The Miami Dolphins have agreed with Cornerback Xavien Howard for a new five-year contract, which guarantees him more than $ 50 million.

BREAKING: Xavien Howard Signs MASSIVE Extension With Miami Dolphins | Full Contract Details

Howards Previous Treaty Was three years old for a total salary of $ 39.3 million. The contract extension thus receives $ 50.691 million and two years above, so the total volume of the deal is five years and around 90 million dollars.

In the next three years he will earn 55 million dollars by the new Treaty and can increase the total value of the contract by incentives again by another five million dollars. About the total length of the contract he earns a few million dollars, which is the fourth highest value at all for a cornerback in the NFL. Looking at only the two additional years of the contract and said $ 50.691 million, these two years would be worth $ 25.345 million, which would be a new average salary record for cornerbacks.

That it would come to a further cooperation between Howard and the Dolphin, however, was still uncertain about eight months ago, because at that time he had challenged a new contract, because he did not feel enough valuable, after not after the arrival of Byron Jones More the highest-paid cornerback of the team was.

Miami Dolphins keep your promise

Howard demanded a trade and only calmed down that his salary was raised for 2021 and promised him that after that season would be renegotiated. This promise stopped the Dolphin now.

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Howard was a two-round spick of the Dolphins in the draft 2016 and introduced the NFL twice in interceptions. In addition, he was elected three times in the Pro Bowl and once to the All-Pro.