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Lost Ark: Compensation for all players who were online at the end of March 2022

Eight hours maintenance here , Five hours maintenance da , and of course not at night, but over the day. Since one can already be angry as a player of Lost Ark. How Publisher Amazon Games is among the maintenance, we have already known since the beginning of March:

_ “The developers know that the maintenance partly on unfavorable times off. However, in the launch period, the focus was on bringing solutions as soon as possible on the servers. Future maintenance should be performed” in a foreseeable and pleasant rhythm “. “_

Maintenance? Report!

Was It Worth Hitting 1370 in Lost Ark? Is it Worth Selling Honing Mats?

Since the latter has not worked so well, there’s a kind of compensation from the operator. Each player who has played between March 21 and March 31, 2022 Lost Ark (now Buy 19,99 €) may secure a package as maintenance compensation via the product inventory. So if you were not online at last or if the product inventory will not be informed again that a new package is waiting for you, it is now worth logging in.

And what is in it in the compensation package?

  • 20 x phoenix springs
  • 3 days crystalline aura
  • 3 x a chest with fight items
  • A recovery elixir for the aura of the response (grants the aura 50 points back, must be used within 14 days)

According to community moderator Shadow_fox, this compensation package is a concrete recuperance for the last failures and unexpected hotfix, which it gave on March 31, 2022. Also note that the 14-day countdown runs from the elixir as soon as you have brought the package from your product inventory.

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Union Berlin: Urs Fischer About Knoches Important Sign

With four chambers of seven games, Union had narrowly bumped in February and March and approaching the 40-point target in very small steps. Through the 1-0 on Friday night against a surprisingly harmless and idealess 1. FC Cologne, the Köpenicker in a game in which it was heavier for Union to lose as to win over this hurdle. Now the FCU stands at 41 meters. From a “joyful evening” Union coach Urs Fischer spoke after the first second league victory since the end of January and gave his team once two days. For joy – and relief – also a further message in Köpenick: The contract extension of Robin Knoche.

Cheftrainer Urs Fischers erster Tag beim 1. FC Union Berlin
On the morning of the game against Cologne, as stadium spokesman Christian work described the process, the defensive chief of the Iron’s signature set the new working paper. A first offer is said to have rejected a bit, which had come in the summer 2020 free transfer from VfL Wolfsburg. Now the extension of the contract, which would have expired at the end of the season.

Knoche should “be a pillar of the team in the coming years”

How long Knoche Union is preserved, the club – as usual in the FCU in such things – did not know. Manager Oliver Ruhnert, however, said that the 29-year-old “also in the coming years” should be a pillar of the team, the runtime is not only a year (which would have made little sense for both sides). After the disposals of various leaders – about Christian Gentner, Robert Andrich, Marvin Friedrich or Max Kruse \ – and the upcoming change of Grischa Prömel (goes in summer to Hoffenheim) it is Ruhnert & Co. this time managed to keep a central figure. Accordingly facilitated, coaches Urs Fischer also turned over Knoches.

“I’m glad, not more…” said the Swiss coach and explained, “One or the other service provider has left us or will leave us. It’s an important sign. One has seen in the game against Cologne once again How important Robin for the team is as a guide player. He plays a really very constant season. “

Sea of Thieves Season 6 is ready to drop the moorings

The seasons of Sea of ​​Thieves quietly follows its course. The bulk of the content for the year had already been announced, but rare brings some details about the novelties that will burst in his game of multiplayer pirates on March 10.

With the evaporation of Captain Flameheart and the appearance of a mysterious green fog, the narrative events of the year have already begun to set up in Sea of ​​Thieves for a few weeks. But from March 10, six strong maritime will burst on the sea of ​​the thieves who, provided they empty the ghosts that drag them, will be able to serve as a basis for crews. New types of trips will be available for players who have reached the rank of legendary hackers from the second half of season 6, so in April.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW SEASON 6 // SEA OF THIEVES - New Quests, New threats, New Adventures!

Which says new season also says 100 levels to reach to unlock flashing elements of unpublished floors and ship, free or other exclusive to players who bought the Plunder Pass. Sea of ​​Thieves , which will blow its fourth candle at the end of March, has gathered more than 25 million players on PC and Xbox consoles.

Death Stranding: Directors Cut already has a pc release date

After having debuted at ps5 last year, kojima productions and sony confirmed that the version of pc _ death stranding: director’s cut _ would be debuting in This 2022. At the time an exact date was not given for its premiere, but that has changed today and yes, you will have to pay for the upgrade as it happened in PlayStation .

The news was shared at the official site of the game, where it was confirmed that it will be next March 30 when the game reaches PC. Those who already have the base version of death stranding will have the option to do upgrade for $ 9.99, only keep in mind that you need to have the game installed so that this price is respected. If it’s your first time by buying the Director’s Cut , then you’ll have to pay $ 39.99 for him.

Similarly, the requirements you will need your computer to run this game optimally, and here we leave you:

_ Death Stranding: Director’s Cut _ reaches PC next March 30.

Editor’s Note: It is important to clarify that the additional content of this version is not really as extensive as you may be able to think. In terms of history, Director’s Cut only adds three new missions, which you can complete in less than an hour. But it also adds additional activities and constructions, which could call your attention.

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