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Hertha BSC between Oracle and Debacle

Radiant expressions, loud cheers, a photo of the winning team after the end of the game: Hertha was Happy on Saturday afternoon, the U 19 had just solved the final ticket in the semi-final round for the German championship against FC Augsburg.

The club slogan was emblazoned at the gangs of the amateur stadium, where the talents around the youngster Anton Kade, Luca Wollschläger and Julian Eitschberger, which had already been tried and tested in the Bundesliga, were emblazoned: “The future belongs to Berlin.” Not even five hours later the present came in. Hertha, the drama queen of the Bundesliga, missed the third match ball in series – and is now more dense on the abyss.

In his two months at Hertha BSC, Felix Magath did significantly more than wrong. He ensured that this team got a navigation device and a basic stability. With the exception of the derbies against Union, this previously fairly divided team was always competitive. However, he could not eliminate two core problems in the short time: the structurally weak offensive game – and the weakness in the nerve in crucial games and sequences.

In Bielefeld, Maximilian Mittelstädt and Luca Wollschläger were served the XXL chance to 2-0 on the silver tray, also against Mainz and in Dortmund, the rescue was feasible. Regardless of the series later Stuttgart’s sign of life, a discussable trader and a long -standing failure list to the end: there was too little of Hertha, far too little. Whether Magath was psychologically cleverly advised, for weeks and even in 15th place – and almost lusty – to bring about the relegation, it can be argued. On the other hand, not about his core thesis set up this week. “The club,” he said, “you have to renew from scratch.”

With this approach, Fredi Bobic started almost twelve months ago. In the club, which is constantly overwhelmed by himself, the managing director, which would have been enough for a first year with all its turbulence, faults, headlines and noise for a decade.

He inherited a bloated, much too expensive squad and found a cash situation that he would not have thought possible in view of the 375 million euros provided by investor Lars Windhorst. His task was after CEO Carsten Schmidt’s flash exit, the Demination of Sports Director Arne Friedrich and in view of the dilapidated permanent feud between President Werner Gegenbauer and Windhorst Windhorst than expected than expected.

homemade conflicts have Bobics seem unnecessarily difficult

The alpha animals counterbauer and Windhorst maintain such a toxic relationship with each other that you are almost inclined to distribute detoxification plasters. All of these homemade conflicts have Bobics seem unnecessarily difficult. But that should not pretend that Bobic in his core department did not solve Hertha’s crisis with some misjudgments and construction errors.

He has shot Pal Dardai, with whom Hertha has never relegated, at a questionable time and 14th place, and was irritated to the successor Tayfun Korkut. He built a squad that lacks balance, speed and axis players of a stressful age, and in January, when Hertha was still in danger of getting four newcomers, three of which were considered to be anticipated for a future, which may be never begins.

fabulous 24 points behind Union

The walk to the relegation is also a slap in the face for Bobic. Hertha has finished an incredible 24 points behind the city rival Union, and the distance was never greater. Union stands for continuity, a clear idea of itself, mostly clever personnel decisions and realism. For the Köpenickers, the European Cup is going again – and for Hertha to avert the total damage in two games.

The club, praised by Jürgen Klinsmann a little more than two years ago as the “most exciting football project in Europe”, did a reliably noisy noisy after the largest private individual investment in Bundesliga history than before. After the third disastrous season, the club’s 375 Windhorst millions threatens the crash into the 2nd division after the third disastrous season. A larger fall height had no club before the relegation.

Tah reveals: So we want to annoy the FC Bayern

On Saturday afternoon (15:30 clock), Bayer Leverkusen is in FC Bayern. After the Derben 1: 5 bankruptcy in the first leg, the Werkself has a lot of good care. How to succeed, Defender has revealed Jonathan Tah.

“I also take a positive things from such an experience,” Tah looked back in the “kicker” on the bitter defeat in autumn and added: “That’s why I’m looking forward to the game. We can show us as a team further developed to have.”

