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Arminia Bielefelds forte after incorrect begin: I need to go via there

Two games, 1: 5 goals and on without factors: This is exactly how the present stats of the Arminia as well as their brand-new trainer read. I envisioned every little thing differently and also wished, stated the sad instructor, who had seen red in Sandhausen, had the ability to celebrate his house launching by setting the procedure at Sky Inevitably, nonetheless, it is certainly not a dream show.

Following Sunday (3.30 p.m., live! Specialty desires to obtain swing there-and probably additionally commemorate his initial competitive victory.

Very, really challenging, Forte replied shortly after the loss against Jahn Regensburg (0: 3) when asked just how the current situation felt. After the failed begin in Sandhausen (1: 2), the following damper was established for the Bundesliga relegation this weekend.

We have actually shown too little effort, as well little guts, said Strong suit. And then of course it comes 0: 2, that was the neck.


That was the neck.

Really, extremely challenging, Forte replied shortly after the loss against Jahn Regensburg (0: 3) when asked exactly how the current situation felt. The sensation of the Italian is not surprising. After the stopped working start in Sandhausen (1: 2), the following damper was established for the Bundesliga transfer this weekend.

So the second defeat in a row finished under whistles the or else loudly cheering fans.

2 video games, 1: 5 objectives as well as on without points: This is how the present data of the Arminia and also their brand-new instructor read.

The residual program of the 2nd Bundesliga

FC St. Pauli (51 points, goal difference +16)

Matchwinner & 2 Goals vs. Bayern - Adamyan’s Football Fairytale - From 4th League to Bundesliga

02.04. Hansa Rostock (A), 09.04. Werder Bremen (H), 16.04. SV Sandhausen (A), 23.04. SV Darmstadt 98 (H), 29.04. 1. FC Nuremberg (H), 07.05. FC Schalke 04 (A), 15.05. Fortuna Dusseldorf (H)

Werder Bremen (51 points, mortis difference +15)

03.04. SV Sandhausen (H), 09.04. FC St. Pauli (A), 17.04. 1. FC Nuremberg (H), 23.04. FC Schalke 04 (A), 29.04. Holstein Kiel (H), 08.05. Erzgebirge Aue (A), 15.05. Jahn Regensburg (H)

SV Darmstadt 98 (48 points, goal difference +19)

02.04. Holstein Kiel (H), 09.04. 1. FC Nuremberg (A), 17.04. FC Schalke 04 (H), 23.04. FC St. Pauli (A), 30.04. Erzgebirge Aue (H), 06.05. Fortuna Dusseldorf (A), 15.05. SC Paderborn 07 (H)

FC Schalke 04 (47 points, goal difference +21)

01.04. Dynamo Dresden (A), 09.04. 1. FC Heidenheim (H), 17.04. SV Darmstadt 98 (A), 23.04. Werder Bremen (H), 29.04. SV Sandhausen (A), 07.05. FC St. Pauli (H), 15.05. 1. FC Nuremberg (A)

1. FC Nürnberg (46 points, goal difference +6)

03.04. 1. FC Heidenheim (A), 09.04. SV Darmstadt 98 (H), 17.04. Werder Bremen (A), 24.04. SV Sandhausen (H), 29.04. FC St. Pauli (A), 08.05. Holstein Kiel (A), 15.05. FC Schalke 04 (H)

Hamburger SV (42 points, goal difference +19)

02.04. SC Paderborn 07 (H), 05.04. Erzgebirge Aue (H), 10.04. Holstein Kiel (A), 16.04. Karlsruher SC (H), 23.04. Jahn Regensburg (A), 30.04. FC Ingolstadt 04 (A), 07.05. Hannover 96 (H), 15.05. Hansa Rostock (A)

1. FC Heidenheim (42 points, goal difference -1)

03.04. 1. FC Nuremberg (H), 09.04. FC Schalke 04 (A), 17.04. Erzgebirge Aue (H), 23.04. Holstein Kiel (A), 29.04. Fortuna Dusseldorf (H), 07.05. Jahn Regensburg (A), 15.05. Karlsruher SC (H)

SC Paderborn 07 (37 points, goal difference +8)

02.04. Hamburger SV (A), 10.04. Karlsruher SC (H), 17.04. FC Ingolstadt 04 (A), 24.04. Hannover 96 (H), 30.04. Hansa Rostock (A), 06.05. SV Sandhausen (H), 15.05. SV Darmstadt 98 (A)

Karlsruher SC (37 points, mortis difference +6)

03.04. Fortuna Dusseldorf (H), 10.04. SC Paderborn 07 (A), 16.04. Hamburger SV (A), 22.04. FC Ingolstadt 04 (H), 29.04. Hannover 96 (A), 08.05. Dynamo Dresden (H), 15.05. 1. FC Heidenheim (A)

Jahn Regensburg (36 points, mortis difference +5)

