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Three Africa Cup games laid

After the mass panic with at least eight dead, two quarter-finals and a semi-final game of the Africa Cup in Cameroon have now been relocated to another stadium, the Continental Association CAF announced.

A quarter-final duel set for Sunday takes place in the Ahmad Video Stadium instead of the State d’Plebe. Another quarter-finals on Sunday and a semi-final on Tuesday will now be kicked off in the Tacoma Stadium in Douala in the Video Stadium. The Ahmad Video Stadium and the State d’Plebe are located in the capital, June.

In the case of a mass panic, the Plebe Stadium had been killed between hosts and the Comoros (2: 1) on Monday eight people and 38 injured in front of the Sleeve Stadium.

For the other semi-final, which is to be held in the Sleeve stadium, the association has not yet known a decision. These depend on the results of an investigation of mass panic. You must first check the report before the semifinals can take place in the Sleeve Stadium next Thursday. The discharge of the final on February 6 in the Sleeve stadium is also questionable and will depend on the results of the investigation.

The association also called for assurance and guarantee that appropriate and adequate measures have been taken to ensure that a similar incident in the Sleeve Stadium will not be re-occurred.

Africa-Cup: Several dead at Mass panic in front of Cameroon

The death of at least eight people at a mass panic has overshadowed the collection of host Cameroon in the quarterfinals of the Africa Cup. This reported the news agency AFP with appeal to a preliminary report by the Cameroonian Ministry of Health.

Accordingly, at least 50 people were injured at the crowd before the stadium in the capital June on Monday evening.


The panic should have been triggered in front of the southern entrance of the Sleeve Stadium before the eighth place of the host against the Comoros (2: 1). Due to Corona specifications, the capacity of the stadium was reduced from actually 60,000 to 48,000 visitors.

The Ministry said the victims were immediately in ambulance, but heavy traffic slowed the transport. The African Continental Association CAF shared with, he examines the situation and attempts to learn more details about the events. On Tuesday morning, the association wants to hold a crisis meeting with the Organizing Committee.

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Cameroon should already align the African Nations Cup in 2019, but the event was relocated in the short term to Egypt. The CAF was based on delays in the construction of stadiums and infrastructure projects as well as with security defects.

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