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Pokemon Go Sierra weaknesses and finest counter (September 2022).

It is a new month in Pokémon Go which indicates that Sierra, among the 3 leaders of Team Go Rocket, has a brand-new Set of Shadow-Pokémon that is to be defeated. In this handbook you will certainly discover which Shadow-Pokémon Sierra will utilize in Pokémon Enter September 2022.

To reach Giovanni in Pokemon Go, you need to deal with Sierra, High cliff and also Arlo. Here are All Shadow-Pokémon Sierra may be beginning in Pokemon Go in September 2022:

Lapras weaknesses and also counterattack.

Pokémon name Fast movement Charged step .
Xurkibaum Thunderbill discharge.
Lukas Reduced kick Follow-up explosion.
Ramardos Smetting Rock loss.
Pheromon Reduced kick Melee.
Thundurus (Therian) Thunderbill lightning.

Drapion is a Pokémon of Dark as well as Toxin that just takes care of weak against assaults of the Boden . Below are the most effective Drapion counters:.

Sierra Pokemon Go Phase two-Blaziken, Lapras or Blastoise.

After Shadow Squirtle, Sierra can toss Blaziken, Lapras or Blastoise with you.

Pokémon name Fast movement Billed move .
Xurkibaum Thunderbill discharge.
Thundurus (Therian) Thunderbill lightning.
Zarude Red wine whip Power drum.
Red Razor fallen leave Sunbeam.
Electric Thunderbill Wild load.
Pokémon name Fast movement Billed action .
Xurkibaum Thunderbill discharge.
Thundurus (Therian) Thunderbill lightning.
Zarude White wine whip Power drum.
Red Razor leaf Sunbeam.
Electric Thunderbill Wild lots.

Blaziken is a fire and also fight Pokémon that makes it weak for flight, floor, water as well as emotional kinds ** Pokémon. Right here are the most effective counters for blazics:.

Houndoom counters and also weaknesses.

Which’s all you require to know to beat Sierra in Pokemon Enter September 2022.
Visit our Pokemon Go web page if so Passion in additional Pokemon Go instructions .
Take a look at whatever that happens in Period of Light as well as even more.
Pokémon Go is now available on mobile phones.

With these feasible darkness Pokémon in the rear of your head you want it bring one of the adhering to Pokémon with for every little thing: be prepared:.
| A Pokémon of the GRAS or Elektro .| A Pokémon of the Hellseher or Kampf .| A Boden-Pokémon .
| phase one
– Schiggy.| Stage two – Blaziken, Lapras or Blastoise.| Phase 3 – Houndoom, Drapion or Nidoqueen.

blazics weaken as well as respond to.

Blastoise is a Pokémon of the sort of water, which means that it is weak versus lawn as well as electrical kind Pokémon. Blastoise is a more development of Squirtle, so here are the very best blastoise counters:.


Blastoise counters and also weaknesses.

Drapion weak points and counterattack.

Pokémon name |.
Fast movement |.
Charged relocation .
— |– |–
Mewtu |.
Confusion |.
Deoxys (strike) |.
Zen headstore |.
Königler |.
Bladder |.
Darmanitan (galar) |.
Ice tooth |.
Excadrill |.
Sludge slap |.

Pokémon name Fast movement Charged action .
Faster Sludge put quake.
Knacrack Sludge shot Planet power.
Groudon Sludge fired earthquake.
Excadrill Sludge slap earthquake.
Demeteros (Therian) Sludge shot Planet power.

Houndoom is a fire and also dark Pokémon, which indicates that it is so weak for fight, rock, floor and water kinds Pokémon. Below are the most effective houndoom counters:.

Since we have left stage 1 as well as phase 2 from Sierra, Stage 3 can see Darkness Houndoom, Shadow Drapion or Darkness Nidoqueen .

Lapras is a water and ice-Pokémon that makes it weak for fight, stone, lawn and electrical kind assaults. Right here are the ideal counters for Lapras:.

Pokémon name Fast movement Billed step .
Ramardos Slip Sliding Rock fall.
Pheromon Reduced kick Follow-up surge.
Lukas Counter Aura ball.
Königler Bladder Cancer.
Demeteros (Therian) Sludge shot Planet power.

Sierra Pokemon Go stage one-Schiggy.

