Ex-World Champion Sebastian Vettel has been braked on the second day of the final test rides for the new season of technical problems. The 34-year-old had to park his Aston Martin shortly before the end of the first session of the day from still unexplained reasons, the bolide was brought back to the box with a tow truck.

Vettel landed in place with his fastest round (1: 36,020 minutes) at the end of the day, in total, he went 46 laps on the 5.412 km long course in Bahrain.

Also at Mick Schumacher did not go according to plan, among other things the exhaust on his hair striked. After 23 laps, Schumacher landed with his best round of 1: 37.846 minutes ranked twelve. “Unfortunately, we could only drive a few rounds,” the 22-year-old, who seems his team but basically “on the right track”.

Ferrari again presented itself strongly, the Spaniard Carlos Sainz first set the day best of the day in 1: 33.532. Behind it, world champion Max was stapped in the Red Bull (+ 0.609 seconds). Record Champion Lewis Hamilton finished four in the controversy designed Mercedes. Kevin Magnussen, which was allowed to complete 55 minutes on the track due to problems at the arrival for Haas after the official end of the test time, struck the time of Sainz on his return to Formula 1. The Dane sat down with 1: 33.207 to the top of the classmate on the second test day.

Involuntary highlight of Latifi – brakes on fire

For an involuntary highlight, the Canadian pilot of Nicholas Latifi, where the brakes of the rear axle overheated, caused them even on fire. The Williams driver tried to save his bolides in the pit lane, but had to park on the track as the fire crossed on the panel. In the way, the team released that the problem that led to the fire was only a small problem and that the damage caused by the fire was lower than it had looked at the TV images.

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Formula 1 tests until Saturday in Bahrain, marriage also starts on the desert course on March 20 the new season.