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Update: Gran Turismo 7: Saver updates should tune the fans merciful

The developers respond to the criticism and announce updates for Gran Turismo 7 that are to smooth things over.

Update on 03/25/2022: It was only a matter of time before Polyphony Digital to the fierce criticism of Gran Turismo 7, which have caused 1:07 and 1:08 the patches expresses. On the PlayStation Blog now president and series creator Kazunori Yamauchi has spoken out and apologized for the “frustration and confusion”, “last week were caused with our updates that are not only of a server failure, but also to adapt to the in -game-economy resulted that were made without an explanation for our community. “

According to Yamauchi one wanted to resolve with the changes to the prize money, “a problem with inconsistent reward payouts within a part of the world-distance events.” The reward system had to be recalculated as a whole to restore the balance that they had intended. As compensation for the trouble gets every player who signs up to 25 April in Gran Turismo 7, donated one million credits.

In addition, Yamauchi has announced an update to the beginning of April, increased with the Polyphony among others, the premiums for events in the second half of the campaign by an average of 100 percent. In addition, you shall then receive increased rewards for completing the route experiential events and online races. On top of the missions are added eight new endurance race, also with higher prize money. may further you will continue to be held 100 million instead of 20 million credits on your account, which you have not bought it for real money, and the offering at the dealership for used cars and legendary cars will be expanded so that they always provide more vehicles than it is currently the case.

By the end of April Yamauchi more updates, new cars and promises routes layouts will deliver. In addition is planned for the near future, more world-distance events and endurance races (including 24-hour race), online time trial and the option to sell cars to incorporate in Gran Turismo. 7 But he could not give specific dates for this.

Nothing But Thieves - Life's Coming in Slow (from GRAN TURISMO 7 - Lyric Video)
Original release dated 03/21/2022: 2.0 – this is not the version number of the latest update for Gran Turismo 7 (since we are currently at 1:08) but its current average rating on Metacritic, with regard to the notes of users. Of the more than 5,000 reviews almost 4,500 are negative. It so happens that the racing game is presently the third worst rated PlayStation-5 game on the platform. As I said, it’s are exclusively the users votes. The Metascore, which feeds on the contracts awarded by critics marks is a 87th

But what happens is that the players go so hard on Gran Turismo 7 into judgment? While we have our criticisms, but keep it still for a very good racing game, which we have accordingly given a good score in the test. Well, firstly let me tell you, developers Polyphony Digital that in recent days has neatly into hot water. It was not until they released the update 1:07 and thus reduced the prize money, which you get for winning some career events. This was discovered by the fans not great and let their anger on Reddit run wild.

As a result of updating another problem then was added: Gran Turismo 7 was no longer playable for the most part. There were problems with the server, so you could gamble offline the title only. Now Gran Turismo has 7 but stupid as an online compulsion. The entire single player career does not work if the game is not connected to the Internet. Only arcade racing on a limited range of distances and at just 13 different cars are possible. According to The Verge, this condition lasted longer than 30 hours at published by Polyphony Digital Update 1:08 and the server then went back online.

Now there was before this story negative user reviews on Gran Turismo 7 on Metacritic, where the game among other micro-transactions and the high Grind factor be chalked. The latter has become more extreme with the two most recent updates, because you now just win less credits significantly in some races can than before.

With the release of Patch 1.07 and the subsequent offline phase, however, the negative ratings have increased sharply, so that in the PS5 ranking only still GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition and Madden NFL 22 have a worse total value rating as Gran Turismo 7. Babylon’s case and Battlefield 2042 have a slightly higher score – and that are really no good games. That should give polyphony to think. However, if the Japanese abolish the online compulsion, because of Single and Multiplayer sharing a progression system and would like to accommodate a cheating here. The option to buy cars with real money will certainly not disappear. The best thing that could and should now make the responsible persons as soon as possible and should, would be to raise the prize money of career events back to the level before patch 1.07.

OURPE: Polyphony Digital / Metacritic / Reddit / The Verge

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play-Podcast #282: Nobody cares!!!

In issue 282, the team of the play podcast is finally complete again. Katha pushes again to Sascha and Chris and reports – who would have thought that only? – of course from their first hours in Elden Ring. Our from-software expert is not yet so far, but already excited. Sascha played in the new extension of Destiny named Witch Queen and is also right. Chris swarms extensively from the freshly published Gran Turismo 7. The PlayStation exclusive racing game of Polyphony Digital has quite enthusiastic our redefire pompousness, so the title also takes the greatest place in the podcast. With so many good games, however, there must be something like that. After all, we are the play podcast and not the purple mood louber. Then Grid Legends are just right. The game of Codemasters is such a disappointment that Chris can get upset again. This also applies to the new Texas Chainsaw-Massacre movie on Netflix, which both Chris and Sascha find really shit. And find apropos shit: Katha is so annoyed by a Chris-Anekdote so that it caused the title of this episode. But do not worry, we all love each other. Even you. So, at least some of you.

Here you will find our Spotify Playlist: Debil & Thirsty (Play Podcast)

The new episode listen directly here!

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_ The topics of issue 282: _
00:00:00 – Intro, Welcome, Sanding
00:03:29 – Movies, Series, GNTM
00:31:38 – Elden Ring
00:45:38 – Destiny 2: Witch Queen
00:58:03 – Grid Legends & Gran Turismo 7
01:24:39 – Community

The next edition of the play podcast will be published on 21 March 2022.

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