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The number of players in the steam version of the horror puzzle game “Poppy PlayTime” suddenly increased. Is it the trigger for free to be assessed and DLC distribution?

Developer Mob Games has been working on the horror puzzle game “ Poppy PlayTime “, which has been distributed at Steam since October 2021, seems to be suddenly crowded this May. The number of simultaneous connection players at the peak, which had been trembling in three digits up to that point, has exceeded 10,000 at a stretch.

“Poppy PlayTime” is a horror puzzle game set at the site of a fictional toy maker Playtime’s manufacturer. In addition to the PC version, iOS/Android version is also distributed. PlayTime was the industry’s top toy maker, but one day, all employees in the factory suddenly disappeared and have been ruined since then. Players will explore the factory to find out the truth of the disappearance case.

There are various areas such as production lines and warehouses in the dark factory. It seems that it was a fun atmosphere like a toy factory, and it was once a fun atmosphere, but now it is eerie. The player gets the equipment called GRABPACK early, and uses it to solve the puzzle.

Grabpack is an extended arm -like item that allows you to press the switch in a distant place or grab the object. The left hand is blue and the right hand is red, and it is important to use it properly. In addition, the extended arm is also a wire that passes electricity, so it can be used to pull electricity from the power supply and move the machine. Then the puzzle is solved and proceeds in the room, but the shadow of a scary toy will sneak up behind the player.

In this work, the PC (Steam) version was released in October 2021 and the mobile version was released in March this year. Looking at the daily peaks of the STEAM version of the number of simultaneous connection players, it has been more than 1,000 or less since the distribution. It seems that the excitement of live broadcasting on Twitch and YouTube has existed since last year, but it did not seem to be greatly reflected in the number of players.

That situation has changed completely in May this year. Around May 6, the number of viewers in the live commentary of this work suddenly exploded, and the number of players increased as it was taken. The peak of the STEAM version of the simultaneous connection player reached about 14,000 on the most day (Steamdb).

At this timing, Chapter 2 of this work has been distributed as DLC. New areas and toys have appeared in the factory, and green hands have been added to Grabpack. In addition, Chapter 1, the main game, is free. It is thought that DLC distribution has become more active in live distribution, and when it is free, many players will be called. At the moment, the number of simultaneous connection players is rising, and it will be noted how far it will grow in the future.

Unlocking Both Vanny Endings || Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach #8 (TRUE ENDING)
Although this work has a great excitement like this, if you look at the status of user reviews at Steam at the moment, all reviews are “slightly popular” and recent reviews are “pros and cons”. There is. It doesn’t seem to be praised.

The subtle rating seems to be distrust of the developer, Mob Games, rather than criticism of the game itself. One of the causes is the price of the DLC of Chapter 2 mentioned above. The additional chapter DLC was announced on the store page that it would be sold for $ 4.99, but was actually sold for $ 9.99 (Japan’s price of 1010 yen). Currently, the statement of $ 4.99 has been deleted.

In addition, when the chapter 1 is free, we have been dissatisfied with the fact that users who purchased for a fee ($ 4.99/520 yen) have not taken any measures to compensate for some form. 。 Except for technical problems such as bugs, the game itself is generally popular, so it can be said that the price strategy and lack of explanation of the developer have led to a rather wasteful situation.

“Poppy PlayTime” is being distributed to PC (Steam) and iOS/Android.

Problems with WWE 2K22 server

WWE 2K22 is already in the hands of fans in advance access, and so far there are quite a positive comments about the game itself. Unfortunately, there have been some problems with anticipated order copies that are not available in some stores for those who paid for early access, and 2K has just revealed that the game has problems with the server. In a tuit, the study said that access to the functions and modes of online games can be inconsistent while working to address the situation, which they say it is caused by a large volume of simultaneous players. You can review the full publication below.

@Wegames wrote: «# WWE2K22 is experiencing problems with servers due to the large volume of simultaneous players. We are working to address the situation quickly. During this time, access to the functions and modes of online games can be inconsistent. More updates will arrive as they arrive ». They’re available.”

The online modes of the game were inactive early today for maintenance for approximately two hours, so, hopefully, once this server problem is solved, things will work quickly.

With luck, 2K can handle server loads and prepare for the next complete release later this week, as it will bring a lot of other players to the ecosystem.

The good news is that the comments so far are quite positive with respect to gameplay, universe mode and my GM mode. In addition, more and more superstar entries are opened online, and although there are some superstars that do not reach the high standard of others, the images in general seem to be well received.

You can find the official description of NWO 4-LIFE EDITION below.

