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FC Schalke 04 | Schwolow discusses a special partnership with Fährmann

If you take a look at the league like this, you need to ask yourself the concern: That should come down? Schwolow continues.

For a novice, there can just be the period objective of transfer, stated the 30-year-old in an interview with the Ruhr Nachrichten.

The goalkeeper commended his brand-new employer with this sensible approach and additionally described the balanced and also highly occupied Bundesliga in this upcoming season.

FC Köln, FC Schalke 04 starts the Bundesliga season on Saturday night (from 5:30 p.m.) after returning. For the goalkeeper, the season goal is plainly identified in the initial S04 year.

Schwolow expects Zu-Null Beginning with FC Schalke

For the league start on Saturday, the novice is expecting the initial Zu-Null video game for FC Schalke and a steady impression of the organization beginning after there was a loosened up 5-0 win at the Bremer SV in the DFB Cup ahead of time in the DFB Cup would have.

FC Köln, FC Schalke 04 starts the Bundesliga period on Saturday evening (from 5:30 p.m.) after returning. As the brand-new normal goalkeeper between the articles, Alexander Schwolow wants to prove himself, that was worked with by Hertha BSC in the summer season. For the goalkeeper, the period goal is clearly established in the first S04 year.

According to Schwolow, the previous relationship with Ralf Fährmann is excellent For the Wiesbaden citizen, it is clear: In the long run it is very simple: both Ralf as well as I try to do our best everyday. We can’t do more. The instructor has to make a decision. I would additionally be delighted since it brings us closer to our usual objective..

With certain passion, the Schalke advocates also look at the proportion of the brand-new cable car goalkeeper to the intended second, the long-time Schalke Ralf Fährmann. In his job, he currently has 218 Bundesliga games in the vita and hence over 40 greater than Schwolow itself, which is currently in 176 initial department operations.

FC Schalke 04: DFB black smokinging activities court decreases fine

Before the second division video game versus FC St. Pauli on May 7th, at least 40 Bengal fire and eight blue, white and black smoking pots were ignited in the follower block of the hosts, the incentive was delayed by a min. A total amount of 31 red and also white Bengal fire were stired up during the video game.

The association can consume to 27,700 euros for protection or violence avoidance steps from the amount enforced, which would certainly have to be confirmed to the DFB by February 28, 2023.

The black smokings court of the German Football Association (DFB) decreased the great troubled June 27 versus Bundesliga promoted Schalke 04 by 10,000 euros to 83,160 euros. Fans had been penalized. The judgment is final.

As an outcome of the hearing, the link in between the base tower and the injuries of some Schalke customers stayed suspicious. We have actually readjusted the assent as necessary, claimed Stephan Oberholz, the chairman of the DFB black smokinging activities court.


In enhancement, concerning 1500 to 2000 Schalke trailers stormed the area uncontrollably after the final whistle. A police policeman was also hurt at the Field Ring as component of a discussion with a Schalke trailer.

FC Schalke 04: Ascent hero Rodrigo Zalazar plans S04

With his winning goal against FC St. Pauli, Rodrigo Zalazar shot FC Schalke 04 back to the Bundesliga last weekend. Now the promotion hero has spoken about its emotions after returning to the upper house.

“It was the most beautiful day in my career so far. It still feels like in a dream. I can’t describe it at all. If I had to write a script, it would have been the same,” enthused the offensive player in an interview with “Rodrigo1 “About the climb with the narrow.

Rodrigo Zalazar: Das TOR zum Aufstieg | Interview + Originalkommentar | FC Schalke 04

The royal blue had already returned 0-2 in the preliminary game for the Bundesliga return against FC St. Paul last week. After the break, Simon Terodde finally equalized with a double pack before Zalazar had the promotion party started with his goal in the 78th minute.

The 22-year-old now wants to immortalize the special moment in the form of a tattoo forever. “It is planned. After the climb, I made an appointment directly. I will tattooed my jubilation after the winning goal with the arms stretched out on my back. That was the most important moment in my previous career,” announced the former Frankfurt.

For the Spaniard, the move to Gelsenkirchen has turned out to be a real success story. With twelve scorer points, Zalazar was one of the team’s load -bearing pillars.

