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Like a German start

” Neuro11″ is the name of your company that has actually been functioning with the Reds for a year. “This trophy is obviously likewise for her,” claimed Klopp on the previous Saturday when his team had simply won the FA Cup in fine capturing versus Chelsea. He had already committed the LigapokaltriumPh in February “Neuro11”.

It’s a bit like asking and opening a restaurant Jamie Oliver whether he doesn’t wish to be the first guest. Because it is occasionally the ideal thing to think so huge, a few young men from Germany have actually been part of the Liverpool FC for a year. They had actually just asked Jürgen Klopp.

Klopp bites: “Sounds interesting, comes below”

“This trophy is of training course likewise for her,” stated Klopp on the previous Saturday when his group had actually simply won the FA Mug in penalty shooting versus Chelsea. “Sounds intriguing, comes here,” stated Klopp, in which it is often failed to remember for “human catchers” how cutting-edge and open-minded he is as an instructor, search phrase tossing coach.

Everything started with a letter in 2019. Niklas Häusler, a doctorate in neuroscientists from the University of Bonn, as well as Patrick Häntschke, a previous regional organization player for Cottbus, Türkiyemspor as well as the Berlin AK, just resorted to Klopp quickly after their Potsdam start-up was founded, the ruling Champions League winner and also FIFA world trainer. And the bite.

“They come throughout consistently,” says Klopp.

Well wired: Niklas Häusler (left) with Liverpool expert Trent Alexander-Arnold. Neuro11.

Liverpool changed 17 out of 18 penalties in the 2 last games.

“Your impact is incredible,” claims Klopp about the four “Neuro11” owners.

How a lot the placebo result contributes in all of this is difficult to analyze, however in the end maybe unimportant: “It is just the self-confidence that you offer the children. That you can actually do it,” claims Klopp. “As well as I’m extremely delighted regarding that.”.

In the requirements, gamers must enter the “Flow”.

Your guarantee: With neuroscientific approaches, you can substantially boost the psychological stamina of athletes, especially when performing standard circumstances. “Check your mind, if it actually matters,” is the adage of “Neuro11”. “Seems interesting, comes below,” stated Klopp, in which it is typically neglected for “human catchers” just how ingenious and open-minded he is as a trainer, key phrase tossing instructor.

They had actually simply asked Jürgen Klopp.

'We'll Go Again' | Liverpool 0-1 Real Madrid | Jurgen Klopp Post-Match Press Conference
The goal is to obtain the gamers in the “flow” when implementing a standard circumstance, a mindset in which they are neither especially thrilled neither specifically relaxed. “You let your electric motor abilities run automatically. You don’t need to think of it, it simply takes place,” said Häusler “The Athletic”.

Prior To the Champions Organization final on Saturday (9 p.m., live! At previous Saturday), Häusler and Häntschke do not wish to give interviews, they have enough to do. The information might again decide versus Actual Madrid, and several of them are accountable in Liverpool.

In the meanwhile, “Neuro11” cabined the entire Liverpool team. “They come throughout on a regular basis,” claims Klopp.

Based upon the mind dimensions, an individual toolbox is established for every gamer with which he reaches and maintains this “circulation” most properly. “If there is a charge, you will have the ability to obtain along with all disturbances around you,” claimed Häusler. “You know precisely what you need to do to meet.”.

In the Ligapokal Finals against Chelsea (11:10 I.E.), all eleven Liverpool shooters converted six out of 7 in the FA Mug last (6: 5 I.E.). “Your impact is extraordinary,” claims Klopp concerning the four “Neuro11” creators.

FC Liverpool: Jürgen Klopp extends his contract by another two years

Jürgen Klopp prematurely extended his contract with FC Liverpool in 2024 until 2026 on Thursday. The Reds officially announced this in the afternoon.

“There is something to report. I stay two more years,” said the 54-year-old in a video that the club released on Thursday: “I love our club. I hope that we will all enjoy the time together.”

Klopp had only excluded an extension a few weeks ago. “My plan is that I will stay until 2024, and then it says: Thank you very much!” He said at the time.

Now he justified the step with a wink with the wish of his wife. “Ulla wants to stay. And what does a good husband do if his wife wants to stay? He stays. But that’s not the only reason,” said Klopp.

Previously, the athletic reported that Mike Gordon, President of Fenway Sports Group, who has been owner of FC Liverpool since 2010, at the Champions League semi-final against Villarreal (2-0) on Wednesday was as well as Klopp consultant Marc Kosicke. In the course of the visit, the final agreement was reached.

Klopp came to Liverpool in October 2015 and has now built one of the world’s best teams. In 2019 the association won the Champions League, and for the first time in 2020 in 30 years the English championship.