NWO 4-LIFE edition will be available for $ 119.99 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC in digital format. Celebrating the 25 years of the faction that put upstream the world of sports entertainment, in addition to the standard edition and all the additional content included in the luxury edition, NWO 4-Life edition comes with MyFACTION EVO cards and alternative NWO outfits For Hollywood. Hogan, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Syxx, in addition to a playable character from Eric Bischoff, Arenas WCW Souled Out 1997 and WCW Bash at The Beach 1996, and the NWO Wolfpac Championship. Players who reserve NWO 4-Life Edition before March 8, 2022 will also receive anticipated access to the game three days before launch.

10 Biggest Problems & Disappointments With WWE 2K22
For those in advance access, what do you think of the game so far? Let us know in the comments or, as always, you can talk about everything related to wrestling with me on Twitter @MattaguilarCB!

Sea of Thieves Season 6 is ready to drop the moorings

The seasons of Sea of ​​Thieves quietly follows its course. The bulk of the content for the year had already been announced, but rare brings some details about the novelties that will burst in his game of multiplayer pirates on March 10.

With the evaporation of Captain Flameheart and the appearance of a mysterious green fog, the narrative events of the year have already begun to set up in Sea of ​​Thieves for a few weeks. But from March 10, six strong maritime will burst on the sea of ​​the thieves who, provided they empty the ghosts that drag them, will be able to serve as a basis for crews. New types of trips will be available for players who have reached the rank of legendary hackers from the second half of season 6, so in April.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW SEASON 6 // SEA OF THIEVES - New Quests, New threats, New Adventures!

Which says new season also says 100 levels to reach to unlock flashing elements of unpublished floors and ship, free or other exclusive to players who bought the Plunder Pass. Sea of ​​Thieves , which will blow its fourth candle at the end of March, has gathered more than 25 million players on PC and Xbox consoles.

Hunt: Showdown: Anniversary with Twitch Drops, New Content and More

Studen veterans, fans and new players are invited to rush in the Bayou and celebrate the fourth anniversary since the publication of Hunt: Showdown in the Early Access. There is hardly a better time to connect the more than 3.5 million players – a number that rises year after year.

The Bayou is a strange and dangerous place. Witness for this are the 1,595 players who died through doors or the 276, which have lost their lives through horses. All are invited to participate in the jubilee celebration by going hunting for the bounty. And each other.

To celebrate the four-year-old, Crytek thanks current players and welcomes new in Hunt Showdown with a Twitch Drops campaign, a jubilee sale and new branding.

Fatih Özbayram, Senior Producer for Hunt: Showdown, says, “The entire team has worked hard for the past four years to make Hunt a special experience. Every match tells a unique story, so people come back to the Bayou over and over again. “

“It’s always our claim to keep the game with updates, content and events fresh. Over the last year, we added a new map and a new boss as well as events like ‘Light The Shadow’ and ‘AS The Crow Flies’ held. All this could not be done without our fantastic and open community. By putting the players in the first place and listen to what they want in Hunt, we are able to offer a games experience, which is truly unique. “

The Twitch Drops campaign contains four legendary weapons and a legendary Hunter and runs from morning, 23rd of February at 4 pm until March 1st at 16 o’clock. Drops are for all freely accessible, players just have to watch their favorite streamer on Twitch at Hunt: Showdown to dust the free rewards.

The new branding reflects the PVPVE gameplay and appears on all Hunt: showdown channels as well as wallpapers available for download.

Twitch Drops 2022 I Hunt: Showdown
New in Hunt? On the social media channels, “50 Ways to the” videos are full of tips and hints, which should not do new players. In addition, a “Beauty of Hunt” video soon appears, which introduces some of the fabulous places and scenes to discover.

PC players can secure hunt: showdown plus four DLCs as part of the anniversary package with 65% discount. The package is available on Thursday, March 3 to Steam.

Pocking football stars and the fascination gambling

Now learn more about gambling, gambling athletes and legal basics. ✓Prominent Zocker. ✓Currile stories. ✓The regulations. Inform here!

The crass casino escapades of football stars

Gambling fascinated. The view of a great profit and thrills of the exciting game give the players a ‘kick’ and let them win some distance from the stressful everyday life. According to a survey of the Federal Center for Health Education (BZGA) from 2019, about 75 percent of the population in Germany at least 16 to 70 years have already participated in a form of gambling.

In this article, we take a look at some prominent lucky knights from the world of Germanys and their sometimes bizarre adventures, the fascination arising from gambling and at the same time consider possible risks and the legal situation in Germany.

