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FC Barcelona Reinvigorated By Robert Lewandowskis Return: Sees Victory Over Betis Sevilla 2-1


fc barcelona is still not to be stopped in the brand-new year.
When the persistent Robert lewandowski went back to the beginning eleven, the top Spanish club also won 2-1 (0-0) in the league game at Bets Seville on Wednesday evening.
The Catalans have actually won all nine competitive games in La Liga, Copa del Rey and the Spanish Super cup because the turn of the year.
Lewandowski added again after his three-game lock, stayed pale for a long time and still struck the last score (80th) after a corner.
Refined (65th) had formerly started Barça 16th league victory in the 19th video game.
The German nationwide goalkeeper Marc-André TER Steven was rarely examined, Jules Found looked after the goal with an own goal (85th).
Leaders Barcelona expanded his lead with it, eight points are now on Real Madrid.

The arch competitor can reduce in the home game against FC Valencia on Thursday (9 p.m.).

Series A publishes brand-new schedule

Safeguarding champ air conditioning Milan starts with a home game in the new season of the Italian series A.
Milan meets Udinese Calcio on the very first matchday (August 13/14).
This emerges from the routine published on Friday.
Record champion Juventus Turin anticipates Sassuolo Calcio, runner-up in Inter Milan at the beginning with advertised us Lecce.

The master gets on the last matchday on 3rd/4th at the most up to date.
June Fest.

After the World Cup in Qatar (November 21 to December 18), it continues January fourth.

Sebastian Hoeneß: We want under the top six

Long caught Hoeneß to pronounce that, which has long been clear and always referred to the season finale. Now the TSG coach has clearly named the Hoffenheim seasonal goal before the 30th matchday. “We are among the top six, which would have signed everyone before the season. We want to stay there too,” said the 39-year-old, “that would mean that we play internationally next year. And then we have, depending on what It is in the end, played a very good season. But it is important to get everything out in the last five games and bring the power to the place. “

It would be time, after all, his team has given a significantly better position after three pointless games. And that’s why the psychological situation has changed. Of course, every ranked six would have been thanked in the ranks of last year’s terms of this. And at least this placement on the 30th matchday perceived as a great starting position with high winning opportunities. After this season and the most recent downtrend but the Kraichgauer seem to run more danger, even more to lose and lose. Finally, the TSG was in the meantime ranked three rank and was promising at Champions League course.

Now the clear march route is to scratch, to bite and march.

Sebastian Hoeneß

Therefore, on Sunday in the home game against the bottom of the table from Fürth, no Vertun. “We have the claim to win against Fürth at home and a bit also the duty of the last games for the goals we have,” says Hoeneß, without wanting to devalue the opponent, “for us it is mandatory To get these three points, but this has nothing to do with Fürth. ” Even the tail light “may not be underestimated if you look at your games against Gladbach, Frankfurt or Freiburg,” says Hoeneß and now calls full concentration of his players: “We need to bring the right mood and attitude to the place from the first second on. And then strengths or weaknesses of Fürth may not play a role for us. We now have to go through our thing and – no matter how – bring these three points to put a start point again. Now the clear march route, to scratch, to bite And to march and play the football, which we imagine. “

“Currently we are not good advice to look upwards.”

wholesome moments involving sebastian aho

Only in this way can the stubborn pursuers be kept in the bridle or disclosed again. “Two teams are right now in the neck, but there are still 15 points to awarded, so you can continue to pull the tracker field further, as well,” White Hoeneß. In addition to Union Berlin and Cologne, Frankfurt and Mainz are also in a stroke distance, even Gladbach loses – assuming a home win in the final home game against Hoffenheim – only four meters behind the TSG. “What we can in the hand and what we can currently check is place 6th place is the next Freiburg four points away, there we are dependent on that they are pussy, of course we still play against them”, Hoeneß’s hope through, “but we are currently not well advised to look upwards. I want to stay in the upper third, that’s appealing and exciting. We will have to win to stay there.” And not only this Sunday at 5.30 pm.

Prussians receive RW Ahlen before up to 7,500 Prussia fans

According to plan, the start to the new year is not lost – at least in the stranger. The two away games in Lotte and Rödinghausen had to be canceled short-handed, as it is difficult to get into a rhythm. At the same time, the first English weeks again. To collect game practice, the Eaglegärt tested at the beginning of the week against the Dutch second division DE Graafschap and convinced the 3-0 success on a whole line. Now the focus of the SC Prussia is aimed again on the league and tomorrow’s home game against RW Ahlen. “We look forward to the game and our fans in the stadium,” said Trainer Sascha Hildmann on Friday at the press conference. For the eagle carrier, it will, after the home win against Wegberg-Beeck, the second mandatory game in this still young year.