Rodrigo Zalazar strikes fully at FC Schalke 04

He also felt good from the first few minutes, the midfielder described.

“At Schalke I immediately had a great feeling. I remember well when Rouven Schröder called me. When I hung up, I immediately called my consultant and said: Say off all other clubs, please bring me to Schalke ! “, Zalazar recalled.

With the ascent, however, the chapter should never end. Zalazar also wants to start the Bundesliga with Schalke: “I would like to work on myself and listen to what the big players tell me. I want to listen, to listen to everything and get even better. Of course, the goal gives me confidence for the new season. “

BVB talents disassemble Schalke 04

The U19 of Borussia Dortmund defeated FC Schalke 04 5-1 in the semi-final first leg of the master round and maintained all chance of the title of the A-Junior Bundesliga.

Thanks to an outstanding storm duo, BVB can dream of the next championship. In the district derby against Schalke 04, Bradley Fink (32nd, 67th, 81st) and Julian Rijkhoff (51st, 78th) provided clear conditions in the clear 5: 1 success. Ngufor Anubodem achieved the interim compensation for the guests shortly before the break (45th).

In a varied game, the favorite BVB needed almost half an hour to find the game. Bradley Fink completed the first well -presented attack by Borussia directly to 1-0 (32nd). After that, the team of coach Mike Tullberg missed.

In the added time of the first half, the narrow goalkeeper from BVB keeper Silas Ostrzinski were able to use NGUFOR Anubodem to compensate.

Only after the change of sides did the Dortmund team, which was able to fall back on several players with Bundesliga experience, really did justice to their favorite role.

With merciless efficiency, Rijkhoff and Fink added a total of four goals after the break. Especially in the final phase, the Schalke defense in the meantime spread. The result ultimately fell too high after the course of the game.

“I stayed relatively calm during the break because I know our team and know that they can react and grow at any time. The first half was ok, second was great,” said BVB junior coordinator Lars Ricken after the game at “Sky” His impressions.

The Dortmunders should not complain about the result, for the second leg on May 15, BVB now has all the trump cards in their hands.

The ticker for the U19 semi-final between BVB and S04 for reading:

+++ final whistle +++

Now is over. The BVB ultimately won 5-1!

+++ 90th minute +++

The teams now seem to have arranged themselves with the result. Does something still happen in the three -minute added time?

+++ 88th minute +++

The black yellow now run the ball and check the action. The guests are deep and are careful to end the game without any other goals. The last pace is now missing on the ball at S04.

+++ 85th minute +++

The Dortmunders continue to appear hungry and toxic in the duels. Schalke really has to be careful that there is not an even higher embarrassment.

+++ 81.Minute: Gate for BVB, 5: 1 by Bradley Fink +++

Now S04 breaks apart! A long ball from Collins exceeds the entire Schalke defense. Bynoe-Gitten is free and comes after contact with Weichert in the penalty area. He stumbles the ball into the arms of Treichel, which lets the leather slip through. Fink speculated Clever and pushes into the empty goal behind the keeper. The attacker laces the triple pack here!

+++ 78. Minute: Gate for BVB, 4: 1 by Julian Rijkhoff +++

Now it becomes clear. The BVB plays the defense of the royal blue apart and completes ice cold. Again the attack runs over the right side, where Semic has run into the box from the wing. The outer player fails with his left -wing shot on Treichel. The rebound comes back to him via Fink. Semic lends across for Rijkhoff, who dusted confidently.

+++ 76. Minute +++

Schalke throws everything in and tries to find your way back into the game. The Borussia now lurks on counterattack and continues to work like the more dangerous team. Weichert must first clarify a dangerous flank in front of Fink to the corner. In the next attack, Rothe serves for Rijkhoff, who only hits the army of Treichel with the outside of

+++ 74. Minute +++

Almost the next goal for Borussia. Gürpüz drives the leather through the center and will not really attack. Shortly before the penalty area, he puts the ball over to the cycling Gitten. This does not hesitate and immediately closes with his left foot from 16 meters. His violent shot strokes past the right post.

