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Lost Ark: Compensation for all players who were online at the end of March 2022

Eight hours maintenance here , Five hours maintenance da , and of course not at night, but over the day. Since one can already be angry as a player of Lost Ark. How Publisher Amazon Games is among the maintenance, we have already known since the beginning of March:

_ “The developers know that the maintenance partly on unfavorable times off. However, in the launch period, the focus was on bringing solutions as soon as possible on the servers. Future maintenance should be performed” in a foreseeable and pleasant rhythm “. “_

Maintenance? Report!

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Since the latter has not worked so well, there’s a kind of compensation from the operator. Each player who has played between March 21 and March 31, 2022 Lost Ark (now Buy 19,99 €) may secure a package as maintenance compensation via the product inventory. So if you were not online at last or if the product inventory will not be informed again that a new package is waiting for you, it is now worth logging in.

And what is in it in the compensation package?

  • 20 x phoenix springs
  • 3 days crystalline aura
  • 3 x a chest with fight items
  • A recovery elixir for the aura of the response (grants the aura 50 points back, must be used within 14 days)

According to community moderator Shadow_fox, this compensation package is a concrete recuperance for the last failures and unexpected hotfix, which it gave on March 31, 2022. Also note that the 14-day countdown runs from the elixir as soon as you have brought the package from your product inventory.

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Lost ARK: Important hotfixes of 23 February 2022 for matchmaking and more

Early risers had to practice in patience this morning, on February 23, 2022. Publisher Amazon Games started from 06:00 to 8:00 am a server maintenance for the European Realms of Lost Ark to play a number of hotfixes on the live servers. In the following, we reveal you which mistakes have been corrected.

Hotfixes for matchmaking and more

In the Community Manager Roxx Forum Post states that the following bug fixes have landed on the live servers:

  • A hotfix has been implemented to fix the problems of matchmaking of the group search. The responsible persons at Amazon Games want to keep in mind the matchmaking, but continues to keep an eye on, in the event that there is still a need for action.
  • There has been a problem in the course of the launch event, which has been distributed by an ITemlevel 1,420 chest as a day-15 reward.

  • An error has been resolved in the tool tip of the weekly chest for combat objects. There was that you can secure the content of the chest ten times. However, this is not the case. You can only buy the chest once a week.

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* In the new region “Europa West”, there are adapted items for the TAG-3- (UNA Task – Instant Exercise Care) and Tag-6- (selection bag for unusual combat engraving instructions) rewards.

In particular, the hotfix to the matchmaking problems will hopefully, especially in the evening, to the Prime Time, when the servers run under full load, for relaxation. Because even the patient players will now be full of the muzzle that they can not play chaosing sounds with friends, Because the site data could not be loaded .

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Lost ARK: These are the huge queues of the European servers that are both going to talk about

A real problem for days at Last Ark, and has been since the release of Early Access, the overcrowding of most servers has frustrated many players. The developers have announced that they are doing everything possible to expand the capabilities of these as quickly as possible, but also to deploy new servers.

It was A press release Published on Saturday, February 12, Roxx, Community Manager of Amazon Games, announced the next implementation of measures aimed at strengthening the capabilities of the servers of Lost Ark games. After having implemented a ban so that new players believe characters in certain kingdoms already overcrowded, the western publishing house expresses this time their desire to improve this unpleasant situation that prevents certain players from accessing the servers where their friends are.

Therefore, the aforementioned restrictions have been eliminated, however, they could reappear in the very close future if the queues come out of control, and this is the case at the time of writing this article. As an example, this is the state of the servers in Central Europe this weekend. We warn that these numbers can change from one moment to another and it is only an indicative time:

Once inside the game, it is perfectly playable and does not suffer barely latency. However, you must have patience to access the game servers since the queues represent in some cases several hours of waiting… or you must connect before the peak hours, which are:

  • Between 10 in the morning and 2 o’clock in the afternoon
  • Between 5:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

Avoid THESE Servers on Lost Ark NA Release!

It is easier to say, and it is unlikely that the implementation of some new servers will completely solve this problem. Unfortunately, this is one of the obvious failures of a “Bombo” as seen in recent days, and Amazon Games does not seem to have learned enough lessons from the problems found when it was launched New World in the middle of last year.

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