The Prussenstadion will be full again

26 05 2018 Arrange fight ZWH Zwolle, Holland ???????? + RW Ahlen Germany ???????? vs Preußen Münster + Boch

Up to 7,500 spectators are allowed to go to the Prussia Stadium tomorrow, and will provide more lives on Hammer Straße. The last game before a similar scene took place at the end of November against the SC Wiedenbrück (4,793), then prevailed against Gladbach II (2,873) and most recently against Wegberg-Beeck (750) stronger spectator restrictions. Tomorrow will change again, just under 5,000 fans are expected, up to 7,500 are allowed. “And we are really looking forward to that,” says Hildmann, who says with a view to the game, “We want to go through our game and preserve a clear head. From the hustle and bustle, the ahlen brings in the square, we do not want to get infect and with our means, even if it is playfully on a perhaps difficult place not easy to come to opportunities and goals. “

The coach must meet the first difficult decisions before kick-off. Simon Sherder is still in isolation and lacks forcibly, otherwise are up to the injured Dennis Daube and Manfred Kwadwo but all on board. Also Jules Schwadorf, who, during the week, in addition to the game in the Netherlands, also collected in the test match of the U23 against the sports fans Lotte together with Marko Dedovic, Luke Hemmerich and Jan Dahlke another few minutes. “This is a beautiful situation for us as a coaching team. But there will be hard decisions again, which I explain the guys completely open, “said the coach. A good chance of a square in the squad also have the two new arrivals Thomas Kok and Darius Ghindovean, who have left a good impression on Monday and training in the test match. “It would be too early for the starting eleven, but both have put into the team very well and are other alternatives for us. And on track you will get your times too, I can say so much. “

Meanwhile, guests from Ahlen play a very solid season and have a seven-point upholstery on the first relegation place that they can increase in their catch-up games. The first leg in the Wersestadion ended in heated atmosphere 1: 1. Last weekend, when the Prussia was forced to play free, ahlen separated with 3: 3 from VFB Homberg. A game that Prussian coach Sascha Hildmann looked at on the spot. “We still know from our last encounters and know that they have a fight-strong team. We are well set and want to collect the three points, that’s the most important thing! “Breaking the game in the Prussia Stadium is at 14 o’clock. In advance, the cards to the start of the game are available as Print @ Home and as a mobile ticket. All who do not create it into the stadium can pursue the game in the Staige.TV LiveStream.

FC Schalke 04 | Vindheim falls out longer

Andreas Vindheim has been the top transfer of FC Schalke this winter so far. The rental player of Sparta Pragus convinced with offensive urge, tempo game and precise flanks. In the home game against Jahn Regensburg the newcomer was injured. Now S04 announced how long Vindheim will fail.

Already in the initial phase, the wing player took a violation in the left calf and signaled early that he would have to be replaced. After eight minutes he left the field against Regensburg at 0: 0 (Final 2: 1) the field.

What The Hell Happened To Schalke 04?

On Tuesday, the royal blue clarified that Vindheim will have to pause for several weeks to compensate for the calf injury.

This is expected to miss Vindheim not only against Fortuna Düsseldorf next Sunday, but also in the coming home game on 18 February against the SC Paderborn.

The 26-year-old had only switched to Gelsenkirchen in the summer of the Czech Republic and had prompted a regular site on the right outer car under head coach Dimitrios Grammozis.


The Scandinavier made in his first mandatory match for the scarce at Erzgebirge Aue (5: 0) for the Schalke attacking game was awarded more balanced than still in the weeks before, when S04 has always played very far left over the strong Thomas Ouwejan.

Vindheim is still borrowed to the Bundesliga relegation until the summer and could then be committed to it.

In the coming weeks he is expected to be replaced by Reinhold RANFTL, who got many parts of the game as a right-back in the Fünferkette in the first round. RANFTL has so far been in 14 game games of Gelsenkirchener and was also replaced on the last Saturday after the Vindheim injury in the first half.

Basketball | Euroleague: Alba Berlin collects clatter against Real Madrid

Alba Berlin has clearly lost his first home game after the Corona forced break. The German basketball champion under looked in the Euro league in front of 1600 spectators to the Spanish top club Real Madrid with 74:89 (36:48).

For the Berliner it was the twelfth defeat in the 18th game. Best Alba Werner were Mao do Lo with 21 as well as Marcus Eriksson and Ben Lamers with ten points each.

At Alba, all players from the Corona quarantine have been back since the previous day. Johannes Thailand and Jonas Matisse were not back against Real. The Berliners needed a few minutes to find in the game. Led by Lo, they then found the rhythm, and the international brought the hosts in the middle of the first quarter for the first time (11: 8).

Alba Berlin rear phew — and front too

Alba continued to do very hard, made too many mistakes and awarded too many throws. Also in the defensive lacked the necessary access.

Only two fouls they collected in the first half. Real immediately punished these errors and moved to 15 points of it (33:48).

After the site change, Alba came from the cabin with significantly more energy and fought back to four meters (46:50). The Spaniards remained unimpressed and played their advantages under the basket. Before the last quarter, the residue was 17 points again (56:73) — the game was virtually decided.

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