02.04. Hannover 96 (A), 08.04. FC Ingolstadt 04 (H), 17.04. Hansa Rostock (A), 23.04. Hamburger SV (H), 30.04. Dynamo Dresden (A), 07.05. 1. FC Heidenheim (H), 15.05. Werder Bremen (A)

Hansa Rostock (34 points, goal difference -8)

02.04. FC St. Pauli (H), 08.04. Fortuna Dusseldorf (A), 17.04. Jahn Regensburg (H), 24.04. Erzgebirge Aue (A), 30.04. SC Paderborn 07 (H), 07.05. FC Ingolstadt 04 (A), 15.05. Hamburger SV (H)

Holstein Kiel (34 points, goal difference -9)

02.04. SV Darmstadt 98 (A), 10.04. Hamburger SV (H), 16.04. Dynamo Dresden (A), 23.04. 1. FC Heidenheim (H), 29.04. Werder Bremen (A), 08.05. 1. FC Nuremberg (H), 15.05. SV Sandhausen (A)

Fortuna Dusseldorf (32 points, goal difference -1)

03.04. Karlsruher SC (A), 08.04. Hansa Rostock (H), 16.04. Hannover 96 (A), 22.04. Dynamo Dresden (H), 29.04. 1. FC Heidenheim (A), 06.05. SV Darmstadt 98 (h), 15.05. FC St. Pauli (A)

Hannover 96 (31 points, goal difference -15)

02.04. Jahn Regensburg (H), 09.04. Erzgebirge Aue (A), 16.04. Fortuna Dusseldorf (H), 24.04. SC Paderborn 07 (A), 29.04. Karlsruher SC (H), 07.05. Hamburger SV (A), 15.05. FC Ingolstadt 04 (H)

SV Sandhausen (30 points, goal difference -14)

03.04. Werder Bremen (A), 10.04. Dynamo Dresden (H), 16.04. FC St. Pauli (H), 24.04. 1. FC Nuremberg (A), 29.04. FC Schalke 04 (H), 06.05. SC Paderborn 07 (A), 15.05. Holstein Kiel (H)

Dynamo Dresden (28 points, goal difference -10)

01.04. FC Schalke 04 (H), 10.04. SV Sandhausen (A), 16.04. Holstein Kiel (H), 22.04. Fortuna Dusseldorf (A), 30.04. Jahn Regensburg (H), 08.05. Karlsruher SC (A), 15.05. Erzgebirge Aue (H)

Erzgebirge Aue (19 points, goal difference -27)

01.04. FC Ingolstadt 04 (A), 05.04. Hamburger SV (A), 09.04. Hannover 96 (H), 17.04. 1. FC Heidenheim (A), 24.04. Hansa Rostock (H), 30.04. SV Darmstadt 98 (A), 08.05. Werder Bremen (H), 15.05. Dynamo Dresden (A)

FC Ingolstadt 04 (15 points, goal difference -30)

01.04. Erzgebirge Aue (H), 08.04. Jahn Regensburg (A), 17.04. SC Paderborn 07 (H), 22.04. Karlsruher SC (A), 30.04. Hamburger SV (H), 07.05. Hansa Rostock (H), 15.05. Hannover 96 (A)

Who rises? Who off? Play it through!

To the table calculator

FC Schalke 04 | Vindheim falls out longer

Andreas Vindheim has been the top transfer of FC Schalke this winter so far. The rental player of Sparta Pragus convinced with offensive urge, tempo game and precise flanks. In the home game against Jahn Regensburg the newcomer was injured. Now S04 announced how long Vindheim will fail.

Already in the initial phase, the wing player took a violation in the left calf and signaled early that he would have to be replaced. After eight minutes he left the field against Regensburg at 0: 0 (Final 2: 1) the field.

What The Hell Happened To Schalke 04?

On Tuesday, the royal blue clarified that Vindheim will have to pause for several weeks to compensate for the calf injury.

This is expected to miss Vindheim not only against Fortuna Düsseldorf next Sunday, but also in the coming home game on 18 February against the SC Paderborn.

The 26-year-old had only switched to Gelsenkirchen in the summer of the Czech Republic and had prompted a regular site on the right outer car under head coach Dimitrios Grammozis.


The Scandinavier made in his first mandatory match for the scarce at Erzgebirge Aue (5: 0) for the Schalke attacking game was awarded more balanced than still in the weeks before, when S04 has always played very far left over the strong Thomas Ouwejan.

Vindheim is still borrowed to the Bundesliga relegation until the summer and could then be committed to it.

In the coming weeks he is expected to be replaced by Reinhold RANFTL, who got many parts of the game as a right-back in the Fünferkette in the first round. RANFTL has so far been in 14 game games of Gelsenkirchener and was also replaced on the last Saturday after the Vindheim injury in the first half.

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