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T goalless division of points in Wiedenbrück

The SC Preußen Münster and SC Wiedenbrück separate the points on the 37th matchday under floodlights in the Jahnstadion. In the 0-0 draw, the eagle bearers were the team that had a little better chance, but there should be no goal against the strong defensive of the home side.

Prussia coach Sascha Hildmann was able to send his team back into the duel in Wiedenbrück without any changes. “The boys all deserved it,” said the football teacher the day before the game. Only one position changed in the squad: Thorben Deters was fit again and was in the 18-way. For him, Darius Ghindovean had to give way.

both sides defensive

With 700 Prussian fans in the back, which stood in round as a green wall directly behind the goal of Max Schulze Niehues, the duel, which did not offer any big highlights. Both teams were defensive and thus ensured that not much happened to the front. It was not that easy in terms of play, but again and again the leather hopped on the lawn of the Jahnstadion and made the Prussian combination football difficult. The best opportunity for the Prussians initiated Marcel Hoffmeier with a long ball that Alexander Langlitz took with his chest, but his final attempt slipped and remained harmless. For a long time, much more did not happen. It was only when Henok Teklab found Gerrit Wegkamp with a flank shortly before the break did it get dangerous again, but SCW keeper Marcel Hölscher had the ball safe.

So it went goalless into the cabin, where there was no change on both sides. However, the picture after the break was also unchanged: the eagle carriers continued to attempt to raise their offensive game, which was not the case against the further defensive Wiedenbrücker. As usual. As a consequence, the Prussians also tried more with long balls, but had against the tall central defenders Gerrit Wegkamp also a difficult time. And if he extended the balls, the sequel often lacked the last third. After 65 minutes, Prussian trainer Sascha Hildmann reacted and brought Deniz Bindemann for Wego in the Sturmspitze.

the chance was there

A single campaign by Manuel Farrona Pulido, who also started to dribbling and was only felled by Oliver Zech shortly before the penalty area. The already warned Wiedenbrücker saw the traffic light card and Luke Hemmerich caught the ball 20 meters in front of the box, but his attempt clapped to the crossbar (73.). However, the eagle carriers now remained in majority on the trigger and managed to move the game forward further. The best chance in the evening was still pending. Keeper Marcel Hölscher wanted to lie down the ball for the long blow, but Farrona Pulido had lurked in his back and stumbled his leather from the foot at the corner of the penalty area. However, his degree was too hectic and flew from an acute angle only to the outside network. A shock second for all eagle wearers who threw everything forward again in the final minutes. The balls also flew in the direction of the penalty area, but there was no longer a real chance and so it stayed at 0-0 in the end.

the data for the game

Remis trotz Tigges-Doppelpack | BVB II - SC Wiedenbrück 2:2 | U23-Highlights

SCP : Schulze Niehues – Schaute, Ziegele, Hoffmeier, Hemmerich – Remberg, Kok (Kwadwo, 72.), Schwadorf (Farrona Pulido, 30.) – Langlitz, Wegkamp (Bindemann, 65.), Teklab (Deters, 80.)

Wiedenbrück : Hölscher – Böhmer, Zech, Pudel – Tia (Hüsing, 68.), Liehr, error, Özer, Brosowski (Amedick, 72.) – Kapan (Osawe, 26.), ACIZ, 50. )))

Gates : –

Yellow cards : ACIZ / FARRONA PULIDO, Remberg

Yellow-red card : Zech

viewer : 2.187

Referee : Selim Erk

The next top game in Oberhausen in front of the chest

The penultimate away game of the season leads the eagle wearers to RW Oberhausen on Sunday (2 p.m.). And thus to a team that has not lost playing league for twelve league. Eight victories and four draws are the strong record of the clover leaves, whose shape curve clearly points upwards. This also reflects the table, it is not for nothing that the team of coach Mike Terranova is in fourth place, tied with the third Wuppertal SV. Three of the four draws from RWO were against RW Essen, Fortuna Cologne and the Wuppertaler. “We meet a very good and very motivated team,” says coach Sascha Hildmann for the quality that is waiting in the Niederrhein stadium and continues: “Everyone now wants to look good against us. We are preparing for this. “

In this difficult task, the Prussians are again supported by the Prussian fans on Sunday. A fact that the Prussian coach is particularly pleased about: “Whether at Schalke or in Lippstadt, although unfortunately only 200 fans were allowed to come there, they wear us. Home anyway. How they went out of the saddle on Tuesday at 1-0, that just gives the boys an extra push. ”On Friday afternoon, 1,600 tickets were already sold for the away game, and there will be a box office on the matchday in Oberhausen. With her tailwind and self-confidence, which was further strengthened with the 1-0 win against Fortuna Cologne, the next three should follow in the next top game. The tasks are a little similar: “Oberhausen has a style of play similar to Fortuna Cologne. We want to act just as brave again and work just as hard against the ball, ”said the football teacher with a view to the upcoming duel.