These top athletes are likely to gamble a round

Face of the number presented above does not surprise it that several enthusiastic Zockers can be discovered among the professional footballers. Some prominent players who see a special joy of casino visits and gambling, we will be briefing together with their partly curious gambling stories.

Max Kruse and a particularly expensive taxi ride in Berlin

The offensive player returned in the currently expired winter transfer period to the VfL Wolfsburg is known in addition to his footballing class for his poker’s passion. For example, he participated in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) for example – and successfully completing: Again and again he could finish the games “in the money” – so reach a cash placement.

Many are certainly also his participation in the 42nd “TV Total night” in 2015, which he could decide for himself. He donated the prize money in the amount of 50,000 euros.

Rams Win Super Bowl And Cooper Kupp Wins SB LVI MVP 2.14.22 | The Early Line Hour 1

For special sensation, however, another process from 2015 caused: After a taxi ride in the early morning hours of Berlin, he should forget considerable 75,000 euros in the car. Allegedly, the money should also have stammered from a poker game. Double bitter for Kruse: The money did not reappear, in addition to his employer – then also the VfL Wolfsburg – have raised a strong fine for the nocturnal Berlin excursion.

75,000 euros lost Max Kruse in a taxi in Berlin

An expensive evening forwayne rooney

But of course there is not only celebrity Zocker from the world of Germany in Germany. A particularly prominent example of the motherland of football is Wayne Rooney. The longtime Premier League star and today’s coach of Derby County is designed to have alone on a night in May 2017 approximately 500,000 pounds – converted approx. 590,000 euros. Supposedly he played primarily roulette and blackjack and lost 4,000 pounds per minute!

Mario Balotelli – the casino winner with heart

On the other hand, Mario Balotelli was more successful than Rooney, if one can believe the British media reports from 2011. The Italian top runner, who probably remained in memory of the football fans in Germany, especially by its famous pose after his goal in the semifinals of the European Championship against the German selection, should have gained 25,000 pounds at a casino visit in Manchester and thereof 1.000 pounds have given a homeless.

Overlapping between Germanys and gambling

What exactly but fascinates people in gambling and which overlaps can be found with top Germany?
The reasons for a casino visit, the weekly release purchase or for the game on a machine are very diverse. Some a player simply lures the hope for a great profit, others enjoy the atmosphere of the casino, others have great fun to use a gambling machine and again others just want to win some distance from stressful everyday life at a round on the roulette table.

Against the background of the Germany, other aspects are added: At poker game, for example, the boundaries are blurred between gambling, strategy and psychology. Players do not argue here simply for a vending machine, but measure themselves with each other in an exciting competition – especially the aspect of competition seems to be an important factor here for many players and is comparable to the rings around trophies and medals in Germanys.

In addition, many spectators enjoy watching the matches and are probably similarly excited like the players themselves when it comes to the final table to the showdown and shows which player really has the best hand. Famous poker players such as the German Poker World Champion Pius Heinz or the multiple Champion Daniel Negreanu have gained a big fanbase over the years and attract the spectators in droves with their exciting games.

Another phenomenon is shown in the Germanys betting: Here, for example, the fans can bet on “their” team, proving their special identification with the team and then intensively with their idols. The profit of your team is now also your profit – the same goes, of course, in the case of a defeat.

Dangers of gambling

Of course, the gambling will give many people an exciting and pleasant variety, but it has no doubt also serious shadow sides, which can not be concealed at this point. In some a player, the harmless pastime becomes a gambling addiction – with partly dramatic consequences for those affected themselves and their environment. They neglect about their social contacts, their obligations in the job no longer gradually gradually give them up with time literally house and yard. According to current data of the BZGA, there are approximately 430,000 people in Germany alone, which have a problematic game behavior or even playful.

Of course, this danger does not stop even before athletes. According to the Fan Initiative “Our Curve”, about 10 percent of the profit and width Germanys enthusiasts are affected, the initiative therefore consists of a stronger regulation of Germanys betting – for example in the form of a promotional ban in stadiums for the providers of Germanys betting – as well as a better enlightenment on the risks.

The new gambling State Treaty (Gullv)

In Germany, meanwhile, on 1 July 2021, the new Gambling State Treaty came into force. After long negotiations, the federal states have been able to communicate to the contained regulations and ratified the contract. The new Gambling State Treaty brings important changes especially for the field of online casinos and pursues the goal of regulating the market and creating the players as safe as possible for the players. Since its entry into force in Germany, only online casinos are legally, which respect the legal provisions and received a regulatory license for the offer of online gambling. In order to obtain this license, the operators of online casinos must meet multiple conditions and conditions that should serve especially for player protection and addiction prevention.

