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Marauders developer, influenced by Star Wars, Anime and Star Citizen

If you have read our preview of Marauders, you know that the upcoming extraction shooter of Small Impact was strongly influenced by games like Escape from Tarkov, Rust, Dayz, Vigor and Sea of Thieves. But there are not only games that influenced this space shooter, but also many films and anime.

According to Cameron Small, the senior developer of Mauraders, Small Impact has strongly supported his cinematic influences, especially those with dystopic, used future and sci-fi elements. It is no surprise that movies like Star Wars served as an influence, but what about neo-noir science fiction anime?

“It’s a bit chaotic,” Small jokes when we ask him where the ideas come from for Marauders. “We grew up with James Cameron and all his films, so we like this sound; This dystopic low-tech sci-fi mood. We also like used stuff from the future and Star Wars, where there are everything sci-fi vehicles, but they look older than my car.

“We also have anime influences like Cowboy Bebob and Jin raw. I love Jin raw – they had this alternative story in which Japan stayed within the empires and they have German technology. I just love it as it looks, it’s so stylish. “

In particular, Jin raw contributed to influence the armor’s weapons. Although the game plays in the 1990s, it follows an alternative timeline of the story in which the big war never ended. Therefore, players can find weapons like Thompson’s, flamewrooters and MP40 in space.

And then there are the gaming influences. While these are slightly more obvious, Small admits that there is a curveball.

“What the games are concerned – and that surprises people again and again – I would say Star Citizen,” he says with a smile. “It should not be seen as inspiration, I understand, but if you look at it as a package, it really has something sexyes. It is the way you have introduced Mass Effect as a multiplayer MMO.

“His immersion is so impressive, apart from all the problems you see in the game, and his flying pilot seat is unprecedented, so we wanted to take some of them for Marauders.”

Star Citizen PYRO FOOTAGE!!!
So let’s go – because so much people say, Marauders is like Escape from Tarkov in space, show them this article. Marauders is equally influenced by epic animes as well as from the gene driver. Now only to find out when the publication date of Marauders will be.

Rumor kitchen: PS Plus-Game Pass and an Apple

The video game industry has a further week of numerous news, rumors and reports behind. Last week the Star Wars Games of Respawn and a possible ubisoft showcase focus on reporting. This week, the company Sony, Microsoft and Apple will talk about numerous interesting, unusual but also partly long-awaited reports of themselves.

New PS Plus comes in June 2022

According to a variety of rumors and news, it’s official: PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus “merge” to a new PS plus service. The “new” subscription service of Sony, in the past designated as project Spartacus , should offer a massive library of games. From PlayStation 1 to PlayStation 5 and the PSP, titles should be offered in service (PS3 games only for streaming), provided one pays for the premium service of the model.

This price stage costs 16.99 Euro per month, 49.99 Euro in the quarter or 199.99 Euro per year . Add to that the price levels “ essential ” (8.99 euros per month, 24.99 euros per quarter, 59.99 euros per year) and “ extra ” (13.99 euros per month, 39.99 euros per quarter, 99.99 euros per year).

Table of contents

Page 1. Rumor kitchen: PS plus “Game Pass” and Apple-console’s side

Page 2. Rumor kitchen: Microsoft LakThe ReleaseEntermin and Signs of Life of Skate 4

Page 3. Picture gallery for “Rumor kitchen: PS plus” Game Pass “and an Apple console”

In the Essentials package of the new PlayStation-Plus service you will receive 2 free games, online multiplayer access, cloud saves and exclusive discounts. The price level Extra also includes the 400 ps4 and PS5 games to download. Streaming is therefore prior to premium exclusive, but previous PS-NOW subscriptions should be taken over without additional costs from June.

Apple console

Apple is supposed to deal with the possibility to bring a video game console to the market. This message comes from a Korean forum named Clien, in which it was talked about that Amazon gets current external assessments on the topic. In addition, with Apple TV is employed as a possible console in any form. Council is obviously looking for ubisoft and Capcom , one would like to believe this obscure rumor. It would be the first Apple console since the failed pippin mid-90s.

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Page 1 Rumor Kitchen: PS Plus “Game Pass” and Apple Console

Page 2 Rumor kitchen: Microsoft LakThe ReleaseEntermin and Signs of Life of Skate 4

Page 3 picture gallery for rumors: PS Plus “Game Pass” and an Apple console

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Midnight Mass Star, Rahul Kohli, is also a Warhammer 40K enthusiast

Mark Richard Hamill (born September 25, 1951, in Oakland, The Golden State) is an American actor as well as synchronizer audio speaker. He was known by the role of the Luke Skywalker in 6-Star Wars movies. He also prospered by integrating the Joker in the Batman anime collection.

Add Miss del Gallo Star Rahul Kohl to the list of celebrities Martial of war 40,000 Enthusiasts The actor recently published on social networks on his hobby to paint miniatures, and pointed out that he brought a complete paint kit to use during filming. The fall of the house of Usher, the new series of Netflix terror directed by Mike Flanagan. Kohl is a newcomer to the 40,000 Fandom garment, but it is a veteran of the miniatures, having previously shared his painting work in Star Wars: Legion Miniatures also recently bought some marvel: crisis protocol figures, camping his condition of Person of excellent taste.

