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Breaks for the DEB team: tournament

This would have shown advice from the medical department of the national team with supporting team Ottawa Senator, the German Ice Hockey Association (DEB) announced on Sunday before the preliminary round game against Kazakhstan (3:20 p.m.). Germany has already been qualified for the World Cup quarter-finals, and the failure of Stützle is a setback for the medal ambitions of the German team.

The 20-year-old had injured his knee in a check against his knee last Monday in the first third in the first third and could not continue playing. Also in the 1-0 against Denmark and in the 9: 4 against Italy, support was missing. National coach Toni Söderholm and Deb sports director Christian Künast had initially confident in the past few days in Helsinki that the attacker could still intervene in the course of the tournament.

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Tim would not be spared by the opponent in the upcoming games and his health comes first.

Christian Künast

“Tim was lucky in misfortune. He has suffered a knee injury that will heal quickly and completely,” said Deb sports director Künast and declared it to be the World Cup: “Tim would not be spared in the opponent in the upcoming games and his health is pending The first place. It is consequently and consistent to make this precaution. “

The final preliminary round game against Switzerland is due for the German selection on Tuesday. The quarter -finals will be held on Thursday.

Hockey: Seidenberg resigns from the national team

After 16 years, ten World Championships and the sensational Olympic Silver in Pyeongchang, Yannic Seidenberg ends his career in the German ice hockey team.

“The many beautiful memories of this time will accompany me my life,” said Seidenberg (38), which will continue to play in the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) for Red Bull Munich.

Dennis Seidenberg Threads Slapshot Past Anders Lindback for Eventual Game-Winner

In the summer months, the father of three children wanted “even more about my family”. 173 times Seidenberg for Germany on the ice (17 goals, 36 templates), at the World Cup last year and winter games in Beijing he did not belong to the squad of the German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB).

Association President Franz Reindl has “great understanding” for Seidenberg’s decision, he praised him as a “prime example of versatility, commitment, reliability and success”. Reindl hopes that Seidenberg the DEL remains for a long time – and actually the defender does not think about more than 1000 league games.

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“As long as the body participates” and he “continued fun in the matter,” he wanted to go on, Seidenberg said. With Munich he stands in the play-off quarter-final, with the club he had won his three titles in the DEL in 2016, 2017 and 2018. In 2018 he had been chosen to defend the year.

NHL: Leon Draisaitl believes in title chance with Edmonton Oilers

The German NHL superstar Leon Draisaitl (26) believes in the title win with the Edmonton Oilers in the North American Ice Hockey Eliteliga.

“It’s about being the best team, and that’s our goal in the next few years: standing at the top and to win the Stanley Cup,” said the leader of the scorer list in the interview with SKY Sport.

At 6: 1 against the Arizona Coyotes, the national player had met in a row for the fourth time and his goal account was screwed up to 48. In addition, he prepared a hit, with Draisaitl stands at 96 scorer points. “Our goal must be to deliver that constantly every night. There we are on a good way,” he said.

His own performance, he tries to “improve year from year, too in small things, and always productive”. Also in the current season Draisaitl does not hold the title win for excluded: “First of all come to the play-offs, we have to start,” he said, “Every team, who slip there is the potential to win the Stanley Cup. “

In the past week, Draisaitl had overtaken the ex-national coach Marco Sturm as best German scorers in the NHL, he is now playing at 247 hits in 545. Storm had needed for its 242 gates 938 games.

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NHL on Tuesday evening: Victory for storm – Support closed defeat

Meanwhile, Nico Sturm has booked a success with the Colorado Avalanche against his ex-team Minnesota Wild. The leader of the Central Division continued with 2: 1 against the Calgary Flames. In just under 13 minutes of use, Sturm, which was changed by Minnesota to Colorado in mid-March, without scorer point.

On the other hand, a defeat collected Tim Supportle. With the Ottawa Senators, the 20-year-old undertaken the Nashville Predator with 1: 4. Stützle contributed the assist to the early hit by Brady Tkachuk (5th). Ottawa occupies the penultimate place in the Atlantic Division.

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NHL ends business relationships with partners in Russia

In response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, NHL has capped the business connections into the country. “The National Hockey League condemns the invasion of Russia into Ukraine and pushes on a peaceful solution as fast as possible,” said the North American ice hockey league on Monday. All relationships with business partners in Russia are exposed, and the Russian-speaking pages of the NHL and social networks are also to pause. Considerations to use Russia in the future as a place for competitions with NHL connection, do not give it anymore.

Russia started a war against Ukraine on 24 February and is therefore increasingly isolated in the world sports. The IOC had called on Monday to let athletes and athletes from Russia and its allies, Belarus, no longer participate in international competitions.

U.S. State Department & NHL Partner for Ice Hockey Exchange with Russia

Among the numerous Russian ice hockey professionals in the NHL, the league announced that they are concerned about the well-being of the athletes who “play in the name of their clubs in the NHL and not in the name of Russia”. The players and their families are in an “extremely difficult position”.

Shortly before Olympia: Player Association demands pause in the DEL

With a view to the international tournament, where our national team for ice hockey-Germany participates in the sense of the Olympic idea, as well as the planned catch-up games in the DEL, there is a minimum of reducing any risks in the coming days and the chance of player isolation the best possible To optimize, wrote the SVE on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, the German Ice Hockey Band released the squad for the winter games in Beijing. Deb sports director Christian Kuwait reacted with consent: My private opinion is: if you stop, we would certainly help us.


My private opinion is: If you stop, we would certainly help us.

Deb sports director Christian Kuwait

Currently, there are several teams in the DEL in quarantine. Many games fall out and need to be made up; Among other things, during the originally planned Olympic break in February.

Deb team flies well in two groups to China

On Monday, the Eagles from Mannheim once again made a Corona outbreak with 14 positive cases. According to information from the Mannheimer tomorrow, players are also affected, which stand in the German Olympic squad. We will not comment names, Kuwait said, but admitted: It may already be that only 22 fly to China and three come. The German team starts on 2 February.

Suspension of the del games unrealistic

According to DPA information, a short-term suspension of the del games until the coming weekend is to protect the Olympic drivers unrealistic. The current game operation was also coordinated with the deb.

The current statements of the DEL

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