The Gambling State Treaty should regulate the market in Germany

More player protection and better prevention

The new Gambling State Treaty considers various provisions for this purpose, some essentials are briefly presented at this point. For example, a central condition is that there is a monthly and cross-supplier deposit limit of 1,000 euros per player. In addition, the virtual gambling machines must not have auto-play function, the players must therefore trigger each spin individually and deliberately.

Table games such as blackjack and roulette are not allowed, in addition, the providers must provide their players a virtual panic button, with the operation, the players can lock themselves for a period of 24 hours. Also important is that the providers inform the players regularly about their respective profits and losses. Furthermore, the advertising possibilities were also restricted, by the way not only in terms of online casinos, but also with the betting providers. The latter can no longer advertise active athletes.

For enforcing and monitoring the new rules, a new authority based in Halle (Saxony-Anhalt) was founded. Which online casino is approved in Germany? Incidentally, the first casinos that adheres to the new regulations and applicable to a regulatory approval include the Jackpotpirates, where the players can look forward to a secure and legal gaming pleasure in compliance with legal requirements.

This contribution is based on data originating in cooperation with the company Mernov.

Destiny 2 again lacks in force to make old and returning players easier

In Destiny 2 Power is not just a measure of general guard capacity, but also a permanent indicator for players, whether they will be able to deal with a given challenge. Although in Queen-Wiedźma (the upcoming allowance) does not get great changes in the way of gaining power, on the day of the premiere Bungee will introduce several general updates to prepare new and returning players to the new campaign.


Starting from February 22, the lower power limit will be 1350. All players who join the game will have an appropriate level of power to start the Queen-Witch campaign, even if they had a break in the game.

You can achieve a soft limit of 1500 in the general gameplay, gaining overall equipment for the end of activity, opening chests and not only. In this category there are also rare and legendary booties. After reaching a soft limit, players will have to gain powerful peels in challenges from sellers and achieving other goals in the game.

After reaching the power limit 1550, the only way to increase power is to participate in end games with top prizes. The last, hard limit of 1560, can be achieved through invades, attempts of an Osiris, iron bunting and other EVE activity of the final game. Is it just in principle on the old one.

Bungee reported that on March 5, the new Raid 2 gates will be opened, which will add a queen-witch. Unfortunately, its names were not given, and the challenge will be really exciting.

Orbital bullet brings new modes and more with the holidays update

Fridays with Tim 011: NASA CLD Awards
2021 (MAXI) is the current year, and is a usual year starting on Friday of the Gregorian calendar, the 2021st year of the Usual Era (CE) and Anna Dominic (AD) designations, the 21st year of the 3rd millennium and the 21st century, and the second year of the 2020s decade.
The United Nations stated 2021 as the International Year of Tranquility and also Trust, the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Growth, the International Year of Vegetables And Fruits, as well as the International Year for the Removal of Child Labor. Most major events set up for 2020 that were delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic were organized in 2021; the Eurovision Track Contest, the 26th United Nations Climate Change Meeting, Exposition 2020, numerous sporting events, consisting of UEFA Euro 2020, the 2020 Summer Olympics and also Paralympics, and the 2021 Copa América are a few examples.

Two new game modes to play 360 degrees. The Rogue-like Assemble Entertainment, Orbital Bullet, now offers two new game modes and more with its holidays update. In a press release on the update, the anticipated access game shared all the joyful details of the update with the players.

Stay freezing with four new weapons to master, new skins in the game and, the most exciting: new game modes, including difficult mode in the eternity tower and freshly ended end mode. Indicated the press release.

Orbital Bullet is an early access game that resumes the thug formula and applies it to the 360 ​​level design. Players revolve around the level to progress. You have to expect a fast gameplay, with a range of weapons and skills to learn. Now, there is even more to explore. In the future, today’s holiday update brings four new weapons, as well as new game modes to test them. The update also includes new characters skins.

Assemble Entertainment has also published a trailer, presenting the update and the main elements of the gameplay.

In addition, the trailer presents the game modes and what players can expect when trying them. In endless mode, everything depends on the height to which the player can climb the tower that never ends. So the name. Fresh a path as long as possible before losing. The Eternity Tower now offers 100 levels of brutally difficult gameplay, testing the skills of players.

Orbital bullet is currently in anticipated access and is available on Steam. The game is currently €12.99. However, it is important to note that Assembly now works with Ocean Cleanup and the purchase of Orbital Bullet Save the World edition for €22.99 makes a donation of 10% to the non-profit group. The players who buy this version also receive the original band of the game.