+++ 70 minute +++

Nevertheless, the scarce now dare a little further forward. After the 1: 3, Norbert Elgert’s eleven must now come. There is still all chances in the second leg, but a two-goal deficit would be a big deficit for the home game. After their third goal, the Dortmunders take their foot off the gas.

+++ 67.Minute: Gate for BVB, 3: 1 by Bradley Fink! +++

Schalke gets new courage through the chance, but subsequently pushes too high. The BVB uses this for a perfect attack. Semic and Gürpüz play a strong double pass on the right. The full -back finally starts and is really running off opponent Anubodem for the first time that day. Semic plays a flat flank directly into the foot of Fink, which only has to hold the inside at the five -meter room.

+++ 64th minute +++

Almost the equalization for S04. The Gelsenkircheners quickly come forward with a switching campaign. Kojic crosses the ball flat from the left side. There Ostrzinski is doing the next mistake. The BVB goalkeeper has the actually easy cross to clap forward. Shubin is a bit surprised and only pushes the ball from four meters to the outer post.

+++ 61. Minute +++

The left BVB side with Rothe and Bynoe-Gitten is now making a lot of alarm. Again a combination runs via roller and red to the penalty area. Rothe ultimately lies around the middle. Rijkhoff rooms on it and trees are just getting the fists up to cover the leather over the crossbar.

+++ 59th minute +++

And the next chance for black yellow. Rijkhoff drops into the midfield and integrates his storm partner Fink with a sharp diagonal pass. Fink sets off one step at the penalty area and lays the ball on the right foot. Wichert can only clarify his graduation from 13 meters with a long leg to the corner.

+++ 55th minute +++

It’s just in one direction. The BVB puts a lot of pressure on this game phase and taps S04 at the back. Rothe has moved away and plays a fine double pass with Rijkhoff. Finally, he starts the penalty area from an acute angle and checks Treichel with a massive violent shot in the short corner. The Schalke keeper is on the spot, but the scene is whistled anyway, because Rothe was probably just offside.

+++ 52nd minute +++

The BVB wants to add the same pattern immediately. Again, Bynoe-Gitten competes on the left and again the Englishman is hard to stop. Only in the penalty area he collides with two Schalke and lifts off. But there is no penalty for this and the BVB Youngster also protests briefly.

+++ 51.Minute: Gate for BVB, 2-1 by Julian Rijkhoff! +++

Bynoe-Gitten, with an irresistible start on the left side, forced a free kick against Campanile. Tom Rothe grabs the ball and hits the leather up to the penalty area with the left. Rijkhoff is clearly too free there. With a long leg, the Dutch extends the flank to the long inner post. Aliu is probably the last of it and ultimately falls into his own goal.

+++ 49 minutes +++

The BVB takes over the game control directly again and lets the ball run through the midfield. Schalke is compact in the first few minutes.

+++ 46. Minute +++

Go on! The Schalke open the second half. The BVB changed for the break. For U23 professional Kamara, who had weaknesses on the ball several times, Cissé is now part of the Borussia.

+++ Departure of the first half +++

After the equalization is a break. In the first semi-final around the German U19 championship between Borussia Dortmund and Schalke 04 it is 1-1 after 45 minutes. Both teams found well into the game and fought an exchange of blows at eye level in the early quarter of an hour. Kojic (7th) on the one hand and Rijkhoff (9th) on the other side also recorded good opportunities. After the 30th minute, the home side took the scepter more and more in hand, even if S04 continues to sell expensive. After the 1-0 by Fink (32nd), the BVB remained on the handle, but a goalkeeper from Ostrzinski remained in added time by equalizing by anubodem.

+++ 45th minute: Gate for FC Schalke 04, 1: 1 by Ngufor Anubodem! +++

A catastrophic goalkeeper error brings Schalke back into play. The scene actually begins with a BVB free kick on the left wing. Treichel, however, catches the flank test from Gürpüz and switches directly. His long discount brings anubodem to the running duel on the left. BVB keeper Ostrzinski wants to run the opponent 25 meters before the goal, but completely misjudges and fails. Anubodem runs past the push -out goalkeeper on the left and puts the leather dry into the empty gate.

