Ark lost quickly found a base of passionate fanatics in the west, but many players were not happy with the female representation of the game. In particular, some classes in the game are limited to specific genres, while many of the dress options for female characters are more revealing than some preferred. However, it seems that Amazon Games and the Smilegate developer are aware of these requests from fanatic and, as a result, changes will occur. In a statement to Eurogamersomin Park of Amazon Games stated that counterparts for kinds with gender blocking are on their way, but they will first require a bit of development effort.

“Classes are closely linked to their characters models in terms of function and animation, so bring gender characters opposite a class requires more work than just making a different gender model available. However, Smilegate RPG is actively working on this; The female Berserker is the next class that arrives in Korea. While not all kinds of the game currently have a male and female counterpart available, we made an effort to include those that do have it in our list of launch classes. In the future, Smilegate RPG will create more counterparts for classes that are still blocked by gender, and we will bring them to Arkesia on time, “Park said.

The revealing attire in videogames have long been a source of controversy, and changes in existing games have often generated concerns about censorship. Park told Eurogamer that the current clothing options will remain in the game, but fewer developer attire and armor will be added. In addition, “the most revealing options will not be in front and center in places like our marketing or the initial screen creation screen».

«As we are aware of the balance between the unconditional fanatics who want an experience of Lost Ark that approaches the original Korean version and the new players who may not like the current options of armor and costumes, we are adding outs and alternatives To the game instead of removing options, “Park said.

It is likely that it takes a long time to incorporate armor and alternative costumes into the game, unlike classes for different genres. However, no specific period was mentioned for any of these changes; Hopefully, the players will not have to wait too much! Meanwhile, readers can consult all our previous _arch coverage, right here.

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