Nordcurrent launched the Nintendo Switch version of 2D action RPG “Oceans Heart” on February 10th. This work has already been released on January 21, 2011, and this work is highly rated. It is revealed that it has been created with strong influence on the “The Legend of Zelda” series, and is a work that can feel a strong lithography on the “Zelda” series as a look-off 2D action.

This work that writes that the producer’s MAX MRAZ itself is a major fan of the “Zelda” series, first does not hide the ZeldaSpect from the main visual. It is a composition that is considered to be conscious of “Zelda’s legendary breath of the wild”, such as “the main character of the blonde tightness and the larger world is spread under the cliff.” Even in the game main story, it feels “Zelda” from various parts such as gimmicks and items, and “I will surely be a game like” Zelda Legend “of the SFC and GB era,” will not be betrayed to the end. If you want to play high quality 2D Zelda Rike RPG, we would like to recommend this work. It is the title of “Oceans Heart” that you can enjoy Zelda-like with safety of security.

A story drawn in a pretty pixel art

First of all, let’s introduce the scenario of this work. Lymestone Island, which is surrounded by the sea. The protagonist women Tiria living on the island lived in the bar with her father and her sister. One day, a pirate who came to her island abducts Haisel of her best friend of Tilia. Although the father of Tiria who belongs to her owner’s group follows the pirate, half a year has elapsed without knowing the two people. Tilia cut off her twiles decide to go out on a journey to find her two. She leaves the island Tilia looks at Heyzel and her father, she knows about pirate burrance reasons and the mystery of the world.

As a volume of scenario, the time taken to clear the main quest of this work was approximately 10 hours. It will be about 15 hours if you include the map of every corner of the map or including a rich road element such as a rich side quest. The factor “to see every corner of the map” was felt that it was quite emphasized in this work. If you walk around the field and carry a foot in a different direction from the destination, I felt a place where I felt a place I felt that I felt that I felt that I felt it. Japanese localizations are also carefully translated to humor and can read scenarios without discomfort. Japanese text is also displayed in dot-style fonts, and I felt that I did not impair my immersion to the “Pixel Art”.

Ocean's Heart (Nintendo Switch) - Impressions and Gameplay

I want you to explore the world drawn in the pixel art, in this work in this work, where the workers’ thoughts are seen in the beginning of the art, we will be satisfied with the search mind just while walking around the world. If you look at the screenshot of this work, you will be able to enjoy this game just as you are searching.

# High Quality Zelda Like Action

This work is a 2D action of the Zelda-like ladder. The protagonist Tiria can fight with various weapons. In the early stages, it is a Tiiria who can only handle swords and bombs, but as the story goes through, a wide variety of tactics can be handled by the bow and arrow, Morning Star and ancient magic. Since weapons can be strengthened by collecting materials around the world, it is also possible to continue using attachment even with an early weapon.

These equipment are not only when fighting against enemies but also to actuate the gimmicks present in the fields and dungeons. Gimmick’s mystery solving was not so difficult, and it was felt that it was just good salt plum to play casually without being too easy to do. As a solution method, there were also many things that the main family “Zelda legend” was used by the bow and arrow and throwing a bomb. If you want to enjoy Zelda-like solving, this work will provide a perfect gimmick.

Movement of this work is very light. Tiriri can avoid enemy attacks with rolling, but from the avoidance distance long and speedy behavior, the authors also used rolling at the time of movement. Since there is no stamina concept in this work, rolling is unlimited out-of-the-box, and movement on the map can run out without crisp and stress. However, rolling is assigned to the same button as the decision, and when I’m playing, I tried to talk to NPC and rolled it to the sea. Since you can not assign separate buttons, you need a little attention when talking to NPC.

Fast Travels can not move from the field to the designated point, but it is possible to go back and forth from the city by talking to the NPC in the city. During the play, I was able to enjoy a realistic search without feeling stress regarding movement.

Similarly, the battle of this work is also made to be easy to do. If the menu screen is opened, the time during the game will stop and you can bring it to the durable game as long as you have a recovery item. In addition, even if it is defeated by the enemy, it can be responsed to the same map (or dungeon checkpoint), so it is easy to retry. In addition, there is also an element in which the enemies that appear permanent are also provided in the direction that you want to enjoy the teeth. Action It will be a work that can enjoy a wide range from beginners to skilled players.

in conclusion

As mentioned above, the 2D action RPG “Oceans Heart” released on February 10 was introduced. Developer MAX MRAZ has a track record of creating a “Bloodborne” 2D reproduction game (related articles), and a person full of love for retro pixel art. He also has a public that he loves the “Zelda” series, and the part that felt “Zelda” was also seen everywhere in the process of playing “Oceans Heart”. Those who are attracted to a screenshot and attracted to a pixel art, or those who love the 2D ‘Zelda’ series are the title you want to get. “Oceans Heart” is on sale for PC (STeam) / Nintendo Switch.