Jurgen Klopp signs new two-year contract extension at Liverpool

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Also in the current season you have big titles and after the Carabao Cup you can still win the Champions League, Premier League and the FA Cup.

FC Liverpool | Absolutely proud: Jürgen Klopps Quadrupel

Jurgen Klopp Discusses 'Quadruple' Ahead Of Liverpool v Man City FA Cup Clash | Press Conference
Jürgen Klopp could not stop, grin. “It’s unbelievable,” the coach of the FC Liverpool swarmed after moving into the final of the FA Cup.

“I’m absolutely proud.” With 3: 2, the Reds in the London Wembley Stadium not only defeated the great rivals Manchester City and Pep Guardiola in the Cup semifinals, for the club of the German coach, it could now be a historic season. For the first time in the club story, the Klopp team can win the so-called quadrupel with four titles.

“We still have too many games,” the German coach replied after his first move into the Fa Cup final and negative thoughts on a possible quad coup. In addition to the cup finals and the Ligacup success, Liverpool is also in the semi-final of the Champions League and has continued good master opportunities in the Premier League, a counter behind Manchester City. “It’s a dream of us,” said Doppel scorer Sadio Mané and expressed himself more open than his coach. “We will fight for it.”

Klopp device into swarms

On Saturday, the performance impressed in the first half. “That was the best first half we ever played. We did everything right,” smelled Klopp. “We were outstanding. I enjoyed every second.” The former English national defendant Martin Keown stated amazed: “Liverpool was in his own world in the first half.”

In addition to double door ship Mané (17th Minute / 45.) The former Leipziger Bundesliga-Profi Ibrahima Konaté (9th) for Liverpool was also successful. League Table Guide Man City was only after the break at eye level. “We played much better than City,” emphasized Klopp and reminded of the rather happy 2: 2 in the league last Sunday. “We won highly deserved.”

Time to relax or enjoy the FC Liverpool is not. Already on Tuesday it goes against the archrival Manchester United for important Premier League points. Five days later, the relegate FC Everton comes to the Liverpool derby to the Anfield Road. Then the FC Villareal travels to the first semifinal in the premier class to England. “I think we will not have free week until the end of the season,” Klopp said. “Now we want to win the next game. Then we’ll continue.”

Guardiola harvest criticism

Klopp’s coaching colleague Guardiola, on the other hand, had to face criticism to the establishment especially in the goal. Replacement Keeper Zack Steffen, who was borrowed from Fortuna Düsseldorf two years ago, tapped heavily at the second goal. “It was an accident,” said the Catalan.

For Alan Shearer, formerly captain of English national team, was the establishment of the reason for the city. “Liverpool had Alisson, who was shiny twice. Her goalkeeper made mistakes. That was the difference,” the striker judged.

Manchester City vs. FC Liverpool: Didi Hamann does not understand Hype about Guardiola

In the eyes of the former national player Didi Hamann, Jürgen Klopp from FC Liverpool is the significantly better coach as Pep Guardiola of Manchester City. The two coaches face the top game of the Premier League on Sunday with their teams.

“Just as the Liverpooler players talk about their coach, they would race for him through walls. I am not sure if the players of City would do that too,” wrote the former player of the Reds and FC Bayern in a guest contribution for The daily mail.

Besides Klopp, Hamann sees two more coaches in front of the Spanish coach. “I hold Jose Mourinho and Carlo Ancelotti more successful than Guardiola, and I still do not quite understand the hype around him,” he explained and founded his statement as follows: “Mourinho has the championship in four different countries and with two clubs Champions League won while Ancelottis track record is unsurpassed and gets even better when Real Madrid La League wins. “

Hamann Next: “If you look at all teams in Europe, then Liverpool in my opinion is the number one below them. And I would not want to exchange this coach with any other. Not synonymous with Guardiola.”

Hamann: Here the difference between Klopp and Guardiola becomes clear

Who's the better manager Man City's Pep Guardiola or Liverpool's Jurgen Klopp?
The qualities of the former BVB coach would also be reflected in the transfers of recent years, so Hamann: “As a Klopp obliged in the last season Diogo Jota, everyone doubted that he would create it in the team, but he became immediately integrated. With Luis Diaz, it’s exactly the same. “

The new additions of City would be much heavier. “Comparing the case Diaz with that of Jack Greaseh, so the difference between the two managers becomes clear,” Supported Hamann and led: “Normally, players need to change to the Premier League, six to eight weeks to get used to themselves. Diaz came and was immediately fire and flame, because the style fits him. ” In contrast to Diaz, Grealis has not yet integrated.

In the Premier League, City still has a point ahead of the victorious Liverpool victorious Liverpool. The encounter increases at 17.30 (in the live ticker).