In mid-October, the Bayer eleven had “a bad level” on the day and the Munich “an incredible”.

“We’ve dropped out of the things. Of course, we can not happen again.” We have to play adults. “

Although the Leverkusen are nominally well placed as a table greater, the distance to the leader from the south is already saying and write 14 points. So that a disaster does not happen in the first leg no longer, his team “the external hype to hide such a game completely” and bring the focus on the place we last had “.

This attitude has made the team last strongly. “The basis for success is to believe in itself and play out his strengths. We want to bring through our game. This is becoming more and more difficult against a top team, but I think we are able to do so,” the defender given the direction.

Tah: Previously there were already negative vibrations

Doelpuntrijk duel loopt uit de hand in slotfase! ???? | Samenvatting Bayer 04 Leverkusen - Real Betis

Since the 1: 5 in the BayArena, a lot has changed within his team. “We make each other less responsible for mistakes, but look what everyone can contribute to the team in addition,” said Tah’s evolution of the team of trainer Gerardo Seoane and betrayed: “Previously, there was a few negative vibrations. Focusing now We are on our game. ” Overall, a “big step forward” had been made.

For an attack on the German championship, however, a lot more had to happen. For example, Bayer should not sell his best players, the national player finds.

If you have the ambitions as a club to annoy the FC Bayern on track, “you have to watch such players. You have to give them the feeling that they do not stagnate here, but it is decisive. Because of course it is like this: If you lose two, three key players, you have to take new start again. “

On the other hand, one should not be sick of a teammate when he changed to a club like Real Madrid, Tah said. “But you can get there that this gap is no longer so perceived by a player,” this “next step to an absolute top club” no longer mandatory, “said the 26-year-old central defender.

Bundesliga, 25th matchday: That brings the weekend

Ball possession phobia: Who jumps over your own shadow?

His prelude takes the 25th matchday on the Friday evening on the Bielefelder Alm with the question: Who wants the ball less? The Arminia signs with an average of 39 percent the lowest possession of the possession of the entire Bundesliga, the guest Augsburg only follows it with 41 percent. Well or evil will have to jump a team about the shadow of the usual game shop – in a game of such relevance for both sides not even so harmless.

Top game in Munich: Where Leverkusen is surprisingly at the front

The Saturday afternoon is then in the sign of the top game in the Allianz Arena. Although the FC Bayern is located in the table whopping 14 points Bayer 04 Leverkusen , but in a statistics that are very related to the dot yields are the Rhine countries surprisingly at the front: no team was in the current season for so long in the lead Like Leverkusen with 1121 minutes – not the FC Bayern. Does the record champion take a backlog on Saturday? It would be quite unfamiliar, after all, FCB was so little behind behind (256 minutes) like no other Bundesliga club.

Standard king among themselves: Decides the resting ball?

Two more teams from the top five meetings in direct duel: The dot teams Leipzig and Freiburg are located in the race for Champions-League-Square four – and also have a title to play: who Is standard king of the Bundesliga? Freiburg is at the front with 20 goals in this category, Leipzig follows with 17 hits in two rank. Does the dormant ball also decide the game of table remains?

Kruses quick reunion with Union – Egalises Lewandowski?

Also on Saturday afternoon: Hertha and Frankfurt deny the crisis summit of the two single teams, which lasted last three defeats in a row, Bochum and Fürth want in the climber duel points for the league Collecting – and Max Kruse meets a good month after his surprising winter change with the VfL Wolfsburg on his ex-club Union Berlin . Should a goal succeed in the 33-year-old, he would have met against all current Bundesliga clubs. This otherwise managed Robert Lewandowski.

Events of the open door in Stuttgart?

