If you have read our preview of Marauders, you know that the upcoming extraction shooter of Small Impact was strongly influenced by games like Escape from Tarkov, Rust, Dayz, Vigor and Sea of Thieves. But there are not only games that influenced this space shooter, but also many films and anime.

According to Cameron Small, the senior developer of Mauraders, Small Impact has strongly supported his cinematic influences, especially those with dystopic, used future and sci-fi elements. It is no surprise that movies like Star Wars served as an influence, but what about neo-noir science fiction anime?

“It’s a bit chaotic,” Small jokes when we ask him where the ideas come from for Marauders. “We grew up with James Cameron and all his films, so we like this sound; This dystopic low-tech sci-fi mood. We also like used stuff from the future and Star Wars, where there are everything sci-fi vehicles, but they look older than my car.

“We also have anime influences like Cowboy Bebob and Jin raw. I love Jin raw – they had this alternative story in which Japan stayed within the empires and they have German technology. I just love it as it looks, it’s so stylish. “

In particular, Jin raw contributed to influence the armor’s weapons. Although the game plays in the 1990s, it follows an alternative timeline of the story in which the big war never ended. Therefore, players can find weapons like Thompson’s, flamewrooters and MP40 in space.

And then there are the gaming influences. While these are slightly more obvious, Small admits that there is a curveball.

“What the games are concerned – and that surprises people again and again – I would say Star Citizen,” he says with a smile. “It should not be seen as inspiration, I understand, but if you look at it as a package, it really has something sexyes. It is the way you have introduced Mass Effect as a multiplayer MMO.

“His immersion is so impressive, apart from all the problems you see in the game, and his flying pilot seat is unprecedented, so we wanted to take some of them for Marauders.”

Star Citizen PYRO FOOTAGE!!!
So let’s go – because so much people say, Marauders is like Escape from Tarkov in space, show them this article. Marauders is equally influenced by epic animes as well as from the gene driver. Now only to find out when the publication date of Marauders will be.