The Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets could obviously swap their superstars Ben Simmons and James Harden before the upcoming Trade Deadline. This reports Shams Charania (the Athletic) .

Contrary to the latest assessments of various reporters, this information goes that Simmons will probably find a new team at the earliest in the coming summer. According to Charania, the 76ers will try to aggressively trying to bring harden to Philadelphia in the coming days to the Deadline on February 10th.

The Nets should be open to such a deal, but are not in a hurry, necessarily to complete a move in front of the deadline. The responsible persons in Brooklyn apparently see the opportunity to make the team under Head Coach Steve Nash with a swap “rounder” than it is currently with the Trio Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

In addition to the Nets, the Atlanta Hawks and Minnesota Timberwolves are considered the greatest interested parties to Simmons, after the Sacramento Kings appeared in the past week apparently from the negotiations around the 25-year-old. According to Charania, the Wolves are not willing to pay the sought-after price of the Sixers to high draft picks, for a deal, both sides would have to be creative and still involve a third and perhaps fourth team to work out the details.

Simmons has repeatedly understood the 76er for consistent media reports that it is unlikely to be offset by his position not to play for the team. Hardens contracted in Brooklyn runs in the coming summer.

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