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Because of Ukraine War: FIFA lays WM-PLAY-OFF

The game should now be held in the Nation League window in the first June half. Ukraine had requested the relocation because she could “organize neither the journey nor the training of a team” under the circumstances. ” This application was “unanimously granted in the sense of solidarity”.

World of football comes together to protest Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Scotland, Ukraine, Wales and Austria play a World Cup ticket as part of the play-offs. The relocation of the Ukraine game also means that the finale planned for the 29th of March is also postponed against the winner of the duel between Wales and Austria. The encounter is planned in Cardiff.

Freils for Poland – Draw on April 1st

Furthermore, FIFA confirmed that Poland receives a frilot due to the exclusion of the Russian team. In the final, the white eagle then meet the winner of the mating Sweden against the Czech Republic.

The World Cup draw is currently planned for April 1st. The World Cup 2022 is from 21. Discussed in Qatar November to December 18th.

NHL ends business relationships with partners in Russia

In response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, NHL has capped the business connections into the country. “The National Hockey League condemns the invasion of Russia into Ukraine and pushes on a peaceful solution as fast as possible,” said the North American ice hockey league on Monday. All relationships with business partners in Russia are exposed, and the Russian-speaking pages of the NHL and social networks are also to pause. Considerations to use Russia in the future as a place for competitions with NHL connection, do not give it anymore.

Russia started a war against Ukraine on 24 February and is therefore increasingly isolated in the world sports. The IOC had called on Monday to let athletes and athletes from Russia and its allies, Belarus, no longer participate in international competitions.

U.S. State Department & NHL Partner for Ice Hockey Exchange with Russia

Among the numerous Russian ice hockey professionals in the NHL, the league announced that they are concerned about the well-being of the athletes who “play in the name of their clubs in the NHL and not in the name of Russia”. The players and their families are in an “extremely difficult position”.

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