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Jürgen Klopp heats Liverpools showdown against Manchester City

Who knows press conferences with Jürgen Klopp, the white: deep stacks always goes. Also like to play with important games, preferably in the duel with Pep Guardiola, the Liverpool coach repeated as “best coach in the world”. But in front of the big showdown on Sunday evening (5.30 pm, live! At City) Klopp probably thought: today.

Even if the 54-year-old was at least so far on the brake, “that we are not at a victory and two points, and would not think about City, if we lose,” he heated the spectators and those, they still want to become neat.

This game is always worth seeing. Both go on the whole.

Jürgen Klopp

“To be honest, I expect an interesting football game,” says Klopp. “The younger story of this game shows that it is always very worth seeing – because both teams are really going on. Both are always interested in finding gaps, creating opportunities to pull the momentum on their own side.” Free after the motto: Do not worry, Nobody plays at 0: 0.

Therefore, do not play a role for him, which he could not change anyway: that people think that there will be a preliminary decision in the Etihad Stadium a preliminary decision in exciting master races. In Klopp’s eyes would be the duel with City – “We drive each other to incredible constancy and incredible points yields, almost like Federer and Nadal” – but also a very important game, “if we had 15 points behind”.

The Premier League Table

After weaknesses Klopp is looking for vain – with how many attackers Liverpool starts?

“Biggest CHALLENGE In Football!” - Jurgen Klopp Press Conference | Manchester City vs Liverpool

“In fact, there is no game in world football, which one can compare with a game against City,” finds the master coach of 2020. “Because they are practically well in all areas, because there are no real weaknesses.” But because the square is great and the skyblues “only ten field players are allowed to use, there is something to do.” Of course, Klopp did not reveal what.

Personnel he has the agony of choice, especially in the forefront. Roberto Firmino or Diogo Jota was often the question, now there is a fifth outstanding attacker in the bundy with Luis Diaz – for three places. Or? With all five he will not start, assured Klopp, four on a hit, however, he did not want to exclude categorically. With four attackers, he had tried it in the Etihad times in November 2020, in the end a 1: 1 came around.

At the end is the keyword. Because Klopp (“all players are available”) also shares the game of personally in phases. Anyone who will storm against the master and leaders is a matter of time. “With whom we start, with whom do we continue – and with whom we finish the game?”

The master summit of the Premier League could thus again be grass chess in pure culture. On a guaranteed worth seeing.

Wer transmits? MANCITY-Liverpool live in TV and Stream

FC Bayern: Klopp allegedly promotes mega

Robert Lewandowski has not extended his contract with FC Bayern so far beyond the summer of 2023. Therefore, the future of the Munich striker is not only topic in the Football Bundesliga, but also beyond Germany. According to a report from Spain, a former companion of BVB should now dream of working again with Lewandowski.

A good for 15 months Robert Lewandowski is still officially in pay for Bayern and bread. If the leaders of the German football master want to make a cash out with the Polish world-class striker, they would have to sell him this summer. Only then could be a rich transfer for the 33-year-olds.

But actually tarpaulin boss Oliver Kahn and Co. are very different: because Lewandowski is to extend his contraction expirable in the summer of 2023. In more detail, there should be a timely approach, even in the danger that any time a well-known club could register his interest. Just as the FC Liverpool has now done the FC Liverpool from the English Premier League.

According to information from “El Nacional”, the table third parties of Lewandowski trained by the former BVB coach Jürgen Klopp has taken into focus. As the Spanish portal reports, both the FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid on the Bayern striker, however, could both do nothing against the plan of the Liverpooler.

Klopp advertises around Lewandowski with top salary

Because the LFC is supposed to be ready to put a transfer fee of 70 million euros on the table for Lewandowski. Accordingly, Klopp has made a transfer of Lewandowski at most to the priority number 1. The coach wants to curl the FCB star with an annual salary of more than 20 million euros – net! Both sum, with which both Barca and Atleti can not go along.

When promoting Lewy, Klopp also also uses vitamin B. The Liverpool Team Manager and the 33-year-old are well known from Joint Times at Borussia Dortmund. Under Klopp matured Lewandowski between 2010 and 2014 to the top striker until he finally moved to FC Bayern.

Jurgen Klopp Has A Right Giggle At Bayern Munich's Expense
186 games, 102 goals and 42 templates collected the attackers during his bets at BVB under Klopp. Twice the two of the black-yellow won the German championship and once the DFB Cup. In the summer of 2013 it went for BVB with Lewandowski and Klopp to the final of the Champions League, where you were subject to FC Bayern. Do the joint experiences continue from summer at FC Liverpool? Questionable. Currently, it suggests that Lewandowski extends its contract with its current employer.

The hesitant appearance of Bayern should have annoyed the striker. That he leaves the Munich, but he seems rather unlikely.

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