The German Nordic combiners have missed the title of prestigious triple, but a lot of self-confidence collected for the Winter Olympics. Above all, Vinzenz Geiger convinced at the three consecutive competition days in Seefeld with the places two, one and four at the end of Sunday.

“I am very satisfied with the weekend,” said the Obersterndorfer, who counts in Beijing to the medal hopping carriers. As “very important for self-confidence”, National coach Hermann wine book called the dress rehearsal for the ring prospect hall in ZDF. “In running we were outstanding the first two days. Today we were a bit tired.”

The victory in the final cross-country ski race over 12.5 kilometers, the Norwegian Joergen Graabak secured before the Austrian Johannes Lamparter and his compatriot Jarl Magnus Riiber.

Ski jumping because of wind conditions canceled

The last ski jumping of the event in Austria had previously been canceled due to poor wind conditions. For the starting order during cross-country skiing, the so-called provisional value passage was used, which was not so good for most German combiners.

According to the result of this jumping and the crediting of the result from the previous day, Graabak went the first to the cross-country break. Geiger, who had sailed on Saturday, started as a seventh with a residue of 28 seconds. At the triple, the results of the previous day affect the following competition. Anyone who at the end first crosses the finish line has also won the triple.

Vinzenz Geiger wins nordic combined gold in tight finish | Winter Olympics 2022 | NBC Sports
Geiger made itself the pursuit of the strong top group, to which in addition to Graabak, among other things, the two top combiner Lamparter and Riiber belonged. In the meantime, Geiger picked up something, but then had to go to his high start pace then tribute and did not come upside down.

Five days before the opening of the winter games, it made behind Geiger also Julian Schmid as a Neuter and Terence Weber as a tenth in the top ten. Triple record winner Eric Frenzel became eleventh. The DSV team stays in the Alps until Wednesday and then travels to Beijing.