ununsportsman behaviorsman’s behavior of his followers. This was announced by the German Football Confederation after the judgment of his unsportsman behaviors court. During the game at Schalke 04 on October 23, Dynamo fans folded folders. One of the folders broke unconscious after the block. After the initial supply he was brought to the hospital where he was treated in place for a few days. Another folder carried several fingers away from it. Further folders suffered bruises and a shock.

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