Look too

Destiny 2 Update 3 4 0 Patchnotes Gordon Bicker

The Problem Computer Game Playing Survey (or PVP Set Of Questions) is a scale determined by utilizing a study having nine yes-or-no inquiries. It is developed to determine the condition frequently referred to as computer game addiction. The developers of the range as well as coming with study are Dr. Ricardo Tejeiro-Salguero, a scientist at the University of Liverpool, and Dr. Rosa María Bersabé-Moran, a Psychology teacher at the University of Málaga.

Update 3.4.0 is there for Destiny 2, and here are the complete information about the changes added to this patch. This special update contains significant corrections on the game, such as a variety of grenade corrections and also changes to a few elements of the user interface / UX next to many other changes in addition to the previous patch. The following section lists the official pat notes. Everything is new with destiny 2 3.4.0.

Destiny 2 Update 3.4.0 Pat notes



Currency rewards lock at three, five and seven no longer win backing tickets.
A playlist tooltip has been added to indicate that Cross Play must be enabled to access trial versions.
Checking facilities now show a warning message if the player account has a seven profit ticket.
Limited TOOLTIP and NOTICE Loading the Third Person Cameras screen added to tests, elimination and showdown.
It has been resolved a problem that prevented the correct loading of the Dead Cliffs card in Glory Playlists.
Anomaly and The Dead Cliffs were removed from the rotation of the Momentum Control.
Missing string for Legendary Valor Triumph fixed and corrected how often it is necessary to achieve the crucible rank of legend.
Crucible bootees for the zone conquest are now applied to all melting pot modes.
Rusted Lands: There has been a problem that lacked dynamic objects such as barrels or bricks with physics and exploding objects in hive on this card.

Lost sectors

The music in Legend and Master Lost Sector has been adapted to scale if life and time are scarce.
The tendrils and sounds of the darkness zone are now played when players in the legend and championed sectors as well as in Grandfather Night reports the revival.
Players now see the warning No revival left if they have no revival in the legend and master-wedder sectors or in Grand master.
Players see revived: +0 no longer if they defeat champions after the time limits are expired in the legend and master-lorry sectors or in Grand master nightfall.

It has been fixed a problem where the screen does not display statistics at the end of the game for the legend and mastered sectors.
The lost sector of the empty tank at the tangled shore now rewards the right exotic equipment, consistent with the reward rotation of the other lost sectors.
Excavation site XII: A problem has been fixed in which the barrier at the entrance in the difficulty level legend and master had a gap that made it possible to leave the lost sector. This lost sector will be active again in a future season.
The lost sector of the Scavengers in EDC has added an energy career when playing legend or masters on the difficulty level, to prevent most encounters from being skipped in the lost sector. This lost sector will be active again in a future season.


The corrupt:
To reduce the overall length of the attack and make it less painful for hard wipers in the elevator meeting, we have removed the obsessed combatants in the dark corridor of the ascendant level, which leads to the elevator.
If a feeder moves hard during the last phase of the boss fight in the realm of the ascendants, the portal to the kingdom of the ascendants leads him to the Resown directly to phase 2 instead of bringing it to play the platform section between Phase 1 and Phase 2 again.
If a feeding tree reaches the platform area before boss struggle in The Asylum, all operational troops or ghosts left behind in earlier parts of the attack are now released forward to join their emergency group.
If the players begin the encounter with the elevator, all daggers or their ghosts are pulled forward to join their emergency group.
It has been fixed a problem that regenerates Media’s shields faster than expected at twilight difficulties. Your shields now regenerate themselves based on the health threshold in Nightfall, just like in Direct Launch or the Vanguard Playlist.
The portal to the kingdom of the ascendants after phase 1 of the boss struggle should now reliably show players in the right direction.
It has been fixed a problem that the fighters prevented from reaching part of the right area in the first half of the boss fight. Versions should now spread a little further on the right platform.
It has been fixed a problem through which a possessed Acolyte spawned in front of the floating platform in the field of floating platform and immediately crashed into death before he ever really awakened to life.
An issue has been resolved in which the relic disappeared under certain conditions during the Boss phase and never showed again.
It has been fixed a cosmetic problem in which the relic-spawner turned during the Boss phase before the relic has been spawned.
The reverse tower:
It has been solved a problem where the spirit of a player appeared too far back in the beat of death near the drilling area. The spirits now appear on specified secure places in the practice area.

The scarlet fortress:

Destiny 2 Update 3.4.0 Patch Notes, Destiny 2's mid-season update arrives with today's patch!

