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Sea of Thieves: Legends Week celebrates one million legendary pirates

The online pirate game Sea of Thieves has recently achieved the milestone of one million pirate legends. Each player has the opportunity to increase the pirate legend by reaching 50 at least three trading companies.

On this solemn occasion, the Legends Week will take place from today in Sea of Thieves. By the 11th of April gifts, bonuses, insights and other content wave.

5. April – Brand New Statistics Suitable for pirate legends, which can be viewed about the official website of Sea of Thieves as well as social channels.

Legend Of The Veil On The Horizon With Legends Week! | 1 Million Pirate Legends Announcement
6. April – The first episode of a weekly, siege-sharing series over the Sea of Thieves partner Hitbotc, on its journey from the sailor to the pirate legend. To see the official Twitch channels of Sea of Thieves and Xbox.

7. April – Exclusive video insight into the upcoming Legend of the Veil Voyage, which will appear in the past the sixth season. To see on the official Sea of Thieves-YouTube channel.

8th. April – In-Game activities offer pirate-legging double gold and reputation for objects that are handed over to the mysterious stranger on the weekend. Additional lending some treasures also Athenas Fortune Ruf.

9. April – In addition to the regular community and Creator Spotlights, the community hub is added to a legend spotlight, which moves into the spotlight the inspiring heroics.

10. April – All pirates receive a one-day gold & fame multiplier. Players who give away treasures to other pirates, get Athena’s Fortune fireworks and other additional bonuses.

11. April – Last day of Legends Week and at the same time the last chance to get a silver-plated legendary eye damper and to complement the special weekend offers in the pirate trading center.

Sea of Thieves Season 6 is ready to drop the moorings

The seasons of Sea of ​​Thieves quietly follows its course. The bulk of the content for the year had already been announced, but rare brings some details about the novelties that will burst in his game of multiplayer pirates on March 10.

With the evaporation of Captain Flameheart and the appearance of a mysterious green fog, the narrative events of the year have already begun to set up in Sea of ​​Thieves for a few weeks. But from March 10, six strong maritime will burst on the sea of ​​the thieves who, provided they empty the ghosts that drag them, will be able to serve as a basis for crews. New types of trips will be available for players who have reached the rank of legendary hackers from the second half of season 6, so in April.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW SEASON 6 // SEA OF THIEVES - New Quests, New threats, New Adventures!

Which says new season also says 100 levels to reach to unlock flashing elements of unpublished floors and ship, free or other exclusive to players who bought the Plunder Pass. Sea of ​​Thieves , which will blow its fourth candle at the end of March, has gathered more than 25 million players on PC and Xbox consoles.

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