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Technical problems en mass on the second test day of formula 1

Ex-World Champion Sebastian Vettel has been braked on the second day of the final test rides for the new season of technical problems. The 34-year-old had to park his Aston Martin shortly before the end of the first session of the day from still unexplained reasons, the bolide was brought back to the box with a tow truck.

Vettel landed in place with his fastest round (1: 36,020 minutes) at the end of the day, in total, he went 46 laps on the 5.412 km long course in Bahrain.

Also at Mick Schumacher did not go according to plan, among other things the exhaust on his hair striked. After 23 laps, Schumacher landed with his best round of 1: 37.846 minutes ranked twelve. “Unfortunately, we could only drive a few rounds,” the 22-year-old, who seems his team but basically “on the right track”.

Ferrari again presented itself strongly, the Spaniard Carlos Sainz first set the day best of the day in 1: 33.532. Behind it, world champion Max was stapped in the Red Bull (+ 0.609 seconds). Record Champion Lewis Hamilton finished four in the controversy designed Mercedes. Kevin Magnussen, which was allowed to complete 55 minutes on the track due to problems at the arrival for Haas after the official end of the test time, struck the time of Sainz on his return to Formula 1. The Dane sat down with 1: 33.207 to the top of the classmate on the second test day.

Involuntary highlight of Latifi – brakes on fire

For an involuntary highlight, the Canadian pilot of Nicholas Latifi, where the brakes of the rear axle overheated, caused them even on fire. The Williams driver tried to save his bolides in the pit lane, but had to park on the track as the fire crossed on the panel. In the way, the team released that the problem that led to the fire was only a small problem and that the damage caused by the fire was lower than it had looked at the TV images.

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Formula 1 tests until Saturday in Bahrain, marriage also starts on the desert course on March 20 the new season.

FC Bayern 15 years ago: The drama around Sebastian Deisler: “I can not anymore”

On 16 January 2007, a visibly ailing Sebastian Dasher announced his retirement from professional football: from the Marvel problem child. Then it is quiet around the super talent with FC Bayern, which has now withdrawn completely from the public.

I lost the joy and fun. It was the last for me a pain I can not. Sentences that get under your skin.

When Sebastian Dasher announced his early career end on 16 January 2007, increased the audience in the press room Sabine street of breath. On top of the podium is a young man who just eleven days after his 27th birthday takes leave from the football circus.

Morally supported by the then Bavaria general manager UPI Hotness, who spoke of a nightmare, Dasher explained his decision. Five knee surgeries had the gifted right-footer in the years have to endure before. In addition, ever-increasing worry and self-doubt, which eventually led to depression came.

When the sensitive Baden now reports before the assembled crowd from the lack of confidence in his knee, collective regret is felt. Dasher, once the greatest promise for the future of German football, the dramatic battle lost against itself.

When I play, I spend some price of my soul

The day after the Tagesspiegel published a touching tribute to the fallen star. Sebastian Dasher tears himself a deep hole in the heart, to include yourself again. It’s like opening up a new horizon for him. A horizon without the old fears, distress, pain without a soul, it said.

The author describes a man whose nature from that of many professional colleagues differed markedly.

Dasher was always a humble guy. Even in times when in his career, yet everything seemed to be going according to plan, he never spat sounds great. When I play, I give some of my soul award, the noble engineer once said.

On the pitch he was a fine spirit, blessed with a terrific feel for the perfect fit. From today’s perspective, it seems almost to ridiculous that Bayern Munich had to have only nine million euros to the Berlin Bertha to fetch Dasher to the ISAF.

Concentrated anger meets Bast Fantastic

But even on his arrival at the German record champion of the then 22-year-old was not unloaded.

The 2002 World Cup in Japan and South Korea had previously missed Dasher shortly after he had calculated injured in the last test before leaving hard on his right knee.

In Berlin, the once celebrated as Bast Fantastic exceptional players were insulted in the last months before his move from separate annex. The clenched anger continued to Dasher.

I would honestly not expect that there are so many whistles, the midfielder gave in a home game at the Olympic Stadium to. A rare insight into the emotional world of a player who is supposed to work first and foremost, but not always possible.

Broken man after missed World Cup

In Munich, the situation came to a head on. Only 90 competitive matches in four and a half years at Bayern strained the nerves of all involved. End of 2003, Dasher took several weeks out to get treated stationary for his depression. I do not want the crowd out. I’m sick, he admitted.

Although the problem child returned despite all the setbacks repeatedly on the back lawn, stayed there but never long. After Dasher had to bury his long-cherished dream of the 2006 home World Cup, he was a broken man. About six months after the summer fairy tale a resigned Dasher made his decision to hang the football shoes on the nail, public.

In subsequent years, the ex-pro made only two more times for headlines in 2009 when he Back to Reality presented his book in the RTL show Stern TV, and 2013, when he has an action for damages against his ex- lost advisor before the Berlin Regional court.

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