It has been fixed a problem in which the crystal was permanently invincible to continue the beat when players reached the wizard at the first stop of the elevator and killed him before the crystal could appear.
Strikes: It has been fixed a problem in which the catch-up version of Grand master Hollowed Lair had other modifiers than the weekly presented version.

freely roam

It has been fixed a problem through which a wall of obsessed Miasma could appear in Rheasilvia during Free roam in a door opening if she should not be there.


It was resolved a problem in the RAID Last Wish, which led to some emissions that the last encounter did not start properly, resulting in inevitable mistakes.
Queens walk Escape: When Player Stopped Rivers Heart, there was a problem where the encounter did not start, which led to no enemies and teleported immediately into the inside of the heart.

User interface / UX

Text chat

Players on Xbox, PlayStation and Stadia platforms can now decide to display text chat messages in different chat channels.
Updated terminology for text chat settings on these platforms to reflect the available functions.
Advanced whisper chat settings for all platforms.
An increased granularity has been added to filter who may send you whisper-chat messages.
Additional option to reorder the Show Text Chat Show / Hide on the PC.

This is assigned to the L button by default, but the option to reload this was not made available.
Settings> Text Chat> Keyboard shortcuts> UI> CUT option has been removed to tape / hide a keyboard button on Text Chat.
A problem has been resolved that prevented the use of Korean IME input under Windows.

Stasis dealer

A problem has been resolved, the Stasis Aspect Quest did not know consistently at the Stasis dealer until the player had acquired his second Stasis aspect.
Quests locked has been added to additional text that describes how to unlock each.

Stasis subclass screen

Different problems have been fixed in which the pips for aspects and fragments sometimes indicated an inaccessible counter.
The PIPS counter is displayed based on the most recently checked socket shells.
The pips under the base slot display count the empty pedestal.
The Stasis subclass screen is the number of pips for aspects and fragments one less than the total number.

Boot flow

Screen with cross-SAVE information
The chart for the Cross Save screen has been updated to adapt to the style of the Cross Play screen, which was introduced with the start of Cross Play in Season 15.
Windows Store Settings Screen
The setting screen has been updated so that new players in the Windows store can set the text chat settings so that they meet those who are new players at Steam.


A problem has been resolved on PC platforms where players could experience FPS burglaries in different situations in which the grates were updated more frequently than intended.
The biggest FPS drops were seen in the rust, tower and orbit.
A problem has been resolved in which the bungee name could be wrapped with maximum length in a second line and cover other UI elements in some squad tooltips.
The width of the friction area on the Social Preferences tab was reduced when using a controller.
Fixed a problem where Roster contacts could appear as blank entries while waiting for loading all relevant data before contents were displayed.
The symbol for the social settings set on public has been updated to distinguish the setting from the symbol Join the Fire Team to avoid confusion.
It has been fixed a problem in which a player could appear offline, but in some cases also appeared as accurate.
An issue has been resolved where players may not receive any error message if you accept a feed-in invitation, but do not succeed successfully.
If you send a deployment troop invitation and then set the social settings to closed, no error message will be displayed if a player accepts the emergency invitation.
Fix a problem that hidden the Invite to Fire team button when the privacy of the local fire team was set to closed.
A problem has been resolved in which outstanding invitations of offline players could display a circle symbol when the platform is unknown.
It has been fixed a problem where blocked players are not always displayed with a blocked icon on the Roster screens.
A problem has been resolved at Steam, in which some platform symbols were a general platform symbol by default, especially if Steam no symbol of a PlayStation player indicated.
Updated text in the Windows Store for various quickinfoors where terminology was too general.


In PVP game modes, the energy increase of skills is no longer generative with other energy generation boosts.
Heart of the innermost light
The more consistent use of skills is now stacking the strengthening buff.
The buff text now indicates which ability is strengthened and how many stacks to authorize it has.
In PVP game modes, the buff duration and the capability regeneration rate were reduced by ~ 50%.
Keep opposite
The capability regeneration boost now always stops 1.75s.
Previously, the boost was between 1S and 4S.
The previous average duration was 1.35 s due to the weighting.
In PVP game modes, the energy gain was reduced by 50% by grenades.
Damns catching shoulder pieces
In PVP game modes, the superenergewinn was reduced by 50%.
Shinobi vows
In PVP game modes, the grenade energy gain per hit was reduced by 66%.
Chromatic Fire now works as intended with Stasis subclasses.
Crown of storms
In PVP game modes, the duration of the energy generation boost from 7 to 4 seconds was reduced.
The deer
In PVP game modes, the energy gain of class capabilities was reduced by 50%.
Icefall coat
Stasis monitor can now be canceled by pressing the class capacity input again.
Dune researcher

