One of Mother 3 producers has said that he would love to see a location to the English game.

Expectation about this release, which never officially went out of Japan, has resurfaced especially after Mother 1 and Earthbound began to be available through Nintendo Switch online.

Why Mother 3 Is Not Released In English
Mother 3, the game that closes the trilogy, was launched at Game Boy Advance in 2006, and the fans have been waiting for the translation since then.

In an interview with Nintendo Everything, the producer of Mother 3, Shinichi Kameoka, affirmed that he would like to “see Mother 3 launched in Europe and the United States.”

“As a lover of videogames, I will continue waiting for the international launch of Mother 3”.

When asked if I had positive memories of working in the game, Kameoka said: “I remember how Mr. (Shigesato) Itoi rewrote all the provisional text that our team had written for the game, and change the atmosphere completely. eyes.”

Even though, originally, it was rumored that there was a version for the West of the game in development, the game contains certain controversial elements that could have prevented its launch at the time.