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Fürths sport directors director exercises criticism of referee Zwayer

Fürth’s sport director director Rachid Azzouzi has hosted after the 0-0 of the Swiss francs at the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, especially with referee Felix Zwayer.

Until shortly before the end, the Berliner the game in the football Bundesliga well spoiled well – “but only until then”. What Azzouzi So Echautfied, was a foul of Hoffenheimer’s Christoph Baumgartner in the 87th minute. He lost the ball on the centerline against Tobias Raschl the ball, then he tore the Fürther and prevented a good counter opportunity of the guests.

Jude Bellingham has been fined for his post-match comments about referee Felix Zwayer

Although Zwayer whistled, but did not send it from the field in the first half of the first half. “It was a clear yellow-red card. And I’ll stay when we had that, we would have got yellow-red. It was Hoffenheim, so there was no yellow-red,” said Azzouzi at “Dazn”.

It is already over the entire season so. “No reproach, maybe that’s just subconsciously so that you look over at small and on time, and with the big ones you can easily run things,” said Azzouzi. Had Zwayer Baumgartner sent off the square, “then he would have done perfectly today,” said Azzouzi.

The Fürther can hardly be saved after the gobless draw before the descent. The newcomer from francs four games separate eleven points from VfB Stuttgart before the end of the season, which currently occupies relation rank 16. A jump on the saving 15th place is already as good as no longer possible.

Sebastian Hoeneß: We want under the top six

Long caught Hoeneß to pronounce that, which has long been clear and always referred to the season finale. Now the TSG coach has clearly named the Hoffenheim seasonal goal before the 30th matchday. “We are among the top six, which would have signed everyone before the season. We want to stay there too,” said the 39-year-old, “that would mean that we play internationally next year. And then we have, depending on what It is in the end, played a very good season. But it is important to get everything out in the last five games and bring the power to the place. “

It would be time, after all, his team has given a significantly better position after three pointless games. And that’s why the psychological situation has changed. Of course, every ranked six would have been thanked in the ranks of last year’s terms of this. And at least this placement on the 30th matchday perceived as a great starting position with high winning opportunities. After this season and the most recent downtrend but the Kraichgauer seem to run more danger, even more to lose and lose. Finally, the TSG was in the meantime ranked three rank and was promising at Champions League course.

Now the clear march route is to scratch, to bite and march.

Sebastian Hoeneß

Therefore, on Sunday in the home game against the bottom of the table from Fürth, no Vertun. “We have the claim to win against Fürth at home and a bit also the duty of the last games for the goals we have,” says Hoeneß, without wanting to devalue the opponent, “for us it is mandatory To get these three points, but this has nothing to do with Fürth. ” Even the tail light “may not be underestimated if you look at your games against Gladbach, Frankfurt or Freiburg,” says Hoeneß and now calls full concentration of his players: “We need to bring the right mood and attitude to the place from the first second on. And then strengths or weaknesses of Fürth may not play a role for us. We now have to go through our thing and – no matter how – bring these three points to put a start point again. Now the clear march route, to scratch, to bite And to march and play the football, which we imagine. “

“Currently we are not good advice to look upwards.”

wholesome moments involving sebastian aho

Only in this way can the stubborn pursuers be kept in the bridle or disclosed again. “Two teams are right now in the neck, but there are still 15 points to awarded, so you can continue to pull the tracker field further, as well,” White Hoeneß. In addition to Union Berlin and Cologne, Frankfurt and Mainz are also in a stroke distance, even Gladbach loses – assuming a home win in the final home game against Hoffenheim – only four meters behind the TSG. “What we can in the hand and what we can currently check is place 6th place is the next Freiburg four points away, there we are dependent on that they are pussy, of course we still play against them”, Hoeneß’s hope through, “but we are currently not well advised to look upwards. I want to stay in the upper third, that’s appealing and exciting. We will have to win to stay there.” And not only this Sunday at 5.30 pm.

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