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‘Valheim’ has sold over four million copies in three weeks

The Viking survival of Iron Gate Studio, Valheim, has experienced an incredible early early access to Steam, exceeding the 4 million units sold in 3 weeks. Since sales are strictly on PC and it only takes into account anticipated access to Steam, Valheim proves how much it is already a power without going out on other platforms. VALHEIM is available exclusively via Early Access Steam for the moment, but the success of sales can lead it to other platforms in the future.

Last weekend, Valheim reached 500,000 simultaneous players, and the more people who play at the game, plus this number will increase in the future. With four million VALHEIM players already exploring the game, it will be interesting to see how fast the title can reach 1,000,000 simultaneous players. VALHEIM has already been played for a combined total of 10000 years, although it only joins the anticipated access to Steam earlier this month.

VALHEIM FANS ON STEAM already give viking survival criticism, with more than 81000 extremely positive reviews already in the bag.

“I do not think I really had time to contemplate it. I know that players love the game, but at the same time, I think I can still improve something in the future. I can not wait to add more content to the game, especially working on the remaining biomes, “said Iron Gate Studio’s CEO Richard Svensson. “Our current roadmap reaches only the next Biome and we hope to have done it by the end of the year, but it could take longer depending on the fluidity of development. I really do not want to insist on development, it never ends well.

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Drawn from the press release