+++ 43rd minute +++

Another dangerous moment in the penalty area of the Schalke. A steep pass causes excitement on the semi -left side. Bynea-Gitten runs after the ball, the treeal and campanile do not agree on the end. The goalkeeper ultimately wants to knock the ball away on the left corner of the penalty area, but shoots off his teammate. The rebound flies into the goal.

+++ 38th minute +++

Happiness for Schalke. Topp clears his opponent on the wing in a counterfeit counterfeit of the Dortmund and gets the yellow card for getting in. Just a minute later, the Schalke is too late again and hits walz clearly on the ankle. He could not have complained about a dismissal. Elgert reacts directly and takes his protégé down. Cabrera comes before the break.

+++ 35th minute +++

BVB has now clearly taken over the game control in this phase. The black yellow now has significantly more of the game and the combinations are getting better. The tour is not undeserved in this game phase. Schalke is currently running a lot.

+++ 32.Minute: Gate for BVB, 1-0 by Bradley Fink! +++

A nice attack by the Dortmund brings the tour. The Borussians take up speed over the left side. Ultimately, the flanks come flat into the ten room. Rijkhoff clever for Gürpüz there. The ten again switches directly and is in the middle for Fink. This finds the gap between the central defenders and closes placed on the left, the lower toreck. Treichel no longer comes up.

+++ 30th minute +++

Schalke lurks for the opponent’s mistakes and Borussia invites you. Kamara plays a bad back pass on Collins that Hansen guesses. The Schalke sprints in between and Collins clears him off with a robust tackle before starting towards the goal. But Ball was also there a lot of opponents. Hansen remains short and must be treated. But for him it continues.

+++ 28th minute +++

Next goal approach for BVB! Again the Westphalia work out a free kick in the opposing half. Gürpüz brings the leather from the left side by train in front of the goal. Small cables climb the highest at the penalty point. The BVB captain presses this round on the second post. This time only centimeters are missing, and trairs were already beaten.

+++ 24th minute +++

Bynoe-Gitten cannot be kept in dribbling! The wing striker attracts the pace in the center and runs directly from its opponents. Again it is Kurt who ultimately has to stop him with a foul just before the box. Bynoe-Gitten shoots the following free kick significantly left past the goal. Nevertheless, the dangerous offensive player is slowly registering here.

+++ 20th minute +++

The Dortmund combinations are slowly getting better. In a confined space, Gürpüz and Rijkhoff play a nice combination on the half -link side. The Dutch finally oriented itself towards the goal and tries to close from an acute angle. Again only one corner jumps out.

+++ 19th minute +++

Chef’s attempt by the Schalke! Kamara loses the ball in midfield. Hansen steals the leather and sees that Ostrzinski is too far in front of the goal. His direct attempt from over 30 meters ends up clearly to the right of the goal. Nevertheless, the BVB keeper gets upset about his front people.

+++ 16.Minute +++

The hosts go to the front of the opponent’s game and play high pressing. Schalke’s approach is a little more waiting. The Dortmund three -way series in the structure can usually move the balls. Only in midfield does the pressing trap snap to snap.

+++ 15th minute +++

So far there is still little to see from the favorite role of the Dortmund. Both teams meet absolutely at eye level in the first 15 minutes. With their first chance, the Schalke were even a little denser on the lead goal.

+++ 12th minute +++

First small excitement! The Schalke play kojic with a plug -in pass in the penalty area, the attacker fell in the duel with two opponents. Although loud protest and the whistle of the referee also apply, the decision is offside.

Dortmund vs. Schalke – Derby Fever for the BVB Fan Club London

+++ 9th minute +++

The Dortmund also perform a straightforward attack and it becomes dangerous directly on the other side. Tom Rothe plays a steep pass from the defense, which Rijkhoff processes strongly at the front. The attacker gets along the leather at the end and aims from 15 meters to the left half of the goal. Treichel is there again.

+++ 7th minute +++

The game offers the right speed here. Now it is the Schalke again who are lingering the pressing of the Dortmund and quickly playing forward. Anubodem prevails on the left and comes to the baseline. Kojic presses the leather on the short post only centimeters next to the gate.