Pokémon name Fast movement Billed move .
Mewtu Confusion Clairvoyant.
Deoxys (attack) Zen headstore Psycho-boost.
Königler Bladder Cancer cells.
Staraptor Gust Excellent bird.
Demeteros (Therian) Extra-ambassable Earth power.

First you will combat Shadowy shock . Squirtle is a Pokémon of the kind of water, which indicates that it is weak against electric and grass kind attacks. Below are the most effective counter-Pokémon to deal with Squirtle:.

nidoqueen weaknesses and counterattack.

Nidoqueen is a Pokémon of the sort of poison and flooring that makes it weak weak towards soil, ice cream, psycho-and water kinds Pokémon. Here are the most effective Nidoqueen counters:.

Sierra Pokemon Go Phase Nidoqueen, drapion or 3-houndoom.

Pokemon Go: .. .. – April, April 2022

Who is now quite loud “you have a mistake !!! 2” writing (or screams), throw a look at today’s date and understand: Even the developers of Pokémon Go are never embarrassed by a April Fool. For Just on the evening of March 31, 2022, at 22:00, there was a Twitter post with exactly this content.

Meanwhile, the whole Twitter account was taken over by Pokémon Go by Ditto! And whoever opens his game, will also find that Professor Willow wants to talk to you. But stop! Is that really Professor Willow? He says nothing!

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Professor Dillow!

Who knows the Pokémon Ditto, who is already guiled that just not Professor Willow is in front of us, but the transformed Pokémon. Professor “Ditto” has an order for us, and the special research “April, April 2022”. The whole day turns around the transform pokémon of the type normal. In addition to special research, you can find a few cute ditto stickers in the shop, which you can earn in pack of ten pieces for 35 pokes or from 30 pieces for 80 poké coins.

There are several field research tasks that guarantee you an encounter with DITTO and also in the wilderness will be ditto more frequently. However, you will not see Ditto directly because it has transformed. If you should meet the following Pokémon in the wilderness, it could be Ditto: Rettan, Nebulak, Natu, Handling, Finneon, Lithomith and Flauschling. Following the steps of special research “April, April 2022”!

April, April 2022 – Step 1/3

  • Fear 10 Pokémon – Reward: 25 x Pokéball
  • Start 5 Normal Pokémon – Reward: 5 x Drank
  • Land 5 good litters – Reward: 5 x nanambere

Reward for completion of step 1: 1,000 Star dust, 15 x Ditto candy, 5 x heavenberry

April, April 2022 – Step 2/3

  • Fear 10 Pokémon – Reward: 15 x Superball
  • Fear 3 Ditto – Reward: 5 x Supertrank
  • Send 10 Pokémon – Reward: 5 x Sananabeer

Reward for completion of step 2 : 1,500 experience, 15 x Ditto candy, 1 x silver Sananabeer

April, April 2022 – Step 3/3

  • automatically completed – Reward: 10 x Hyperball
  • Automatically completed – Reward: 5 x Hypertrank
  • automatically completed – Reward: 3,500 Experience


Reward for completion of step 3: 3,000 x star dust, 15 x Ditto candy, encounter with ditto
We wish you a lot of fun with the Ditto-April Fool!

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Pok mon GO World Championships

The developers of Pokémon Go lift the PVP of your mobile title to the next step: The so-called Championship Series should give trainers from all over the world the opportunity to find out who is the best of them. The tournament is embedded in the Pokémon World Championships and is directly related to the Pokémon Go KeMpfliga .

Prove you in the KAMPFIGA for a place at the Championship Series

Coaches who want to participate in the Championship Series can register in two ways for the event: Anyone achieved the rank Legend in the ninth season of the Kampfliga, in early 2022 can register for the Championship Series. The season is still running until 29 November 2021 – All information can be found in our separate league guide .

Players who do not reach the rank Legend have the opportunity to register for one of the remaining places later. You need a Play! Pokémon player -ID and must associate your Pokémon Go account with your Pokémon Trainer Club Account. Niantic plans several regional and international PVP events for the Championship Series, in which players of age classes senior and master compete against each other. The coaches that belong to the best players in these events then receive an invitation to the Pokémon World Championships 2022.


How exactly the registration and the individual competition events run, the developers will still be announced at a later date. Anyone who is interested in participating in the Championship Series should keep an eye on the Play Pokémon website. Of course, we will also keep you up to date on all news on Pokémon World.

Source : Niantic

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