Very similar Calaboose and dragons, many years ago, 40,000, seems to be at the top of an increase in popularity as the game receives more and more celebrities with many followers. Henry Cavils spent much of his recent The Bruno Press Tour talking about the love of him by Martial of War 40,000, to the point that Spider-Man: Without a way home the star Tom Holland asked if he could participate in a game with the. The superstar of WWE Shayna Babbler also debuted with a new Ring outfit based on the Dark Angels faction and visited Munro Warhammer during the company’s recent tour in the United Kingdom.

At least part of the popularity of the game is due to the great hobby surrounding the construction and painting of the miniatures. Martial of war 40,000 Miniatures should be assembled and painted by hand, which makes it a great hobby during a pandemic in which social distancing and isolation is still encouraged. Martial 40,000 has also recently introduced several new game modes to provide narrative aspects to battles beyond futuristic armies fighting with each other in a series of endless wars set in a gloomy and dark future.


Since Cavils and Kohl are the stars of some of Netflix’s most important programs, it seems an intelligent movement for the company to bring together the couple for some rounds of Warhammer 40,000. Cavils has publicly opined on how it has not had anyone with whom Talk about his beloved pastime, and personally we would love to see a Warhammer. 40,000 Special where Cavils and Kohl pull a lot of dice and discuss paint techniques. He is probably the most seen. Martial of war 40,000 game of all time.

Tricks of the Sims 4 all the keys secrets and codes of the expansion of life in the village

With a world that does not stop growing based on expansions, the Sims 4 are more alive than ever. If you also want to squeeze the EA game, surely these TRICKS of the SIMS 4 Star Wars will be of great help to activate infinite money, Secrets and Codes.

How to activate the tricks

In order to activate the tricks you will have to open the command screen. This is the combination of keys and buttons needed to open it:

in PC: Ctrl + Shift + C
on Mac: cmd + shift + c
in PS4: L1 + L2 + R1 + R2
In Xbox One: LB + RB + LT + RT

Shift tricks + click of the Sims 4: Life in the village

TestingCheats true: Activate Shift + click tricks.

Once the trick you will be able to use the shift combination + click to activate the following options:

????????  25+ of the Best Secrets in The Sims 4

Click on an animal: Become friends with animals.
Click on an animal: Get all animal garments.
Click on the floor: Create an animal.
Click on the floor: Create an animal house.
Click on refrigerator: Get all kitchen recipes and snacks.
Click on Embroidery Kit: Unlock all patterns.
Click on the chicken coop: Fast clean.
Click on the chicken coop: Instant eggs.
Click on the chicken coop: Create hen.

All the tricks of the Sims 4: Life in the village

traits.equip trait animal enthusiast: Enthusiastic feat of animals.
TRAITS.EQUIP TRAIT LACTOSEINTOLANT : Intolerant trait to lactose.
traits.equip trait nature country: Trait friend of nature.


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Share Tricks of the Sims 4: All the keys, secrets and codes of the expansion of life in the town



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Disney The 3 best movies and series in the new month

Two brand-new movies and a science fiction series, on which Star Wars fans have been waiting for a while: December will be great on Disney +, and we introduce you to the three biggest highlights as well as their releases.

The Book of Bob fat

Streams the first episode of The Book of Bob Fat from December 29 to Disney +.

The Book of Bob Fat is the long-awaited spin-off of The Mandalorian, which is filmed like the Star Wars Hit by Jon Favre. In the new series, the viewers now follow Bob Fat (Tempera Morrison) and the mercenary Fennec Hand (Mingora whom), which return to Tattoo ain, to claim the country that previously heard ABBA, the hat.

Show in the official trailer to the series:

Nomad land

Streams Nomad land from 31st December on Disney +.

The drama Nomad land has not only dusted three Oscars and gained several more prizes; Until recently, the movie came in the cinema. At the turn of the year, he is now added to the streaming program of Disney +: The film follows the modern Nomadic far away (Frances Command) in the 60s, which has been driven to her life in the freedom outside the city. Now that her husband has died, she undertakes a road trip through the US, where she also begins to live in her van.

Nomad land shows, apart from the actors, several real nomads that spend their lives away from society.

The Last Duel

Streams The Last Duel from now on Disney +.

Disney+ 2021-2023 Series & Movies Announced | Disney News | Dec 12, 2020

Just came in the cinema, the opulent medieval drama The Last Duel now switches to Disney +: The film is based on true events and shows the background of the last judicial duel in the Middle Ages. Knight Sir Jean de Carrouges (Matt Damon) demands his former friend Jacques Le Gris (Adam Driver) when his wife (Jodie Comer) promotes the Lutheran Le Gris rape.

All films and series that appear on Disney + in December 2021.

In addition to these streaming innovations, however, Disney + still brings several more classics into the program, such as The Favorite (2018), Titanic (1997), Life of Pi (2012) and many others. Shooting over the holidays a look into the program — it will be worthwhile!

Display Deals Star Wars Jedi Fall orders for 14 99 euros and more offers

The Black Friday November madness goes into the second round and thus some new offers were released. For example, you now get Star Wars Jedi: Fall orders for only 14.99 euros and more:

Star Wars Jedi: Fall Order — 14.99 Euro
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