+++ 5th minute +++

Schalke does not get Gürpüz in midfield. The Dortmund offensive player marches towards the goal with big steps. Kurt finally stops his opponent with a foul 20 meters in front of the box. Gürpüz tries to find himself on the free kick. However, the attempt is too central and is not a problem for trees.

+++ 3rd minute +++

The Schalke also dare for the first time over the center line. Anubodem drives the ball over the left side and integrates Shubin via detours. The cross -player’s flank goes flat on the five. There, BVB keeper Ostrzinski is sure to pack.

+++ 1st minute, kick -off +++

The ball rolls, the BVB starts and begins with the game structure via the central defenders. The first attack runs over the half -link side. A steep pass finds Rijkhoff at the five -meter room, but the Dutch is closely covered and can only get a corner out. The short -executed corner does not bring anything.

+++ The lists +++

BVB: Ostrzinski-Rothe, Collins, Bynoe-Gitten, Fink, Gürpüz, Semic, Kleine-Bekel, Walz, Rijkhoff, Kamara

FC Schalke 04: 1 Treichel 2 Campanile 3 Anubodem 4 Weichert 5 Aliu 6 Hansen 7 Shubin 8 Kurt 9 Topp 10 Kojic 11 Sane

At the favorite Dortmunders there are two players with Bundesliga experience in the starting eleven. Tom Rothe and Jamie Bynoe-Gitten have drawn attention to themselves in the past few weeks with quite furious appearances. Today the duo takes a step back.

+++ Elgert also sees BVB as favorites +++

“The statistics and the data are very meaningful. The Dortmunders almost made it into the Youth League final and are in the cup final. The BVB has absolutely dominated our strong league. But that is also enough. Get thoughts about profits and lose, “says S04 icon and U19 coach Norbert Elgert before the game.

+++ First semi -finals already played +++

The first semi-finals of the final round around the Junior Bundesliga found on Friday. There Hertha BSC beat FC Augsburg 3-1 away. So the Berliners are already in the final with one leg.

+++ BVB clear favorite +++

The BVB goes into the duel as a clear favorite. The West relay ended the Dortmunders with a whopping eleven points ahead of the youngsters of FC Schalke 04. In the direct meeting, the black and yellow won 4-0 in Dortmund on match day 6.

At Schalke you can still look forward to the game hopefully. “The preparation went well, the mood is very solved, but at the same time everyone is focused and concentrated,” said S04 trainer Norbert Elgert in the “Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung” from the training week of the royal blue. In order to prevail in the end, however, you need “two almost perfect days”.

FC Schalke 04 | Vindheim falls out longer

Andreas Vindheim has been the top transfer of FC Schalke this winter so far. The rental player of Sparta Pragus convinced with offensive urge, tempo game and precise flanks. In the home game against Jahn Regensburg the newcomer was injured. Now S04 announced how long Vindheim will fail.

Already in the initial phase, the wing player took a violation in the left calf and signaled early that he would have to be replaced. After eight minutes he left the field against Regensburg at 0: 0 (Final 2: 1) the field.

What The Hell Happened To Schalke 04?

On Tuesday, the royal blue clarified that Vindheim will have to pause for several weeks to compensate for the calf injury.

This is expected to miss Vindheim not only against Fortuna Düsseldorf next Sunday, but also in the coming home game on 18 February against the SC Paderborn.

The 26-year-old had only switched to Gelsenkirchen in the summer of the Czech Republic and had prompted a regular site on the right outer car under head coach Dimitrios Grammozis.


The Scandinavier made in his first mandatory match for the scarce at Erzgebirge Aue (5: 0) for the Schalke attacking game was awarded more balanced than still in the weeks before, when S04 has always played very far left over the strong Thomas Ouwejan.

Vindheim is still borrowed to the Bundesliga relegation until the summer and could then be committed to it.

In the coming weeks he is expected to be replaced by Reinhold RANFTL, who got many parts of the game as a right-back in the Fünferkette in the first round. RANFTL has so far been in 14 game games of Gelsenkirchener and was also replaced on the last Saturday after the Vindheim injury in the first half.

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