Goals guaranteed on Saturday night: but this is less on the offensive departments of the VfB Stuttgart and from Borussia Mönchengladbach , but rather at the holey defensive rows. Only the foals have been waiting for 16 away games in the Bundesliga on a game without conceding, only the VFB Stuttgart since 16 home games on a white vest. In addition, the throttle defense series of the current season (Gladbach, 48 goals) meets the four-winest (Stuttgart, 45). So the viewers experience an evening of the open door?

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Especially against Dortmund does not attack the Svensson effect

Mainz 05 Under Bo Svensson, this is primarily for defensive stability. In 44 games of his term, the Rheinhessen conceded only four times more than two goals. Right twice the opponent was here Borussia Dortmund . If the black-yellow guests guests in Mainz on Sunday afternoon, Danes are not just a new challenge into the house. Because the four last home games against the BVB lost the FSV all – against no other club, Mainz is waiting for points in their own stadium.

Flank festival with loseless customer

At the end of the game day, it goes up again – probably for the ball. Because at the game Cologne against Hoffenheim meet the two Bundesliga clubs, the ligawide hit most of the flanks. The FC is with 487 in front of the crawls with 420 – and hopes as often as Customers Anthony Modeste. But about that it seems at least statistically on Sunday afternoon ** not well ordered: at seven games against ex-club Hoffenheim managed modests not yet a single door participation.

Prank would have wished meetings with weinzierl

Christian Streich does not like it that he will not meet FCA coach Markus Weinzierl on the Saturday afternoon on the side line on the Saturday afternoon, because he is in Corona quarantine. That should be related to the fact that he had the same situation in the last away game at the 1st FC Cologne, when Steffen Baumgart had to stay home – the Sport Club lost 0: 1. “I do not like that, I prefer, the coaches are there and not somewhere else,” said the SC coach. Nevertheless, he hopes that his team succeeds in the first away win in Augsburg. “At some point the series break,” said prank. In his back of his mind, however, is the 3: 3 in December 2017, where the SC had led to 3: 1 to reflection time.

He considers the current Augsburg team for better than the relegation platze was suggested, after all, she would have won against Bayern and Union Berlin. “You have power, footballing quality and a really sturdy team that has not brought that in every phase so that they had more points.” Streich also pointed out that the FCA has never extended since the 2007 ascent, “Although they were often in critical phases”. On the other hand, he wants to focus mainly on his team. “The players know that we were not satisfied with the last two performances,” he said, “we can not force anything, but we take the fight in Augsburg and want to put playful accents in one or the other scene in one or the other scene hurt – football. “

Keitel falls out, Keven Schlotterbeck back in training

Streich zum neuen Ausweich-Trikot: Hauptsache, den Kindern gefällt's

After defeat in Cologne and the subsequent draw against Mainz, there are also application opportunities for players who were last not or only briefly on the square. No role will play Keitel on Saturday and also in the coming weeks of Yannik. He has broken a toe in training, which is now treated conservatively. “He has bad luck, he was on a good way, but he can deal with setbacks,” commented prank the injury. On the other hand, Keven Schlotterbeck is again in the team training after continued Corona infection. In the internal defense, however, there is little change, which are more likely to expect in the offensive and possibly in midfield.

It is also possible that the young players get a chance again. Prank praised both Noah White Haupt (“He has improved in Puncto goals hazard, he is hungry, he is better, he meets better decisions.”) And Kiliann Sildillia for her good performances in the second team. Even winter new entrance Hugo Squet would have done the two third-league games well. “With us he would not come in, and nothing can replace playing,” said the SC coach. On Friday, however, the 19-year-old Belgian has risen into the bus to Augsburg, so will not play with the U23 against Meppen.

Special training for return to success?

The past training week is optimistic that the sports club will occur on Saturday differently than last. After the draw against Mainz he had announced to work on the “Basics”, and that it could not give such pleasant training sessions. “Close processes, organization against the ball, distances and spaces” would have been on the program this week, but also the creativity on the ball. The players had “engaged” engaged and focused “, and ultimately” it probably was fun, because We made the most with the ball “.

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