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FCK coach Antwerp focuses on performance against Cologne

The 1.FC Kaiserslautern no longer has the direct promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga itself, but can at least secure the relegation place with a point win against Viktoria Cologne. Before the conversation before the game can be directed to the promotion issue in the first place, FCK coach Marco Antwerp breaks a lance for his team, who worked from the table cellar after a strong second half of the season in the previous season.

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“We are playing the most successful third division season since 1. FC Kaiserslautern played in this class,” said Antwerp at the beginning of the press conference. After a mixed start of the season, the game against Waldhof Mannheim on match day 8, when you won a point (0-0) after two red cards, the turning point was. The FCK fans always supported his team – even after the bitter defeat against the U 23 of the BVB, after which the direct promotion zone had to be handed over to the competition from Braunschweig. Therefore, the team wants to return something in the last game of the championship round on Sunday.

Return to the old place of work

Not only for Antwerp, who was a coach of the upcoming opponent for a year and a half, the guest appearance will return to an old place of work. Mike Wunderlich played at Viktoria for ten years before joining the Lauterers in summer. Midfield colleague René Klingenburg also came from Cologne in summer. “I think for Mike and Klinge, the game on Sunday is more emotional than for me,” Antwerp is certain.

There is only one victory for the old colleagues for the regulars. On the one hand, to secure the relegation place in front of the lurking Munich lions, on the other hand, on the other hand, in order to be able to have a chance of having a direct promotion at a possible mistake in Eintracht Braunschweig. But Antwerp only pays attention to the performance of his team: “We concentrate entirely on ourselves, regardless of other results or constellations.” With up to 8,000 fans who traveled with them in the back, the team can be sure of the best support.

The remaining program of the 3rd division

With delay because of snow

FWK-Coach Ralf Santelli took three changes to Viktoria Köln after 0: 1: Stefaniak, Dietz and Waidner began for Schneider, Krautich (both yellow barrier) and Sané (bank).

Lautern’s coach Marco Antwerp exchanged after the fulminant 5: 1 victory over Duisburg only once. Zuck returned to the starting element and replaced Gibs (bank).

After heavy snowforing in Würzburg, the game was first kicked off with half an hour delay – that obviously disturbed the FCK more than the Stefaniaks. For in the initial phase, the releged homes dominated the game and had after a mistake of Raab the early guidance on the foot. Boyd clarified but Pardedajs shot made of short distance (10th). Only a pointer turn later fails Waidner at Raab.

Whimsical meets the first goal shot

As a result, Marco Antwerp’s team made the game balanced. Nevertheless, it was dangerous again before the own goal. Herrmann’s volley removal flew over the gate (27th). The Pfälzer showed more efficiently: Wunderlich pulled out of the distance from the distance and scored the 1: 0 (34.) with the first FCK door shot.

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The hit gave guests security – they pushed immediately on the double strike. Almost Kaiserslautern had also been rewarded, but the Header of Kraus only clapped the post (40th). For this reason, it went with the scarce lead in the break.

Boyd increases by head

The second half started behavior. Both sounds and the Stefaniaks came out of the game out no formation opportunities, first a standard caused danger and jubilation. Whimsically sharp flank nodded Boyd to 2: 0 in the net (58.).

The template and scorer stood again five minutes later – Bonmann parished whimsically distribution shot strong (63.). Shortly after the parade, Ralf Santelli went into the risk and brought, among others Sané for Perdedaj. However, it became dangerous only before the own goal: Kraus missed the third hits (73., 74th) within a minute twice. Since Hanslik also distracted the ball in a promising position (77.), it remained exciting.

Würzburg actually seemed to have resigned with the defeat until Sané shortened after a sighting combination about Pourié and Kopacz (85.). The goal came too late – the subfronts created no chance in the final phase, so it remained at the 1: 2.

Kaiserslautern wins in the 3rd league for the first time against Würzburg

The success of the FCK was a novelty: For the first time Kaiserslautern won in the 3rd league against the Würzburg Stefaniaks. By victory, the team consolidates second place from the Palatinate and temporarily expands the lead on Braunschweig to five points. The Würzburg, however, tumble towards the second descent in series. The distance to the saving shore is seven counters.

Würzburg is next Saturday (14th) guest at the next ascent candidate in Braunschweig, Kaiserslautern welcomes the day at the same time pursuer Saarbrücken.

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