Desert Eagle Headshot Like Hacker Must Watch Clash Squad - Garena Free Fire- Ajjubhai Gaming

The eagle carriers were able to win the first leg on Hammer Strasse in mid -November 3-1. Gerrit Wegkamp put together a double pack early, Thorben Deters put 3-1 after the break. Now the new edition in the Niederrhein stadium, in which coach Sascha Hildmann can fall back on an almost full squad. Marvin Thiel is missing, he is on sick leave. Simon Scherder is expected to be available again. “Fortunately, no new injuries were added after the Cologne game,” said the coach, who has the opportunity to rotate in individual positions. However, this will only reveal the installation sheet on the match day.

Prussians receive RW Ahlen before up to 7,500 Prussia fans

According to plan, the start to the new year is not lost – at least in the stranger. The two away games in Lotte and Rödinghausen had to be canceled short-handed, as it is difficult to get into a rhythm. At the same time, the first English weeks again. To collect game practice, the Eaglegärt tested at the beginning of the week against the Dutch second division DE Graafschap and convinced the 3-0 success on a whole line. Now the focus of the SC Prussia is aimed again on the league and tomorrow’s home game against RW Ahlen. “We look forward to the game and our fans in the stadium,” said Trainer Sascha Hildmann on Friday at the press conference. For the eagle carrier, it will, after the home win against Wegberg-Beeck, the second mandatory game in this still young year.

The Prussenstadion will be full again

26 05 2018 Arrange fight ZWH Zwolle, Holland ???????? + RW Ahlen Germany ???????? vs Preußen Münster + Boch

Up to 7,500 spectators are allowed to go to the Prussia Stadium tomorrow, and will provide more lives on Hammer Straße. The last game before a similar scene took place at the end of November against the SC Wiedenbrück (4,793), then prevailed against Gladbach II (2,873) and most recently against Wegberg-Beeck (750) stronger spectator restrictions. Tomorrow will change again, just under 5,000 fans are expected, up to 7,500 are allowed. “And we are really looking forward to that,” says Hildmann, who says with a view to the game, “We want to go through our game and preserve a clear head. From the hustle and bustle, the ahlen brings in the square, we do not want to get infect and with our means, even if it is playfully on a perhaps difficult place not easy to come to opportunities and goals. “

The coach must meet the first difficult decisions before kick-off. Simon Sherder is still in isolation and lacks forcibly, otherwise are up to the injured Dennis Daube and Manfred Kwadwo but all on board. Also Jules Schwadorf, who, during the week, in addition to the game in the Netherlands, also collected in the test match of the U23 against the sports fans Lotte together with Marko Dedovic, Luke Hemmerich and Jan Dahlke another few minutes. “This is a beautiful situation for us as a coaching team. But there will be hard decisions again, which I explain the guys completely open, “said the coach. A good chance of a square in the squad also have the two new arrivals Thomas Kok and Darius Ghindovean, who have left a good impression on Monday and training in the test match. “It would be too early for the starting eleven, but both have put into the team very well and are other alternatives for us. And on track you will get your times too, I can say so much. “

Meanwhile, guests from Ahlen play a very solid season and have a seven-point upholstery on the first relegation place that they can increase in their catch-up games. The first leg in the Wersestadion ended in heated atmosphere 1: 1. Last weekend, when the Prussia was forced to play free, ahlen separated with 3: 3 from VFB Homberg. A game that Prussian coach Sascha Hildmann looked at on the spot. “We still know from our last encounters and know that they have a fight-strong team. We are well set and want to collect the three points, that’s the most important thing! “Breaking the game in the Prussia Stadium is at 14 o’clock. In advance, the cards to the start of the game are available as Print @ Home and as a mobile ticket. All who do not create it into the stadium can pursue the game in the Staige.TV LiveStream.

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