As soon as a player has been hit by a dune marker flash chain, he can no longer be hit by dune markers for 2 seconds.
Dune hunters are now only flashing on living goals.
Armor mods
Can now be applied immediately with a push of a button. All mica costs for the sockets of armor mods removed.
Melee Kick start

In PVP game modes, the melee energy gain was reduced by 50%.
Grenades Kick start
In PVP game modes, the energy gain was reduced by 50% by grenades.
Utility Kick start
In PVP game modes, energy increase was reduced by 50% by class capabilities.
Strengthening the detonation
In PVP game modes, energy increase was reduced by 50% by class capabilities.
Focusing blow
In PVP game modes, energy increase was reduced by 50% by class capabilities.
In PVP game modes, energy increase was reduced by class capabilities by ~ 25%.
The change varies easily, depending on how many copies of the Mod it equipped.
In PVP game modes, the grenade energy gain was reduced by ~ 45%.
In PVP game modes, the melee energy generation was reduced by ~ 45%.
In PVP game modes, the superenergewinn was reduced by ~ 45%.
In PVP game modes, the energy gain was reduced by ~ 45%.
Pulse transmission
In the PVP game…

New World Player numbers sink Amazon must react now

Game of Thrones [Gem UV ɹɹOʊNZ], also called the iron throne (according to the French title of the enchanting work of which it is adjusted), is a Fantasy American TV series created by David Benioff as well as DB Weiss, program between 17 April 2011 as well as May 19, 2019, on HBO in the USA simultaneously on HBO Canada in Canada.
This is the adaptation of the series of books composed by George RR Martin since 1996, legend renowned for its realistic look as well as by its several motivations from actual historical events, areas and personalities, such as the battle of the two-roses, the Wall of Hadrian or Henry VII Tudor.
In France, it has actually been transmitted given that June 5, 2011, on OCS Cine choc, end up being OCS shock, on Canal + given that January 10, 2013, and rebroadcast in clear on D8 (come to be C8) from October 28, 2013, as well as on D17 (now STAR) 2014.
The background of the series, situated on the make believe continents of Westeros and ESSS at the end of a summer of ten years, interlaces three large intrigues. The first intrigue informs Jon Snow’s story as well as the future raising threat of winter months coming close to, legendary and epic animals from north Westeros wall that divides the kingdom from the 7 crowns of the danger situated beyond. The second intrigue relates the technique of Daenerys Targaryen, south of ESSS, (the last exile agent of the fallen empire) in order to resume the iron throne; sign of outright power. The 3rd intrigue story the history of the members of a number of noble households, in a civil battle to dominate the iron throne of the kingdom of the 7 crowns. Through these morally uncertain characters, the series explores the subjects pertaining to political power, climate change, the social hierarchy, religious beliefs, civil war, sexuality and also physical violence in general.
Game of Thrones has gotten a remarkably huge as well as energetic worldwide fan base. The collection has been well-known by the majority of criticism, although some have discharged reservations regarding the high quantity of violence and sex in the story. She has gotten lots of honors, consisting of a Hugo reward for the ideal significant fiction as well as a Peabody Honor, along with ten premix time Emmy Awards — including 3 to the very best dramatic series for the first three seasons — two nominations at the Golden Globes. Within a considerable circulation primarily made up of British actors, the American actor Peter Dinklage won the Emmy Award along with the Golden Globe of the very best star in a 2nd duty for his interpretation of Tyrion Lannister. The British actor Set Harrington won the Young Hollywood Awards of the most effective star for his interpretation of Jon Snow. The British starlet Emilia Clarke won the Gracie Allen Awards of the ideal actress in a remarkable collection for his analysis of Danes Targaryen. In 2013, the Writers Guild of America called 40th 101 the most effective written collection in the history of television. To date, Game of Thrones is one of the most illegally downloaded and install television collection in the world. In 2015, the series got in the publication of documents as one of the most relayed series on the planet, with 173 countries. It is likewise among one of the most pricey series in history, the budget of season 6 being $100 million, or 10 million per episode.

Still, the number of players decreases from New World, which could ensure, where appropriate, will soon die out that the first server. Amazon reacts with server consolidations.

Update of November 18, 2021:

New World: After power is a low

Amazon Games the situation with New World has probably presented differently, especially since the game was saved from players initially barely. Now, however, the opposite is the case. According to the site Steam charts the game was a few weeks ago average inspire 400,000 simultaneous players for itself, now the multiplayer RPG at around 100,000 has arrived.

