The Korea Games Policy Authority built a ‘horse bunch db’ to reduce disputes that may occur in the process of inter-user users in the game, including chat, including chat.

The horse bunch DB collects the chat with the members of the organization, and is used for chat filtering, and the like in the game where the member company is serving. The instrument said DB deployment is not confirmed in non-member companies. As a member of the Organization, Nezza Thirts, Pulse Bis, Cacao Games, Neowizu, NC Soft, Nexon and Netmarble.

The Games User Policy Committee in the Organization, which consisted of a 9-person specialist, including game, law, and game culture, such as games, laws, and game cultures. We have provided a word DB, which is applied to the same place for chatting from member companies, and has been divided into human rights, personal information, illegal, other four major sectors and 21 complaints.

We then decided whether individual words should be applied to automated filtering, reviewing and reviewing the final DB. The committee explained that in classifying the DB of the DB, the game is to minimize the freedom infringement of expression, and considered a dynamic game culture and the time of the period.

The DB contained about 170,000 words, and the majority of human rights related words were 88,000. Subsequently, personal information, other illegal order. Based on the cosmetic criteria, the allegency for certain people was the most.

In the future, we plan to adjust to the system and social culture environment while updating the DB of the horse. It is a policy for reviewing, reviewing, updating the complaints that are accepted to the organization and member company.

In addition, the committee also announced the game user action guideline (hereinafter referred to as the guideline). The guideline is composed of four items, including the respect for the game users, creative gaming environments and operators must do their best to protect user rights. Guidelines can be found on the Organization Homepage.

Rehab for Korea's Gaming Addicts

Professor Hwang Woo-seok, who is in charge of the James User Policy Committee chairperson, said, “The existing Youth Protection Policy Committee has changed the name of the Committee as a Game User Policy Committee.” This is not only a teen, but also a higher-level game user “The Gimbal DB, which was built this time, with the goal of the organization to make an environment to enjoy the environment,” he said.

The chairman of the organization of Hwang Sung-ki said, “Today’s Game User’s Policy Committee’s Morse Committee The Games DB Construction announcement is the first step of environmental composition to enjoy the game in a creative and healthy environment while the game user protects itself and respects the opponent.” “Healthy Games Culture I hope that the game is to be an instrument of environmental arrangements that can be used to understand and enjoy the game with culture. “