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Godfall Game Pass – Does the game come to service?

Godfall finally comes with all previous updates published for the game and the new exalted update to the Xbox. In addition, it is packed with the extension Fire and Darkness. But will you immerse yourself in the experience of GODFALL on Game Pass?

Well, the game was taken with mixed to bad reviews and commercial reception when it was originally released on PS5, and it did not manage to gain drive since his arrival on PS4. The game was also provided with PS plus, even though they had to pay extra to access everything. Nevertheless, Game Pass seems to be the last chance for Godfall to become a hit before it fades.

Have You Heard? Godfall is coming to XBOX Game pass
So, what did Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games said? Godfall in the Game Pass ? Continue reading to find out.

Godfall game pass

Godfall does not come to the Game Pass now. We still have a little time until the release of the game on Xbox consoles.

Therefore, Microsoft or Gearbox Publishing could announce that the Game Pass game will appear more on the 7th of April. If we hear more, we will update this article with the latest information.

For now, you should look at our overview of the Xbox Game passline-up for April 2022, which will happen to us in April.

Xbox Game Pass: Guide and instructions for the monthly quests March 2022

Xbox Game Pass Quests Guide

  • Quest: Achieve 3 kills.
  • Game: Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut
  • Points: 75 points

  • Quest: Collect 50 gold coins.

  • Game: Greedfall
  • Points: 75 points

  • Quest: Win 3 games

  • Game: Injustice 2
  • Points: 75 points

  • Quest: Collect 100 gold pieces.

  • Game: Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Points: 75 points

  • Quest: Play 4 different Game pass games.

  • Game: Optional
  • Points: 10 points

Instructions: This quest will automatically be unlocked in the course of the month if you will complete the weekly quests. The fastest way to complete this quest is to start in the Game Pass app on the smartphone via x cloud 4 games that are in the GamePass.

Instructions: Installed for this quest easy 4 games from the Game Pass app via smartphone on your console. A look at the home page The Game Pass app will show you to the lower area of ​​the app categories. There you will find indie games, shooter, fighting games etc.
Select Indie Games there and install 4 small games like Cyber ​​Shadow. Foragen, Killer Queen Black and Pikuniku. These games all have a store under a GB. As soon as you have 4 Games Via Game Pass app on your console, the quest is complete.

Xbox Game Pass March Games JUST GOT INSANE

  • Quest: Do 6 daily and 4 weekly quests.
  • Game: Optional
  • Points: 25 points

Instructions: You can complete this quest in the first week, at the weekly quest you will always find 4 per week. Now you have to start a Game Pass Game 6 times a day, so you can complete the quest.

  • Quest: Do 12 daily and 8 weekly orders this month.
  • Game: Optional
  • Points: 100 points

Instructions: If you have already been diligently in the first week since you can already complete this quest in the second week of the month. For this you have to complete all weekly quest from the calendar week before and in the current. Get the 12 daily tasks, with once a day start a Game Pass game.

  • Quest: Do 22 daily quests this month.
  • Quest: Do 12 weekly quests this month.
  • Game: Optional
  • Points: 1000 points

Instructions: For this quest you have to have completed at least a week 3 weekly quests. Now do the 22 days where you need to start a Game Pass game. Have you done that, you will be rewarded with 1000 points.

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