Suffer especially smaller servers, because without enough players breaks the whole economic system together. The need anyway much join — so much that Amazon temporarily abschaltete server recently after several Duping cases were discovered. Players have duplicated high value items such as home accessories for the endgame and even gold. Counterproductive for one anyway weak system.

New World - A Response to the Fans (and more bugs)
Of course, that does not go unnoticed, and despite the lack players had Amazon remained start a spell wave that affected at the end of more than 1,200 accounts.

We have blocked a total of over 1,200 players because these exploits permanently, its articles of the economy away and their entries deleted in the trading post. We have acted resolutely against obvious culprits on November 2 and the accounts of the worst offenders are permanently disabled, thereby removing over 80% of the ill-gotten coins and objects from the economy were so Alexandra Community Manager on the official blog.

How to proceed with New World remains to be seen. First, are a few servers will be merged.

(Source: Steam charts, Dev Blog)

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FINAL FANTASY XIV: Complete version of PS4 game

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original contribution of 14 November 2021:

Only to New World could not save them from players, but only shortly after the release of the game Amazon Games now has to contend with lack of players. The first server will soon be merged.

New World: The player numbers fall rapidly

After several delays Amazon’s first attempt in the MMO genre on September 28, 2021. Appeared first, it was a resounding success, so shot New World in the charts quickly to the top. The popularity of the game has now apparently but removed again — this could be, among others, bugs like the gold doubling that almost paralyzed the economy in the game.

With the update, it is 1:05 Amazon managed to address some problems, but apparently recorded on some servers a strong population decline. Now, the group reacts with the merger. The announced New World developer Kay on the official forum:

Hi, bringing together the worlds is imminent, but still requires further testing before we are confident enough to use the technology to live worlds. As you can imagine, we are overly cautious in view of the first rocky weeks.

Keep the official news section out for an early update of our community managers on this issue.

Is New World something for you? In the trailer you can make you an impression:

New tokens for a server changes are possible

Forum most fans respond positively to this news, but some players have their token for a server transfer now virtually wasted. This includes forum users Karina.

Is there any hope of a second transfer token for those of us who have used the first to join friends and now stuck on dead servers? I know it’s early, it’s only noon, but according to the database of New World are on my server just 167 people online. Change every day more people the server.

As much as bugs and exploits also annoying, I could handle it… but it’s hard to play a game like this, when there are not many others with whom you can play.

But it seems so, as if these players lucky because developers Kay replied, that there is hope there.

(Source: New World Forum)

Went you look out for RPG alternatives we have in this Bilderstrecke a few tips for you:

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DC announces a new game of digital collectable letters

DC Comics is getting into the field of Games of Digital Card Construction. The comic editor is being associated with CryptozoC Entertainment and YUKE s to launch a new digital card game called zona dual of cc. Players will build a deck of 40 letters centered on two leaders, consisting of DC iconic characters like Batman, Superman, Aquaman or Harley Quinn. Each leader is encoded by one of the five features, and players then build their decks using action cards and minion composed of letters with the same faction designation as their leaders. Factions include tactics (blue), power (red), energy (green), anarchy (orange) and tyranny (violet).

Play in zona dual DC Start with a player s leaders who are already at stake in a 3 × 2 grid. Players can use rins to protect their leaders or actions to provide benefits or other effects on leaders. Each leader has an established defense and can activate skills periodically using loads in the game.

An important part of zona dual DC will be the weekly PVE offers based on different DC stories. Complete the weekly chapters reward players with three letters related to that story or character. Players can catch up with missing stories using the game subscription model, and players can also buy packets. Subscription prices and packages were not available at the time of ad. DC and Cryptozoic will also launch regular expansions for the game once every four months. In particular, DC and Cryptozoic are already analyzing movies and other media links as well. We have also spoken with DC on other means, said Cryptozoic director, Cory Jones said in an interview with Gamespot. «For example: Black Adam, we could make a series of PVE comics a month that are around Black Adam or something like that. We could make a celebrity choose comics in a given week. There are a lot of ideas ».

DC Comics and Cryptozoic are partners for a long time, since Cryptozoic has launched an official game of DC Deckbuilding for more than a decade. Zona dual DC is different from that game, and the goal of Cryptozoic with the new game is make a CCG in which any DC fan can jump and learn immediately, while also has a game in which any CCG fan For a long time you can play and feel a true depth and strategy immediately. «

You can find a complete preview of DC Dual Zone in GameSpot. The game will be launched at some point of 2022.

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